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Lady and the Lazy.

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2020 @ 3:43am by Lieutenant Glenn Radars & Lieutenant Dacia Stallworth

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: 2296/03/02 1300

Glenn strolled lazily into the sickbay.

"Yo, any of you smart doctor people in 'ere?" He asked loudly. As a new crew member, the mandatory physical, as much as a pain in the ass it was, needed to be done. "I've got to do this damn physical crap before I can put my feet up. Don't all rush at once" he smirked. He considered himself a bit of a babe magnet, even if he was a complete lazy a-hole at times.

Stallworth had been starting her day with the usual things; her workout and then meditations. Also she had come in early after a delightful breakfast so one might say she was in a fair mood when she heard the man entering her Sick Bay.

"Why good morning to Yew." She moved to meet the man entering her Sick Bay with a smile on her face. "I am so glad you have come here before I had to call out the Bloodhounds to track Yew down." Stallworth had the smile of a cat looking at a mouse. "And to whom do I have the pleas-ure of addressing?"

"Glenn Radars, new resident fix it guy on this old rustbucket" he said simply with a smirk. "So, how we doing this? Full exam, or a closer peek later?" He asked with a wink.

"We have just met so I think the Peeking is for someone of lower moral standin' and Darlin,I do not think you are anywhere near being ready for that 'Late Peeking with a lady til yew are all gown up." SHe gave him a wink. "With that said, I do believe we shall start with the Full exam and the one question that I find most real men will not answer truthfully?" She gave him the cute grin despite his height over her. "Y'all not afraid of needles are Yew?"

Glenn couldn't help but laugh. "Sweetiepie, that was the best rejection I've ever had". A smile crept across his face. "Those needle things are fine with me, but don't be putting anything in me that shouldn't. Where do you want to start?" He asked still smirking.

"PLease do not take this the wrong way." She gave that cat like smile. "But you might want to removed the jacket and tunic." She smiled. "It is calleda 'Physical' for a reason and yew do not want to ruin your uniform. She said as she extended two blocks from the wall above the Biobed. "We need to get a Base line and then check your... cardio..."

Smirking Glenn removed his jacket. "Ideally a beautiful woman should be doing this" he said. "Plus its only a uniform, I can easily get a new one. No biggie".

"Ladies do take Physicals just like yew." Stallworth interjected as she took up her device to record. "But if yo need a lady to do the test for you I will just have to make incomplete in Yew-all's record." She did not even look up from her recording with the stylus. "Or would you rather progress with the Physical?"

"No need for such threats" Glenn sighed. He had suddenly lost his motivation. "Just lets get on with it shall we, I've spent too much effort today already. I suppose I can just give the lackeys in the engine room my stuff to do" he sighed placing a hand on his forehead.

"I would suggest you put your heart into this or yew might be lounging in the Brig, I am sure the Captain would not transfer yew, just make your life.. well let us say her reputation would not have a good outcome if you fail the Physical." She smiled. "Shall we get started?"

"Thats what I said..." he said lazily.

"Now you put your feet on the blocks and start make it thing you are running." She gave him a grin "And when the whip stops so can you also."

"You're going to whip me. Kinky..." he said placing his feet up on the machine and starting to push them like he was running. "Do you treat all the boys like this?"

"Only the Gentlemen get my good side." She tapped the cushion by his head. "Now I said run, not walk like a Old Grandmother."

"Really?" Glenn said. "I only run if I'm chasing a decent looking girl".

"If you pass the Physical I have a surprise yew at the end." Then lightly blew lightly in his ear."

"Holy...." his legs really began to move. "I'll outrun the war drive if you want" he said starting to really push. "Come on legs, little Glenn needs you to do a good job!" He muttered to himself.

"Remember that Big Glenn needs to keep focused." Stallworth took down all of her notes and then went over him with the probe. "He will be very happy with the results." She winked as she put a Hypo to his neck to take the sample.

Glenn finally stopped, breathing heavily. He wiped a few beads of sweat away from his forehead. "Damn" he sighed. "That's my exercise for the month done. At least... on duty exercise"

"Sit up please." She said with a little of that Southern allure. "I need to check out your chest.... deep breaths for me." She was checking him with the probe. "That's a good little Ole Boy."

Glenn sat up and did as he was told. "So doc, do I get a sticker for being a good boy?" he asked.

"You have been a very good boy." She gave him a wink. "You pass your physical, you are cleared... She whisper in his ear. "Surprise..." She gave him the wide smile and turned on her heels. "You can put your shirt back on..."

"That wasn't nice" Glenn said simply as he put back on his tunic. "Are all women like this on this rust bucket?" He sighed.

"Only to rude or lazy men... Take you pick." Stallworth retort.

"I'm not lazy. I prefer calling it 'conserving energy'" he replied simply. "Speaking of which, I'm going to 'conserve energy' somewhere else"

"You are cleared for that Medically." Stallworth smiled as she watched him. "Ta ta for now Lt. Radars."

Glenn nodded. "Thanks I guess. See you around..."


Lt. Dacia Stallworth
Chief Medical Officer

Lt Glenn Radars
Chief Engineer


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