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Meeting the Engineer

Posted on Sun Sep 5th, 2021 @ 5:42am by Lieutenant Glenn Radars & Lieutenant Commander Amaya Capac

Mission: Mission 7 - Aenerth for an Earth
Location: Engineering
Timeline: March12, 2296 - 1600


Amaya wasn't trying to avoid her duties, but she didn't mind taking time away from the bridge right now. And she did need to meet the senior staff and get familiar with the ship.

She walked into Mas the whips and seasickness and its basically a Greek Galley ain't it?" he replied taking a sip of his drink. "So, what brings you down here? Have you see my warp core? Yeah, she's old and a bit outdated. Or did miss resident bitch send you down here because I've 'done something' again?" he asked referring to the Captain.

"Well, no seasickness, but I can't promise there won't be whips. I've met the Chief of Security." Amaya chuckled. "So, what have you done to upset our Fearless Leader?"

"Hell should I know. Exist maybe?" Glenn shrugged.

"That's pretty much how she feels about me, too," Maya admitted.

Glenn walked over to her and placed a single hand on her shoulder. "Welcome to the club. It seems that our fearless leader is just a little red haired bundle of distrust and hatred" he sighed. "She may look cute... as do you..." he winked "But she's defintly three injectors short of a warp assembly"
in Engineering and paused, looking for the Chief.

"'sup!" came a voice from the main engineering console. Sat back on a chair, feet up on the console drinking something hot from a mug sat Glenn Radars the Chief Engineer. He didn't seem bothered about his posture or the rather informal greeting. "Lost? You're down here with the rowers..."

"The rowers?" Maya asked, walking over to him. "Is that how you refer to the engineers?"

Glenn laughed loudly as he pulled his legs down. "Well, we're the ones that make the ship move right? We're below deck down here. Minu
"I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I agree that she doesn't trust most people. Academics are high on her mistrust list. So, what have you done to upset her?"

The Chief Engineer pondered for a few moments. "I'm just that good I guess?" he answered. "I mean, I came here from one of those shiny new Excelsior class ships she so wants"

"From what I've seen, it would take more than jealousy," Maya had to admit. "But she is very particular."

"Yeah, you got that right. At least you're not down here to chew me out" Radars replied with a slight smirk. "I must admit, I like it when people from up there..." he pointed to the ceiling to indicate the bridge "...leave me alone to do my job. Many of the bridge people don't know what actually happens down here"

"That's surprising. Most officers know what engineering does. Why do you think you in particular have trouble?"

Glenn shrugged. "Who knows" he replied simply. "It always seems that Captains want something which just isn't possible. I'm not Scotty you know, far from it"

"Nobody's perfect, not even Scotty," Maya said. "Although he comes closer than most. Maybe it's just that you deal with her under stressful situation?" Then again, Amaya had her own set of problems with the Captain. "Have you completed repairs on the avian ship?"

"My teams are working on it" Glenn replied lazily. "I've been looking over their warp core designs, they're rather interesting"

"Working on it? How long do you expect the repairs to take?" She also wondered why he wasn't involved himself. "And how are the warp core designs interesting?"

"Well, they're not exactly well designed lets put it that way" Glenn explained lazily. "Its like they were designed to blow up after only a few uses. And yeah my teams are on it, I have the liberty of making sense of this wacky design which I don't think is theirs"

Maya raised an eyebrow. "Why don't you think the design is theirs and how long will the repairs take?"

"No idea. It'll take as long as it takes I guess. I'm not some Scottish miracle worker, you know. And it doesn't match any of their other technology, its hard to explain." He pondered for a moment. "Think of a steam ship. Its like someone gave it radar technology and expected the crew to work out how to operate and repair it..."

That was an interesting bit of news. "Could it be Romulan in design or functionality?" One question at a time, she decided. She had more questions, but didn't want to bog him down too much. She wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep up.

"Absolutely no idea whatsoever" Glenn replied with a shrug. "I've never seen a Romulan engine or anything like it. I wouldn't know if it was their design or not"

"I assume the scans of the ship are in the main computer," Maya said. "Or do I need you to send them to me?"

