What happens off duty, stays off duty...

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Mission: Mission 7 - Aenerth for an Earth
Location: Crew Lounge/Sistines Quarters
Timeline: March12, 2296 - 2100

After four and a half grueling hours of looking over the Avian ship and assisting in repairs, Glenn could hold his head high. The ship was as functional as it could ever be; however there were still a few minor things to do before the ship would be fully capable of warp travel on its own. They were being handled by the current duty officer for Engineering, they didn't need the chief's presence.

He made his way with his head held high towards the America's large crew lounge. Many of the crew spent some time after their shifts here unwinding and relaxing. Plus there wasn't really much to do in their quarters apart from sleep and... well other stuff...

The doors opened and he spotted Sistine sitting alone on one of the far couches staring out into space.
'Perfect. White cat is all alone' he thought to himself a smirk emerging on his face. He walked over quietly as to not make it apparant he was there.

"Sitting alone white cat?!" he asked as he plonked himself down right next to her causing her to jump slightly. "What you looking at? There's not much out there you know, the real show is in here" he grinned.

Sistine was not expecting Glenn to show up out of no where. "What was that for?!" she asked punching him in the arm, although be it a weak punch. "You shouldn't sneak up on people. Plus you're sitting far too close!"

"Not close enough" Glenn smirked. "And you're afraid to admit it right. I know you're head over heels for me. Why else would you transfer from the Ajax to this old wreck?"

Sistine held her nose up high. "I told you before" she said to him pushing him away. "I transfered here because I wanted a challenge, not because I wanted to be with you. You're a pathetic excuse for a person you know!" she told him harshly, the words rolling off of her sharp tongue with ease. 'He is right though...' she thought slightly blushing.

"Yeah yeah whatever" he said as he petted her head. "So, whats been going up on the bridge huh?" he asked.

"The usual" Sistine said as she shuffled a little bit away from him so he wasn't in her personal space. "I heard you actually did some work today? Are the rumours true, a lazy bum like you actually DOING SOMETHING?" she asked as if mocking him.

"Hey. I can do work when I feel like it you know. I'm much more than just a handsome engineer. I know what I am doing most of the time!" he laughed. "So, how about we get some drinks? There's a fully stocked bar just waiting for us to hit it!"

Not giving her the time to respond he jumped up and returned a few minutes later with a bottle of something green and two glasses. "Hell if I know what this is, but I think its been far too long since we've had a 'good time'." he told her with a wink.

"That was ONE TIME!" Sistine said simply, her face turning red. "Why do you have to make a big deal about it? Is this the only thing what men think about?!"

"Well yeah. I mean its only natural that we want to be with a cure looking girl" he grinned. "But, I can make an exception for you" he laughed.

'He really is an ass!"

"Fine. I'll show you that I can be cute. If I out drink you, will you stop going on about it?" she asked as she picked up the glass and began to pour out the strange green liquid.

"You're on!" Glenn laughed as he accepted the glass. He raised it and smiled as he clinked it against hers. "To this old bucket of bolts may we serve her well!" he laughed.

[An hour later]

"You know White Cat. Four drinks down and you're so out of it!" Glenn laughed at a red faced swaying Sistine. "You're such a lightweight!"

"I... am not!" Sistine said in a whiney tone. "You're just... being a meanie!" she said as she punched him playfully in the arm again like a child. "Why do you have to be such.... an ASS?" she asked her words slurring slightly. "Give me more of the.... what is it...?"

"Hell if I know. It's green!" Glenn laughed as he poured out more. "Its damn good though"

"Gimme more!" she whined at him as she held out the glass shaking it slightly.

"Are you sure you need more?" Glenn asked. "You're such a light weight, and there's no need to be stupid"

"You're Stu... stu.. Stupid! Baka! Baka!"

"Oh, she switched to Tsundere mode" Glenn smirked. "What brought that one. Next you'll be meowing like a cat"

"Do... you... like... me?" she asked. As she swayed. Glenn wasn't really expecting that question to come up; especially in her drunken state. It was like someone had taken down all of her emotional shields and opened up her mind.

"Sure" Glenn said. "I mean, you're still a cutie" he told her, the alcohol was starting to get to his head a little. "Plus, I would so totally 'do' you again. But only if..." he was cut off as Sistine's head dropped onto his shoulder, her eyes closed as if she was fast asleep.

"That would be... nice..." she slurred sleepily before dozing off on him.

"How useless" Glenn sighed. "Come on White Cat. Bed time for you". The lounge by now was pretty much clear, many of the ships personnel having already called it a night. Placing one arm under her legs and the other behind her back he picked her up like a husband would pick up a bride and then maneuvered her into a piggy back position.

"Such a light weight. You can't even get home" he sighed as he carried her back towards his quarters. The door recognised her and he gently laid her down on the bed. "You're in no state for anything tonight princess" he whispered to her gently. He carefully removed her maroon tunic, being careful not to touch anything he shouldn't and hung it up on a wall hook.

Sistine's eyes fluttered and slowly she opened them. "Glenn!" she said in a whiney voice like a child. She reached out and grabbed his hand. "St... st... Stay with me...." she said before she dropped back to sleepher grip loosened allowing him to pull away.

Glenn smirked. "If you insist" he said. He moved over to the small couch in her quarters and plonked himself down. "Afterall, we never finished our drink" he said pulling the bottle of green liquid out from inside his tunic. "Good job I swiped this when we left the lounge"

[The next morning]

Sistines eyes fluttered and opened. "How did I get... here?" she asked as she sat up in bed, still fully clothed apart from her red tunic. Sleepily she looked around. "Wait... what are YOU doing here?!" she asked loudly spotting Glenn who was sitting on the sofa, fast asleep the empty bottle still in his hand. "Ouch..." her head hurt, a killer headache coming on all of a sudden.

Glenn opened an eye lazily. "Yo white cat" he smirked. "Hangover coming on nicely?"

"What did we do last night?!" she asked pulling the sheets up to cover herself.

Glenn slowly raised up from the couch and stretched. "Don't worry you're pretty little face over that. We didn't do anything... unfortunately... You were pretty much out of it after four drinks you light weight!"

"Get out!" she shouted at him.

"Fine fine" Glenn said. "I could use a shower anyway.... hey... I have an idea. Want to join me for a shower too?"

He was answered by the drinks coaster from Sistine's bedside table bouncing off the bulkhead close to his head. "I'll take that as a no" he laughed as he placed the bottle down on a side table and made his way to the door. "Seriously though, last chance. I'd love to see what you have to offer..."


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