First Medical

Posted on Sun Aug 23rd, 2020 @ 7:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Archibald (Archie) Gates & Lieutenant Dacia Stallworth

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Sickbay

Lieutenant Commander Archie Gates wandered into America’s sickbay. Upon hearing America’s new Chief Medical Officer has arrived on board, the first officer thought he’d kill two birds with one stone and introduce himself along with getting his medical done as well. He wasn’t keen on sickbays, for some reason medical equipment freaked him out. However, now a first officer he’d have to push those feelings to the back of his mind and be a role model to other members of the crew.

Now if only he could get the attention of one of the busy medical personnel...

Stallworth was one to know the happenings of her Sick Bay; and when an Officer came in it is something to note, the Executive Officer is 'someone' of note' to be sure. With her usual smile she moved towards the man she knew from the Senior Officer files. The Captain and department chiefs were more or less her priority.

"Welcome to my par-lor Commander." Stallworth began. "Nice of you to stop by; I am Doctor Dacia Stallworth." She let her soft southern drawl come out. "To what dew I owe the pleasure of your visit this fine day?" She let her smile reach her bright eyes.

Archie gave the Doctor a small smile, “I thought I’d come and introduce myself along with getting my medical out of the way too.” He said as he took a step closer. “Lieutenant Commander Archie Gates, ships first officer.” He added as he offered the Doctor his hand to shake.

"Nice to see a Gentleman who is not afraid of the Doctor." She gave the hand shake and smiled as she turn to the nearest Biobed. "If you would remove the jacket and Tunic we can get started." She said with a professional tone while getting her equipment. "It will make this as painless as possible... promise."

“Doctors, no.” Archie replied as he began to take his jacket off. “Medical equipment though...”

"THis is just a little ole checkup, no needles or hammers to test reflexes today." She stifled more of a chuckle. "That reputation of a "Sawbones in the Old Naval annals is never going to be lived down." She winked. "NO more than a machine or two at the gym involved today Darlin' enough to know Y'all are as fit as yew look."

“That’s good to know.” Archie replied as he removed his tunic. He then stood awkwardly, it wasn’t often Gates felt awkward but standing half naked in the middle of sickbay with plenty of prying eyes was definitely one of those times.

"Don't you be self-conscious Darlin'; now I Ah were to remove my jacket and tunic there might be reason for embarrassment." She winked and gesture to the Biobed. "Lie back here and use the Pedals in the wall for an Inverted Cardio test please."Stallworth always made eye contact only. "It will not be long and if Y'all a good boy I will give you a lollipop."

Archie simply nodded before doing as instructed. As he began to pump the pedals on the wall he wondered why a better way to do an inverted cardio test been invented.

Stallworth ran the probe over Gates while checking the monitor as he ran a few minutes to reach the peak heart rate. the datum going into the computer and she made a few notes while she monitored his progress and achieved all the information that she required after the short time. She moved to retreve a warm towel and came back.

"You have a very healthy heart and the rest of you." She glanced to meet his eyes. "you can stop that now while I check how you cool down." She handed him the towel. "I like to see how quickly you go back to normal pulse and all after exercise?" She monitored.

Gates nodded as he wiped his face and brow with the towel. “I try and keep myself fit.” He commented.

"Yew'All seem to be doing well at that." Noting the pulse and other readings coming back to normal. "Commander, it was nice of yew to come down and all; I do appreciate it a lot that you are setting an example. She looked up into his eyes. "Now do you want the good news or the bad?" SHe raised an eyebrow.

Archie smiled, “I used to enjoy the game of cat and mouse when starting a new assignment with the ships CMO but now it’s just easier to get it done with and as you say, sets a good example for the rest of the crew.” The Commander commented, however he was surprised but her ‘good or bad news’ comment. “Have you found something, Doctor?”

"That is the bad news, yew pass your physical examination Commander; I need not see you for another year Officially." She grinned brightly. "Good news is that you have made a good example and I will be singing your praises as a model Officer." Stallworth giggled a little. "You can return to proper uniform mode and free to go." She winked. "I told you it would be painless."

Gates shoulders visibly eased with relief, “Thank you, Doctor. It’s good to hear.” He replied with a smile. “If you do run into any problems with members of the crew getting their medical done, please let me know.”

"Is that before or after I call Security?" She said with an innocent smile. "They look so cute with a Security escort and thos big burly Security types just seem to get a kick out of apprehending them." SHe nod. "I don't want to take your valuble time over a missed medical appointment.' She winked."You are a busy man Commander so I try to keep out of sight and mind."

“Before.” Archie replied with a smirk as he started pulling his uniform back on. “No need, if there’s a problem then please ask.” Gates finally did up his jacket. “Thank you for the clean bill of health, Doctor, I’ll leave you to continue your days work.” He said with a nod before heading out of sickbay.

Lt. Dacia Stallworth
Chief Medical Officer

Lt. Cmdr Archie Gates
Executive Officer