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Let's Get Physical - next day?

Posted on Wed Sep 23rd, 2020 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant JG John Adams & Lieutenant Dacia Stallworth

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: gym
Timeline: 2296/03/10 1800

Adams was at the gym the next day, doing his exercises, and then working on the weight machine. He was doing 200 pound arm presses.

Stallworth had been a flurry of getting ready; she read up on the proper attire for this type of training and she replicated her a very soft version of a Silk Gi in a very attractive champaigne color which had a black trim and the belt she had tied around the waist. Being proper of course she wore a little ole Leotard under it for propriety sake. It was soft and seemed to alow her freedom of movement. Putting on the slip on ballet flats she snatched up her bag and went to the Gym.

Stopping to apologize for making him wait she had to pause; her hand going to cover her mouth as she tried not to stare. "Land sakes..." She murmured to herself as she watched arms pressing weights, she wished she ahd a hand fan as she felt her cheeks warm just a touch. I am so sorry Mr. Adams... " She found her words. Tying this thing was a bit more effort than I all thought so I am sorry to be late for our lesson?"

Adams finished his last press and stood up. "Not at all Miss Stallworth, I was just finished up." He toweled off. "Are you ready to start?" He moved towards her, and prepped the area, which included some gym mats.

"I hope those are softer than they look?" She joked. "I have have see there are throws in most arts?" She looked to him. "Or are you just making it soft for our feet for the first lesson?" She smiled and winked. "I do leave myself in your teaching for all this."

"Comfort is not important for these exercises. First we must warm up and stretch." He took a position, feet slightly spread apart, upper body tall, and started bending at the waist and grab his ankles."

Stallworth went through her routine to 'limber up' with the bending at the waist and nearly in half; then putting herself parallel as possible to each leg before adjusting. Ending with body twists to loosen her back and shoulder rotations.

"Nothing better than a good stretch before you work the body." Stallworth beamed. "Have yew ever tried Yo-ga the stretches are very good yew know?

Adams stood up and walked behind her. "Your foot position is all wrong." He moved her legs into a better position. Then he pulled back her shoulders. "Your shoulders must be back. Now bend." He stood behind her as she bent, keeping his hands on her hips.

Stallworth tried to keep her 'flushing cheeks' to a minimum she also did not resist him as strong hands were... not unwelcome as this is 'Training Right?

"N-now that is why my Yoga instruc-tor always shook her little ole head." She was able to get the words and light laugh out before coming back up. "Any more things I done wr-ong Kind Sir?"

"No....your form was just a little off." He moved to the center of the mat. "Now, we start training."

"Okay you are the Teacher I am just here to learn." Stallworth winked as she follow him to center of the mat. "I am tougher than I look and been thrown from horses; this is closer to the ground, less loss of pride there." She winked.

"First we start with knee thrusts." He demonstrated by lifting his right knee upwards and left across his pelvis. Then he switched to the left knee.

The move was not all that different from a type of Dance move so she lifted her knee and crossed across like she had been shown then switched her leg to the other side wit some ease as she mimicked the speed he had done.

"Is this correct?" Stallworth asked.

"Yes." He stopped doing the knee thrusts. Then turned to look at her. "Now we will work on self defense. Are you ready?"

"You are the Master and I am the discipline, right." She winked. "I am ready for you to teach me what you will."

He stood in front of her. "Then attack me!"

Not hesitating instinct prevail and she kicked out for his groin; one of the first ladies defense moves she learned growing up as a lady. SHe had been taught that move and to not telegraph it because the best thing is surprise as a distraction while she prepare the second part of a fist to the throat figuring on the man's natural instinct to protect his family jewels.

Adams easily deflected both blows, and then slammed her down on the mat, the palm of his hand just above your noise. "As you know, with most species, breaking thier noses can result in death if the bone penetrates the brain. He stood up and offered a hand up. "Not all humanoids have external sex organs that you can kick at, take the Ferengi for example...want to disable a Ferengi, go for the ears."

"I think mah 'Do no harm' is about to be thrown out the nearest Airlock." She took the offered hand and smoothed her Gi. "WIth prac-tice I might get closer to the whirlwind thing yo call movement?" Stallworth smiled as she finished brushing off her bum, a bit abused but still attached. "I admit I have wanted to Box a Ferengi Ear or tew."

"You can't expect to master what I teach you in a few took me years to master it, and I am still learning." He looked at her. "I think this is enough for the first lesson. Let me know when you have free time and we can pick it up at that point."

"If you are willing to teach me the I see the beginning of a long friendship Commander." She offered a handshake. "Thank yew so much for sharing."

"I am only a lieutenant, doctor, but thank you for the promotion." He responded. "My job is to keep the crew safe, and if I can pass along some simple tips, then that is fine."

"I dew thank you and look forward to anything you can pass along." Smiling she bow as she had seen done before.


Lt. Dacia Stallworth
Chief Medical Officer
USS America

LtJg John Adams
Chief Of Security
USS America


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