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Meeting the New Chief Engineer

Posted on Tue Aug 4th, 2020 @ 12:44am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Glenn Radars

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 2296/03/02 1100

O'Connor met her new Executive Officer two hours previously and she had to admit that she was mildly impressed. Finally, a real person, not some academic that thought that the entire universe worked according to some sort of polite rules. That being said, the former executive officer did not seem to have any polite rules when it came to his private life. She sighed satisfactorily. This Executive Officer would probably be quite suitable. He understood that life was not clean.

However, the person that O'Connor was really looking forward to meeting was her new Chief Engineer. Captain Henderson had personally contacted her about the skills and strengths of Lieutenant Radars. Henderson had made it clear that Radars needed to stretch his wings and get out of his comfort zone. So, O'Connor was looking forward to meeting this super skilled, genius of an engineer. According to her yeoman, Radars was about to walk through her door. Therefore, she stood up to her full five feet in height as she awaited his entry.

Lieutenant Glenn Radars, wasn't exactly the standard normal type of officer. He looked like he hadn't made much effort to report in. His hair was messy, and his uniform although not dirty wasn't neat and tidy. His rank pip and insignia crooked and his collar unzipped. The tall engineer however had only survived on his engineering experience and expertise. Other than that Glenn Radars couldn't be considered a decent Human being, no matter officer. After all he never wanted to be here, but it kept his pushy parents off his back and he had nothing better to do.

He stepped into the ready room and looked around slowly as if not overall impressed. "Captain... erm... yeah. I'll go by that. I've not learnt your name yet" he greeted running a hand through his messy hair. "Glenn Radars, apparently I'm the new chief engineer of this wreck."

The moment that O'Connor watched Radars walk into the room, she furrowed her eyebrows. He was slovenly looking to her eyes and when he did not know her name, O'Connor's fury started to rise. And while she did not care for America, an outdated Constitution Class starship, he just called her ship, HER SHIP, a WRECK!!! Her eyebrows furrowed further towards the bridge of her nose, as her green eyes narrowed. In a dangerous, low tone, she growled at Radars, "It is Captain O'Connor and you had better get my name right the next time that you see me. Furthermore, you will make yourself presentable. Should you not, you will find yourself getting rather well acquainted with the bridge. One thing that you will find out quickly, Radars, is that I do not tolerate anything less than perfection. I had much higher hopes for you after Captain Henderson personally recommended you to my ship. I was told that you were an Engineering whiz. I certainly hope for your sake that your skills are better than your first impressions."

Glenn smirked. "Got to say I like a woman who can put me in place Cap'tn," he said. "I assure you though, I'm one hell of an engineer," he told her blowing his own trumpet. "That Henderson guy though, pretty much thought he hated me. Not my fault I was too good for his Excelsior Class."

O'Connor's gaze softened a little. "You have worked on an Excelsior. Could you make this ship run like one?" she asked cautiously and hopefully.

"Well I could... but why would you want to make things harder for yourself? It's all 'do this in this way' and 'you need to put this here or else this won't do that' on those huge ships. Far too much effort, I enjoy the simple things in life Captain. Kicking it to make it work, a good attractive young woman to wake up next to and honest food to fill my belly. What more could a guy ask for?"

He paused. "However..." a creepy smile ran across his face. "If you authorise mini skirts and crop tops in the engine room when i turn up the heating, I might be able to get this ship to do the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs... wait..." he pondered for a moment. "Wrong franchise, oh well."

Whatever headway that Glenn made with his statements about being put into place and having worked on an Excelsior were completely lost in denigrating the Excelsior and his misogynistic statements about authorizing mini skirts and crop tops. "A guy could ask for a Captain that would teach him some manners. And you will learn them before we next meet, Mr. Radars. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Captain." He smiled. "Sorry... but please?" He grinned clearly now trying to joke around with her. He could see he wasn't going to get far with her. "I mean come on, lighten up a little. Life's short you know and on one of these things..." tapped his boot on the deck " never know when a Klingon, Romulan or giant green space hand is going to show up and ruin your day."

"Trust me, I've already had all of those things happen on this ship," she snarled. "Make sure that this ship can deal with anything and you just might have a chance on this ship."

The smile faded from Glenn's face. "You might think I'm not the ideal officer and yeah, you'd be right. Never asked to be here." He shrugged. "But one thing I can do is keep things going when they need to be," he explained with a shrug. "I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve should you want them."

"I want them yesterday. I want this bucket of bolts to dance circles around the Excelsiors. We may not look like much, Radars, but I expect nothing from the best and I will not let you sell yourself short, either. So, you will learn to become the ideal officer, even if it kills both of us."

"Got a shovel?" he asked simply. "I'm going to need one if we're going down that road," he replied another smirk creeping across his face before slowly disappearing. "Oh come on, that was a good one. No need to worry, even I can move my lazy ass when things get exciting."

"If history is any indicator, once we get back out there, excitement will not be lacking. America has a knack for finding trouble."

"Great..." came Glenn's sarcastic reply. "I was kinda hoping for not too much excitement. An easy life is far better than a hectic one..." he looked around the office. "An old rust bucket like this might have been all singing and dancing once upon a time, but they're so yesterday's news these days."

"I guess we shall both have to make do, won't we?" O'Connor scowled, knowing that she agreed with his assessment regarding the Constitution being outdated. "You will find that you have a very good staff. You may wish to consider Brian Pendragon for an Assistant Chief. He's a bit awkward but he's a good chap."

Glenn rubbed his hands together. "No problem" he replied. "I need a good lackey. Do you know if he makes a good sex on the beach? Virgin, of course...." He couldn't help but smirk as he looked at the captain "Unless... actually never mind, you might not know...."

"Get out!" O'Connor shouted at Radars. "Get out now before I bust you down to cadet! God help you if you do not live up to Henderson's recommendation."

Smirking Glenn left the room. 'Well, she's not been laid in awhile has she...' He thought to himself as he wandered down the corridor.

OOC: Cute re Kessel run and twelve parsecs


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