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Captain's Physical

Posted on Mon Aug 17th, 2020 @ 4:56am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant JG Malcolm Royce

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2296/03/02 0700

Dr Royce looked through the crews records to see who was due for their annual physical. There were quite a few.

He looked at a list of names the computer generated.

He looked at the names. "Oh well...might as well start at the top." He pressed the comm button on his desk. =^= Sickbay to Captain O'Connor. Will you please report to sickbay.

O'Connor looked across the room like she was seriously constipated. Did someone actually summon her? =^= This is O'Connor, =^= an annoyed voice came back. =^=Why do you need me to come to sickbay?=^=

=^= I see in the files, captain, that you're overdo for you annual physical. Do you have time right now, captain? =^= Royce replied.

=^=I am quite certain that your records are incorrect,=^= O'Connor returned. =^=Doctor Tegau Delaney personally handled all of my medical records.=^=

=^= I'm sorry, captain, I can only by the records, and the records show that your last physical was over a year ago.=^= Responded Royce.

=^= Well, I think you need to check the records harder. O'Connor out. =^=

Royce called up all the crew files, including any marked "personal". An hour later, =^= Dr Royce to Captain. I've done as you suggested and I can find no mention of any personal files kept by Doctor Delaney, so I will now insist that you report to sickbay for your annual physical, please.=^=

Frustrated, O'Connor replied, =^= Your records are wrong, but if it will get you off my back, I'll come down there.=^= O'Connor stormed through her ready room, kicked a stand, causing it to wobble. Her yeoman jumped out of her way without comment as O'Connor complained, =^=Going to see an impertinent doctor. =^=

Once a sickbay, the doors opened as if afraid of the Captain. She looked around and the five foot tall Captain called out, =^=I'm looking for a Doctor Royce.=^=

Royce heard the anger in the captain's voice, so he decided that he would be standing near the sickbay doors for when she arrived. =^= That would be me, captain. Welcome to sickbay. =^=

O'Connor was short of stature but her presence loomed much larger. "Welcome, my ass. You know as well as I do that I can't do my job if I don't have a medical. I know that Delaney did it but I'm not in the mood to argue or put myself out of business, so do what you need to do and get it over with."

Royce gestured towards an open biobed. "Maybe, captain, if Dr Delaney was better at filing, I would have found the results of your last physical." They arrived at the biobed and Royce gestured for her to lay down.

"Don't you DARE slander Tegau," O'Connor raged, her face turning nearly as red as her hair. "It is more likely these stupid ancient computers than anything Tegau did. She was an exceptional doctor."

Royce held his hands in front of him. "I apologize. Don't bite my head off. Dr Tegau wouldn't be the only doctor not to take and record things." He waited to see if she would calm down. "On the bed, please."

"Tegau Delaney was meticulous. You slander her again and I will have you tossed out of Starfleet. Got it?" O'Connor moved up to the biobed, placed her hands on it and then hoisted her five foot tall body up onto it. Her legs dangled ridiculously off the sides, making her look like a child. The Captain stared hard at Royce, daring him to make any comment about her short stature.

"Then I shall say no more against the good doctor's reputation, captain." He saw her legs dangling, but she have a fine figure, despite her short stature. "Would you mind laying down, captain?" Royce picked up his medical scanner.

O'Connor huffed, then blew some of her red hair out of the way, and finally scowled at the doctor as she laid flat on the biobed.

"Thank you." He ran the scanner over her body several times. "How much do you weigh, captain?"

"Did you really ask me that?" O'Connor scowled. "You're not weighing me? A woman never tells her weight!"

"I need to know your weight to compare it to your height, to make sure you are where you should be." As soon as he mentioned height, he knew he was in for another argument.

"You can bloody well check it for yourself," the Captain growled, sitting up. "Just like every other doctor I've had in my life."

"Captain. I know that many people have bad experiences with doctors...comes with the territory, but I'm just trying to do my job here, and that job is to see to the well-being of the crew, and that includes you."He ran his scanner over her again and he made a note of the results. "Thank you captain, we're done here. Thank you for seeing me." He heard that the ship got a new chief medical officer, so hopefully, he won't have to do any of these physicals anymore.

O'Connor gave the doctor a non-committal grunt, hopped off the biobed and stormed out of sickbay.


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