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Pulling Into Space Dock

Posted on Fri Apr 19th, 2019 @ 8:52pm by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant JG T'Pruk & Lieutenant Commander Magnus Grey & Lieutenant Iona Vrell & Lieutenant Raine MacLeod & Lieutenant Shri Thais & Lieutenant JG Brian Pendragon

Mission: Mission 6.5 - Obtaining New Crew
Location: Starbase One - Docking Bay
Timeline: 2296/02/12 - 0600

America arrived at Starbase One. As usual, there was little fanfare.

O'Connor wondered if she was finally going to get a new Excelsior since the America was called back in. The fact that there were so many transfers led her to believe that was not likely, however. Worse, she received another summons from Admiral Kent. She only prayed that she was not going to be sent on yet another diplomatic mission. She wanted to fight. She wanted to defend the Federation. But how was she going to do it if she kept using a now outdated ship?

She checked the ships docked at the Starbase and hoped that she would find the Defiant there. She gave a crooked smile as she remembered her last time on the Defiant. Not even Jessie or Delaney knew of what occurred the last time she was there and they were her best friends. Quickly wiping the smile off her face, upon docking, she called out, =^= All personnel are granted 72 hours shoreleave while America undergoes repairs and personnel transfers. =^=

Lieutenant Commander Magnus Grey sat in the lounge of Starbase One, watching the old Constitution class ship come into the docking bay. USS America. His next assignment. Though many saw going from an Excelsior to a Constitution as a demotion, he saw it for what it was: being trusted with more responsibilities as the ship's Executive Officer.

He watched as the umbilical docking port made contact and crew began to pour out. It was his moment to get aboard, find the Captain and perhaps other senior officers, and introduce himself. So he walked against the crowd toward the airlock, a determined look on his handsome face.

Raine stood over by the view port, Raktajino in hand, and watched the America arrive. Not a new ship though new to her. Moments such as this one were all about questions and potential. Everything was possible, nothing was known. Being who she was, that would change soon enough. But for now, it felt like stepping into the unknown; the explorer in her approved. The security officer in her not so much since knowing what and who was around you mattered. The only red line as far as she was concerned was having to share quarters but as a department head, that shouldn't be a problem. She hung back a bit, finishing the Klingon gift to the universe, Raktajino, and let the crowd thin out before making her way toward the airlock herself.

O'Connor continued to monitor the disembarking crew from the bridge. In truth, she had not the heart to watch some of the crew disembark. One of her closest friends, Tegau Delaney was leaving. How would she tease her further about her dumb brother, Cian, anymore? So was Jessie, though that was somewhat to be expected given the nature of her unusual pregnancy. That meant, once again, she would be getting a new Executive Officer. What would this be? Her third? No, her fourth. First there was Jayme. He now commanded his own ship. Though by being apart, they now had a good relationship. Then, there was Chad Young. He had been decent enough, but the time travel mission left his mind and body scrambled. Then, of course, most recently Jessie, but she had that mysterious pregnancy. She claimed that she was still a virgin but O'Connor had her doubts.

More galling was that once again, O'Connor did not have her choice of XO. When was Admiral Moore or Admiral Kent going to stop using her, she wondered. Why could she not have the privilege of picking her own XO, like most other Captains. Was she such a pariah? Did she not have successful missions? Must her past haunt her forever? These questions rattled through her brain as she awaited new crew and new orders. She pulled out a small bottle of Irish whiskey and took a long draught.

Brian Pendragon checked his display one more time. He'd received a summons to meet several of his Engineering team mates, but had no idea why. Well, that wasn't strictly accurate - he had a pretty good idea that it was something non duty-related given that it wasn't from the Chief and that it might involve the Starbase, given that the Captain had just granted shoreleave. That being said, there were repairs on the schedule, so it wasn't like they could be out for an extended period.

Just so long as it didn't end up in a bar brawl, or a hijack, or him getting inadvertently married, maybe it would be an improvement his last few... adventures... Mind you, if it was Thorvaar organising it - he wasn't about to bet on that. Still, anything was better than holing up in his quarters trying not to think about it. Carpe diem and all that. Right?

Shri Thais has been waiting, and mostly reading, while she waited for the America to get there. Now that it was, she'd packed away her book, made sure everything was in order, and headed in its direction. It was her first chief position, and she wasn't going to make a mess of it at all.

Iona's runabout waited its turn for docking, and while it did so, Iona sat by the window peering out at the station. She watched as the America docked and smiled. Though it wasn't a newer ship, it was still newer, by far, than the ship she'd come from. Originally, she'd been told they wouldn't make it in time to see the Americacome in, more like they would arrive the day after. But, some good piloting and the ability to leave earlier than planned had brought them here just in time.


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