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What a beautiful day

Posted on Tue Aug 4th, 2020 @ 2:25am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Dacia Stallworth
Edited on on Mon Aug 17th, 2020 @ 4:52am

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Captain Ready Room
Timeline: 2296/03/02 0900


The shuttle ride was uneventful, almost pleasant were it not for the addition of her specialized equipment to decorate her office and the trunks for her quarters. There was only the Little ole pilot for conversation; while he was a nice looking young man he did try to glance ; what he thought unnoticed, at her legs, even with the standard hose to cover he decided her knees were enough of a distraction and his flight between earth and various ships so interesting.

Stallworth just smiled politely and muttled through the flight.

Once on the ship the Operations crew were just Darlings in getting her gear and assuring her they would arrive safely where they need go. They were really accommodating actually, so with her orders in hand she could make her way to the Captain to make her introductions.

It is not all that often that a Doctor gets to be on the bridge without being occupied by some Medical Emergency, such a shame as it really is the mind that leads the body. Commands here became impulses to the ship . Not all that different than thinking of an action and then the body does that action. Not that She wanted command, but Stallworth did enjoy her occasional visit to the Brains of the ship.

Stepping down to the Captain's chair she offered her orders to the Lady Captain, a fine turn with Captaincy not being so 'Male dominated' and a woman could do easily as well in that chair.

"Lieutenant Dacia Binnie Stallworth reporting for Due-ty Ma'am." She smiled. "Your New Chief Medical Officer if y'all don't mind?"

O'Connor heard the accent before she turned around to look at her new CMO. There was something familiar about Stallworth. Perhaps it was the Southern ways. Certainly, Delaney did not have the thick accent but she had that slow Southern way of making everything seem less critical than it was. The five foot tall, redheaded Captain furrowed her brows thoughtfully. She missed Delaney.

Her last CMO had been friendly but turned out to have more interest in playing tiddlywinks with her former academic XO and Chief Science Officer. No accounting for taste. Perhaps this one might be more like Delaney. We would see if this would be someone that she could trust.... Just so long as she also did not have some stupid lug of a brother....

"I don't mind yet," O'Connor shot back with a smirky, crooked smile. "Tell me, Doctor, why America? This ship is a bit of a dinosaur and my reputation often precedes me."

"I go where they send me, you could look at it being your Lucky day ma'am " Stallworth replied.

"If it weren't for bad luck, I would not have any luck at all," O'Connor told Stallworth. "But who knows, perhaps you are the start of a new streak." And no comment about my reputation. Interesting. What are her skeletons? "You would not by chance know Tegau Delaney?"

"Darlin', could I ask if it iz relevant to my being accepted as your Medical Officer because I declare I have not been so so lowly thought of for any of my postings." Stallworth had her hand over her chest. "Should I have my things put back on the shuttle before I unpack?"

O'Connor decided at that very moment that she liked Stallworth. She gave the Doctor a crooked grin. "No, you'll be unpacking and staying here. It is just that you remind me a bit of her. She was my Chief Medical Officer for a very long time and she had a stupid lunk of a brother. You don't have one of those, do you?"

"Yes but he is not fer Yew." Stallworth said. "He tried to burn my hair with an Iron saying that was the way to flatten mah hair." She put her hands on her hips. "I was all of six at the time. He is a Lug Nut but if I want stay sty on the ship I would not recommend him to Yew." She shook her head. "I dew not pawn him off on any-one, he is only a gentleman to impress, just below being a Blue Belly by the way he acts sometimes."

"He sounds like my three brothers," O'Connor replied simply. "Nothing I haven't handled before. But, no, that does not sound like what I want. Besides, I don't have much time for relationships. I have this ship to run. She's more of a relationship than anything else that I want right now." She shrugged and said, "So, what should I know about you, doctor? Not what I see in your dossier. Tell me about you. All I know right now is that from your accent, I'm guessing you're from the Southern portions of the United States and that you have a nasty brother."

And an older sister that decides since she is older she naturally knows what is best." Ticking one Finger. "A Mama that is pressing for her 'Baby to have babies..." Her second finger. "Papa is happy to us all out of the house and I tend to be no so Nice to men of ill manners." Middle finger added to the group. "And I would like to bor-row some of your more burly Security men... in case someone wants to miss an appointment in Sick Bay." She smiled. "I Find Security has a much easier that I do convincing people to do their check-ups." Flashing the sweetest and most innocent expression minus batting her eyelashes.

"I was the baby of the bunch, myself. And you will not need security men to assist you. This has been my ship since I was an ensign, with few exceptions. I was a security officer, then Chief of Security, and so on. You will learn that people here will generally do as they are told with a mild threat of coming to me. Nobody ever wants to be on the other side of my redheaded, Irish temper."

"Where I come from only non-gentlemen and Blue Bellies start fights, I would rather offer them a Mint Tea than have an argument; there is so much that can be smoothed over with some Tea." She smiled to the Captain. "Don't you think so Captain?"

"I don't start fights. I finish them." O'Connor grinned crookedly and somewhat menacingly. "And Mint Tea is just fine if it has enough Irish whiskey in it."

"I do declare that yew have that Irish temper." She grinned. "You would be amazed at what a hot metal tea pot does to change the fight in my favor?"

"That won't work with Romulans," O'Connor replied with a simple shrug.

"There are medicinal remedies to deal with them." She winked. "AH am a doc-tor, due no harm and all that. Be a bad if I were Doctor Killpatient."

"Medicinal remedies don't work in a Starship battle," O'Connor continued, feeling the need to win the point. "But your point is taken. Do no harm is your motto." She shrugged apologetically. "But I'm here to cause it when necessary."

"Darlin', you can blast anyone into Space Dust." She smiled. "At least when you do that I am never usually bored."

O'Connor threw her long red hair back and started to laugh. Yes, this doctor would do. "Thank you for that."



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