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Parting Is Such Tweet Sorrow

Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 4:31am by Lieutenant Commander Amaya Capac & Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant JG Cyrus Jericho & Lieutenant JG John Adams

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Hangar
Timeline: March 12, 2296 - 2200 hours


True to his word, the Chief Engineer and his team had the avian ship repaired and ready to go by 2200 hours. The Captain invited the senior staff and a few others, including the engineers who worked on the ship, to bid the avian Captain and his crew farewell.

Amaya was grateful it hadn't taken longer and hoped this would lead to future meeting with the avians.

O'Connor strolled to the hangar, the ship having been towed safely into the hangar at some point after the repairs conducted by the Chief Engineer. Now that the ship was structurally sound, or so her CEO said, O'Connor was anxious to get these overgrown birds off her ship so she could figure out whether they were going to be permitted on the planet. However, with Romulans somewhere nearby, O'Connor was not going to let the matter die. She still had a score to settle.

"Commander," O'Connor said, not showing her mildly pleasant surprise that Maya had beaten her there.

"Captain," Maya said in return. She hoped others would join them soon so it didn't get awkward as the Captain still didn't want her here.

Cyrus seemed to walk in slowly, keeping his hands behind his back, before walking over to the side to lean against a wall. He observed the Captain and Amaya talking, keeping his distance as he waited for them to finish, a slight smile on his face.

Maya heard the door open and felt Cyrus enter. She flashed him a quick smile, then looked back to the Captain. "What do you hope will come out of this?"

"My hope?" O'Connor started, giving Maya a quizzical glance. She was opening her mouth to answer as the door slid open.

Adams entered the hanger with 2 security officers. They were escorting the avians to the hagner deck.

Cyrus smiled back at Amaya, until he heard the doors open, seeing who it was. He pushed off the wall as Adams entered. When he gave him a nod, Cyrus returned it, with a bit of a smile before walking away from the wall to the others.

O'Connor addressed the avians, "You will find that your ship is in good order. I wish you a safe landing and hope that you will be able to invite us down to your planet soon."

The avian Captain responded, "Tank ooo, Captain. Dis as been enwightening. Ay wiwl take yaw weqwest to da eldas."

"That would be appreciated." She stepped aside and allowed the path to be cleared for the avians.

They set claw onto their ship. With that, the Captain said, "We should probably get to a vantage to view them and look for trouble. I don't want the Romulans or anyone else destroying that ship before they touch down on their planet."

Maya watched the avians leave, then turned to the Captain. "Aye, ma'am." She headed for the bridge to listen for any chatter that would indicate there were other ships in the area.

Cyrus stood there, quiet and observant, as the whole encounter happened before the bird-people departed. He was expecting something... more. Maybe a speech about 'Starfleet being all about exploring new worlds and meeting new species' or 'understanding each other and learning from one another' before sending them on their way. Perhaps a box of crackers as a parting gift. Something other than 'thanks for taking up space and crapping on our floors' and 'don't forget to put in a good word for us with the old birds with the beards and canes'. It was clear the Captain wanted them off as quickly as they got on and was only interested in getting on the planet. Which made sense, given her personality, but Cyrus expected more of a show of it. After everything he was told in his courses at the Academy the actual moment seemed less than overwhelming.

With a shrug, he walked off, following Amaya out the door and into the corridor. He said nothing, though he had a lot on his mind. As they entered the turbolift, Cyrus stood by Amaya silently, until the doors finally closed. At which point, he finally spoke up. "That was... to the point. Wasn't it?"

"That's one way of putting it. I expected something like, it was a pleasure to meet you, we're glad we could be of help... Something less...blunt, I guess." She sighed. "Maybe I'm expecting too much." The turbolift stopped. "We can talk later."

With the Avians aboard their ship, Adams watched the others start to leave the hanger. As the announcement that the hanger deck was going to be depressurized, he headed to the turbolift and returned to his office.

O'Connor watched Adams leave. She could only hope that Adams did not negatively influence the Avian creatures. They already distrusted anyone that was not Romulan and it seemed that Maya and Cyrus had some positive influences. Worried about Romulan intervention, she headed to the bridge, expecting a fight.


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