Let's Get Physical... and fit

Posted on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 8:21pm by Lieutenant Dacia Stallworth & Lieutenant JG John Adams

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Ships Gym


Part of her Health routine was a good workout after her shift, today was the Odd day so she would work the upper body; chest and back; it was among her times to relax as a Healthy Body goes along with the Mind and soul. After a Warm-up and workout she would cool down then her laps in the pool to make sure her whole body was taken care of; after all, what kind of an example would she be if she were... flabby?

Stillworth Came out into the Gym area after stowing her bag with a towel draped over her shoulder of her one piece work out suit that extended nearly to her knee, a burgandy color with black trim, the black woman's sleeveless tee shirt that matched the headband and her high-top sneakers. She was just adjusting the right hand wrist support gloved while the right hand was ready to go. Her long hair in a ponytail as she head towards the treadmills for her 10 minute warm up before hitting the weights.

It was two hours before his tour was to start, so keeping with his routine that he's had for a few years, he walked into the gym to get a workout. He was wearing regulation gym shorts and a tank top, which showed off his toned body. He was shoeless at the moment.

John liked to start with 15 minutes of stretching followed by 15 minutes of intense exercises.

He started his stretching, when he realized that he wasn't the only one in the gym.

Stallworth’s face reddened as she met his eyes and she stumbled a step then tried to cover her embarrassment with a smile.

“Please do not mind me…. “ Her Southern drawl pronounced. “Shant but a moment or two more.” She did managed to get back in pace for a few more strides before hitting the cool down pace. “I am Dacia, after cool down I shall be quiet as a mouse, I did not mean to distract your stretches .” She her face a little red from the exercise or having been startled was yet to be known?

"You didn't distract me...Dacia. The gym is big enough for the both of us." John continued his stretching. "Do you come here often?" With his stretching done, he moved to the weights section, lifted a set onto the stand, and stepped under them, and rose and liftes the weights on his shoulders, then started doing deep knee exercises.

"A lady should keep herself fit." Dacia said as she finished her warm up and after wiping down machine went to the weight sets; starting with the Pull down machine. "At least four days a week..." She looked over at the man and wait til between Squats. "I am sorry, I did not get your name?" SHe asked with a smile.

His body was toned, but not muscle bound. The veins on his arms and legs were easily seen. "John Adams....I'm the security chief." He did 5 more reps then put the weights back on the stand. He grabbed his water bottle and took a drink, then wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"Doctor Stallworth, your new Chief Medical Officer." She grinned as she finished her reps. "But please do not hold that against me." She chuckled. "I do not troll the Gym for patients. I have ennough of a back log there. Being the New Lady on board, need to get acquainted with the crew and all."

"Then it's nice to get to know you, doctor. It was pleasant having your company here today." He thought ~the only thing you can hold against me is you~ John returned to his exercises, which now included fighting moves, but these were done slowly.

Stallworth continued her way through the machines; she finished the 'Chest exercises' and grabbed a towel and wiped her face and arms before getting a drink.

"Are you doing that 'Muscle Memory' type training, it does not look like Tai Chi. She asked as went to do some rope work; since she was a child she did have the mechanics down pretty well and could now do it to get the work out from jumping rope.

"It's a way to practice the moves, but it would be better to train with a real person. If it comes down to it, it might mean me or the person I'm fighting ends up dead. I hope one day they developed training programs that allows a person to train against a computer generated opponent." He kept moving.

"I am not one to go for such encounters, being a Doctor I vow to 'Do no harm." She said. "I knew a person who achieved a high status and she did it for the discipline involved.She told. "I do admire what is involved with the training to achieve any proficiency in a Martial Art." She complemented.

He finished this exercise, toweled off and drank some water. "If you're interested, I would be willing to give you some starter lessons, doctor." His skin had a sheen to it.

"That would be lovely of Yew." She drape the rope over her shoulders and took a drink while wiping her own head. "I can be here in tew days if that is all right?" She smiled. "I am always open for new experiences Mr. Adams."

"How does 0600 sound, doctor? We should have the gym to ourselves."

"Delightful." She smiled and nod. "I look forward to it Kind Sir." She gave the Southern complement.

"See you then at 0600, doctor."