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Off to Patrol

Posted on Thu Feb 11th, 2021 @ 12:59pm by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Thorvaar & Lieutenant JG T'Pruk & Lieutenant Commander Archibald (Archie) Gates & Lieutenant Aurora Rogers & Lieutenant Glenn Radars & Lieutenant JG Cara Ross & Lieutenant JG John Adams & Lieutenant JG Malcolm Royce

997 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: America
Timeline: 2296/03/08 0700

O'Connor walked onto the bridge. She gave a firm nod to her Executive Officer. He did a pretty good job getting everyone organized in a mere 24 hours so that they could leave. A young male yeoman nervously pushed a PADD into her hands. She took it without noticing him and asked, "Commander Gates, do I need to read this boring PADD to make sure that everything is order, or can I trust that it is?"

"Everything is in order, Captain." The first officer stated as he turned around from the America's helm to look at the Captain. "I was like Santa Claus, I checked it twice." He added with a smirk.

The Captain strode confidently to her chair and when she got to it, did a small hop and turn to get herself into the seat. Her feet did not touch the floor from her seat. Defiantly, she looked at nobody and waited for any sign of negative commentary.

She pressed the comm button and said, =^= All departments prepare for departure. Reports, please. =^=

Adams turned around from the security console and addressed the captain. =^= Security section ready, captain. =^=, delivered in a crisp, professional manner.

"Helm is ready. All power levels are in the green. We're ready to disembark." Gates reported.

Adams looked at the captain, and wondered.....why doesn't she have someone lower the chair so her feet touch the floor?...or get a foot rest attached to the chair.

O'Connor felt Adams' gaze upon her. She turned at him and stared at him so intently that his blood might freeze and then his body fall apart once the freezing was completed.

Adams turned away when the captain looked at him. Undoubtedly, she gave him her "death stare", but it didn't faze him in the least.

Missing most of that byplay by virtue of studiously ignoring most of what was going on around her, Cara did manage to remember to chime in with a report for her department. "Science station ready. Sensors five by five."

Satisfied when Adams looked away, O'Connor turned her attention back to the reports. She crookedly smiled in Cara's direction when she heard that Science was ready."

The Caldosian' flashed O'Connor a smile of her own in turn. Say what you would about the captain but that woman's smile is infectious, Cara thought to herself, feeling a bit buoyed in the moment.


"Are you not going to check in with the bridge sir?" one of the engineering ensigns asked Glenn who was sitting back in one of the chairs in the engine room.

"If we must I suppose" he sighed. "Go fix or maintain something..." he said waving a hand to shoo the Ensign away. He lazily moved and pressed down a button on the console. "Bridge. This is Engineering" he said a clear boredom in his voice. "You have warp capability, if you don't break anything... no stupid wormholes or anything..."

"We should be so lucky," O'Connor returned to the lazy Chief Engineer.

Lacking a response, O'Connor ordered, "Set coordinates for the Romulan Neutral Zone." O'Connor knew that this was redundant now, but after years of saying it, she was not abandoning the habit.

She then hit the comm and broadcast throughout the ship, =^= Crew, we are heading to the Romulan Neutral Zone. There, we will be patrolling an area of space with little known activity by Romulans and no known warp capable species. We must be prepared for all eventualities. We know that anything that can happen will, so I expect everyone to be diligent. O'Connor out. =^=

"Course set for the Romulan Neutral Zone, Captain." Gates reported, before waiting for permission to engage the warp engines.

O'Connor then said, "Helm, take us out. When we clear the starbase, go to warp factor 4."

"Understood. Clearing all moorings." Gates reported as his hands danced over his console as the America began to move. "Engaging impulse Engines, setting a course for the Station's outer marker."

America gracefully left the Starbase and began her journey towards the outer marker where it was deemed safe to engage warp engines. "We've reached the outer marker, engaging warp engines in 3...2...1, now." In a flash the America jumped to warp.

When the ship jumped to warp, John checked the security console. Without looking at the captain, he thought that maybe now he understood why the captain was such a hard ass....she was overcompensating for her lack of height, which didn't make sense.....she was short, she should just embrace it. Does she think the crew will think less of her for being short. He already has a low opinion of her because of her treatment of him. She could easily have engineering lower the height of her chair...he doubt's that anyone would call attention to it...but that's the way she is.

Cara meanwhile, was running some base level diagnostics on the sensors as the ship leapt into warp. Leaving a starbase, or dry dock, was always an exciting moment, and she barely noticed she was tapping her foot a mile a minute with nervous energy.

O'Connor nodded her satisfaction as everything went as it should. "Commander, take the bridge. Let me know if anything unusual happens."

"Understood, Captain." Gates replied, but deciding to remain at his post rather than take the centre chair.

John looked up from his console, and looked at Cara, and when she looked at him, he winked at her.

Rolling her eyes at that, the red headed scientist lowered her gaze back to her own screens, smirking just a bit as she began a series of diagnostic scans.

Rogers had remained relatively silent further to her encounter with the captain. She'd merely done her job and had watched the interactions between everyone else and the captain. Apparently it wasn't difficult to switch on her ginger wrath. At least that put aurora at ease a little.

Adams typed in some commands, and had security start scheduling battle case.


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