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Security Tour

Posted on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 6:08am by Lieutenant JG Cara Ross & Lieutenant JG John Adams
Edited on on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 1:59pm

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Various
Timeline: 2296/03/02 1105 Hours

To familiarize himself with the ship, he had already memorized the ship's plans, he decided to visit each section, starting with the science labs.

He walked into one of the labs, and looked around for the various egress points.

He spotted a woman working on something. "I hope I haven't distrubed you."

Cara looked up from the console she had sequestered herself near, in one of the more remote labs in the ship and let out a long suffering sigh as she eyed the man in the colors of Tactical/Security, with the jg insignia on his rank strap. No rest for the wicked she thought and turned. She'd posted up in one of the smaller labs, tucked away from many of the others to avoid just an occurrence as this, after her meeting with the XO. Really, she had work to do, or so she told herself, but forced a smile onto her face as she looked up at the blond and cocked an eyebrow high on her forehead.

"Yer another new fish then, I take it? Second person today to drop in on me while I'm tryin' to finish somethings up. Met the new XO earlier. Which spot are you taking then, eh?" She asked in a rolling brogue. Not unfriendly, but certainly to the point.

He looked at her and smiled. "What spot are you talking about? My name is Lieutenant John Adams, I'm the new security chief on the ship and I was just taking a walk trying to familiaize myself with the ship." He looked around. "If I disturbed your work, I apologize."

"That's the spot - department head spots, I mean. We've been running on assistant and acting heads for a bit now. I just moved up into the position of Science Chief a few days back after th'lass that was in the job got uh, transferred." That was a nice way of putting it. Revolving door was another word for it.

'And apology accepted. I'm not usually this anit social but I had a lot of work from my former superior to warp up and a wee amount of time to take care of it and today seems to be meet the new transfers day. Nobody sent me a memo ahead of time." She stood and offered him her hand. "Cara Ross, by the way"

John took the hand. "John Adams. Pleasure to meet you. Could I interest you in dinner sometime?"

She started to shake his hand, and then felt her eyebrows ride up to her forehead. Turning around, she tried to get a look at her back for a moment. Seeing his confusion, she said, "Sorry, just checking to see if someone put a sign on my back that said ask me to dinner. You're the second chap whose done that today. Our freshly minted first officer asked a few hours ago, before I came to hide in here."

"So, the first officer has tried to lay claim on you. He didn't waste time, though I don't blame him." He held onto her hand for a few seconds longer then necessary. "Well, my offer is always available, should you decide to accept it." He smiled at her.

That caught the redhead off guard enough that she didn't notice the over long hand holding. Eventually she had her hand back and rubbed her fingers into the palm of it. "First, no one has a claim on me," she noted tartly. "Second, I didnae say i wouldn't go to dinner with ye at some point." The accent was coming on thicker now. "But ye talk about claims and the like and I might just change my mind."

"Then let me apologize. If, IF, the commander was staking a claim, I don't blame him. You are a beautiful woman, and I'm sure many of the men on the crew would love to date you." He looked at her. "I guess you telling me that the commander had already invited you to dinner caught me off guard, so I wish you will accept my apology and reconsider having dinner with me."

He had guts, she had to give him that. She pursed her lips for a moment and then let out a little huff. "I suppose I'll take that apology then," she allowed, her tone drawing the words out a bit. There was no real bite to them now."And I'll consider dinner at some point in the future. Lord knows I'll need to get to know all the new staff as is. We're having something of a changing of the guard around this place."

"Thank you for accepting both my apology and dinner invitation. And I don't have to wait too long for that dinner." He replied with a smile.

Cara gave an expressive shrug of her shoulders. "I suppose that depends entirely on how many days we end up staying over at the starbase. And how much of my work I actually get done during them. We're tryin t'offload some of the ongoing projects on base staff that we won't be able to continue with. It's messy. Plus, new duty rosters. Blech."

"I agree." He smiled at her again. "I should get back to my duties...still have a lot of the ship to was nice meeting you, lieutenant, and I hope we can get that meal soon." He headed towards the door.

In so far as interruptions went, it was a pleasant one, for the most part. Thus Cara found herself smiling as the man turned to leave. "Aye. I'll let ye know in a day or so what my schedule looks like. I should have the list of transfers. And Lt. Adams?" She waited to be sure she has his attention. "Welcome to the America".

He turned when she call his sounded like she was singing. "Thank you, Lt Ross."


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