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Enter White Cat

Posted on Thu Jul 22nd, 2021 @ 10:17am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Glenn Radars & Lieutenant Sistine Fibel

1,000 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: America Bridge
Timeline: 2296/03/09 0700

Lieutenant Sistine Fibel, one of the many communications officers aboard the USS America sat up in her bed that morning, breathing heavily. She couldn't believe that she had actually done it, transferred to this old Constitution Class starship. She could be nice and comfortable right now on the Ajax, however she found herself standing on a much older ship which could nearly be classed as a relic.

Sliding her legs out of the bedsheets she crossed to the dresser and pulled on her uniform. Her bright green eyes shimmered in the light as she began to run a brush through her hair. Her transfer had been quick, but it had taken a long time to track him down, not to mention have her transfer accepted.

"Right Sistine!" she said to herself as she slapped her cheeks. "First day, make this good!". She checked her duty roster, she was to be on the bridge in just under thirty minutes. Making sure her uniform was pristine slowly she approached the door which swished open.

"Oh, hey there White Cat" came a familiar voice. Sisitine stopped as she looked up at Glenn Radars, he was towering over her, leaning against a bulkhead a cup of coffee in his hand. "You know, someone told me that you were coming aboard. Of course I had to laugh, there's no way you'd leave the Ajax, but it seems like you're actually here!"

Sistine could feel the anger boiling up inside of her. "Glenn!" she burst out. "What the hell!"

"Huh?" Glenn replied taking a sip of his coffee. "Did they bust you down to this bucket of bolts too? No... let me guess. I was far to irresitable for you to drag your pretty little eyes from? So you followed me to try and continue what we had before?" he asked with a sly grin.

Sistine blushed. "Its not like that!" she snapped back. "Look, I'm here because I wanted.... a challenge. I need to get to the bridge" she said, swishing her hair behind her and stiriding off down the corridor. "Idiot..." she muttered under her breath.

"Oh, really?" Glenn asked, obviously she wasn't aware he was behind her. Sistine froze on the spot and spun around.

"Yes really!" she snapped back, her face still flushed.

Glenn placed a finger under her chin and lifted her face to look at him. "No need to explain yourself white cat. You just wanted to learn more fancy stuff didn't you. How about you use that sharp tongue of yours and meet up with me in the officers mess later tonight?" he asked, his voice dropping to a hushed softer tone.

Sistine pushed him away as she turned on a heel towards the turbolift, leaving Glenn stood there. She watched as he smiled before turning away and making his way elsewhere. The doors of the lift closed. "That'd be nice..." she said to herself before smiling.


A few minutes later, she walked out onto the bridge. "Captain O'Connor" she said simply as she approached the red haired woman in the center seat. Out of a pocket she pulled her transfer orders. "Lieutenant Sistine Fibel, reporting as ordered sir. I'm your new Comms officer."

O'Connor looked at the green haired woman. She was two inches taller than herself, which gave O'Connor some sympathy for the comm officer. "What's your story, Fibel?" the Captain asked sharply.

"My story?" Sistine asked curiously.

The doors to the bridge opened and a slumped Glenn entered the room. He looked around lazily before spotting the little scene by the captain's chair. A grin spread across his face as he leant against the support bulkhead near the engineering console. He report could wait, he wanted to see how this turned out.

"Yes, tell me about yourself," O'Connor responded, her voice dropping and her eyes starting to narrow. Her patience was thinning quickly.

"Well..." Sistine said. "I came over from the Ajax, the same place as our..." she glanced over at Glenn "Chief Engineer" she told her simply. "There's nothing much really to say out of my Starfleet record"

"She's leaving so much more out..." Glenn muttered loud enough for them both to hear.

"Glenn..." Sistine said simply, her voice almost in a nagging tone. "Don't you have better things to do?" she asked as her eyes locked with his for a few seconds. A silent pause fell upon the room. "Glenn... Shoo!"

A smile stretched across his face before he gave a respectful nod. "Fine. Have fun White Cat" he grinned before turning on a heel and stepping into the turbolift.

"It seems I also am able to control that jerk..." she said softly under her breath.

"First," O'Connor started to reply as she hopped off her chair and approached the lieutenant, "I have no problem controlling him. Three brothers, makes him look like nothing, which of course is how I view him. Second, why did he call you 'White Cat'?" She approached the ensign closer and whispered, "For God's sake, please do not tell me that you slept with him."

"Its an old nickname from the Ajax. It's to do with my hair colour really" Sistine explained simply. "As for the last part. There was..." she began to blush "One time... maybe..."

"Tell me that you were terribly drunk," O'Connor whispered with disgust.

Sistine stood there for a few seconds, turning ever redder and redder. She was doing a damn good job of cosplaying a tomato. "Well... there was a little..." she stuttered. "More him than me..."

"God help you and your taste," O'Connor replied disgusted. "But, if you can manage to keep him motivated...." The Captain rolled her eyes. "Take your station, Lieutenant and I'll pray for your soul."

Sistine nodded and moved over towards the communications station. "Yes Captain" she replied as she sat down and began to tap on the smooth surface of the console to login.

O'Connor hopped back into her chair and prepared to make her next orders.


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