"Scans do nothing really" Glenn replied. "To see something you need to look at it with your own eyes. But if you want to stare at lots of random numbers, lines and words on a screen, be my guest"

"I'm interested in both images and data," Maya said. "Do you have an estimate on when repairs will be completed?" Or was there someone in his department that was competent enough to tell her?

"Do you want the Real answer or the Proper answer based on how things are going?" Glenn asked, there was a brief moment of pause. "Ok, I get it. You want the Reeeaal answer" he grinned. "If all goes well, we're looking at six to eight hours, thats with me actually getting my hands dirty. Which I can do you know, sometimes it just takes the right motivation... You know, like White Cat. She's good at 'motivation' if you catch my drift" he smirked as he allowed his mind began to wander slightly before snapping back. "However, if things don't go to plan, or we hit any bumps in the road. Like when Starship Captains start asking stupid questions, then it could take... I dunno... days maybe?"

Maya smiled. "I'm new here, and I would really like to see if you can get your hands dirty and finish the repairs in six to eight hours." Her smiled grew. "Because if not, I may have to go over the open comms and ask White Cat to report to engineering to help with a problem. I don't think she'd appreciate that. Do you?"

A grin emerged across Glenn's face. "Oh yes... she's going to absolutely Looooove it down here with me" he smirked. "Don't worry, I'll ensure that I get hands on with her... I mean the repairs" he couldn't help but grin, it was at this moment that everyone in Engineering finally clocked that Glenn Radars was in fact, a jerk. "Oh, White Cat. She's that rather attractive little blonde in your department. You know, the ones with the green eyes that followed me here to this old bucket of bolts after I really 'made her night' that one time..."

Since getting her transfer orders, Maya had met one amazing gentleman and two less than stellar specimen of the male persuasion and one barracuda of a Captain. Or maybe Cyrus didn't quite count because she met him on the shuttle before arriving. That would make it one for one on the shuttle and zero for three on the ship. So far. It wasn't looking good. "Yes, I can see how she'd loathe it down here. I'll have a talk with her, since she's in my department. Say in six hours? That should give you plenty of time to decide if you can get the repairs done or not."

"Six hours huh..." Glenn pondered for a few seconds. "You know that any man can't guarantee that it'll all be 'done' by then right. I mean, we men we work by a code. When we say that 'we'll get it done' it means it will get done. There's just no need to bug us about it as often, like every six hours, or few weeks etc" he paused smirking smugly. "However, you hook me up for a cute date with White Cat, make sure she's wearing something cute later tonight in the bar, something that catches a mans eye and I'll have it done in four" he told her simply. He held out a hand to her. "As pirates say, do we have an accord?"

She didn't take it. "I don't pimp out my officers, Lieutenant. I will not arrange a liaison for you." Her expression was now serious. She did not like the Lieutenant, and she didn't trust him. She wasn't even convinced he could do his job. "But what I will do is make sure that she never works the same shift you do. Every time you're available, she'll be busy. Unless you get the repairs done. I expect the Chief Engineer to do his job with skill and precision. I expect you to show me that you are the best engineer on this ship and deserve to be her Chief."

"Wow. And I thought that the Captain was evil..." Glenn muttered. "You drive a hard bargain Commander. You want it done in six hours, and if not you'll stop me and White Cat from doing... well anything..." he couldn't help but sigh. "As a man, I cannot allow that! I will do it for her; because in the end, she needs me. As an honourable male, who needs his 'time' with a beautiful girl, I shall do my best! " he winked with a grin. "Come back in six hours and we'll hopefully have more information for you, of course, that does depend on what we find... with a bit of luck it'll all be fine" he grinned. "I'll just ask her myself when I see her again. She's only across the corridor anyways..."

"Thank you, Lieutenant." She smiled. "For that, I might even give you eight." She wasn't going to stand in the way of their relationship, if the girl really cared about a self-centered man like Radars. "I'll be across the corridor if you need me."

"Toodles!" Glenn waved. "Glad to be of help!"

Maya chuckled as she walked out of Main Engineering. Six hours. At least she hoped it would only take six hours.


Lieutenant Commander Amaya Capac
Chief Communications Officer
USS America

Lieutenant Glenn Radars
Chief Engineer
USS America


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