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Lieutenant Shri Thais

Name Shri Thais

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species 1/2 Human, 1/2 Vulcan
Age 27
Date of Birth 11/10/2242
Place of Birth Vulcan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description -Long blonde hair, usually tucked behind just one ear or pulled up.
-Vulcan pointed ears.
-Piercing blue eyes.


Father Shaw Thais - Human
Mother Itzel - Vulcan - Deceased
Other Family

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance
Enemies/Rivals Chief Science Officer - USS Erdem

Personality & Traits

General Overview Coming Soon
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Strengths: Able to pick out tiny details on sensor readings that other may overlook.

Weaknesses: Overly emotional.

Quirks: Tends to only tuck her hair behind one ear, always the right ear. Unless hair is pulled back, her left ear is nearly always covered.
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Hobbies: Reading, stargazing, volleyball, swimming.

Interests: TBD

Likes: TBD

Dislikes: Anyone badmouthing Vulcans, making fun of her Vulcan traits.
Languages Known Federation Standard, Vulcan
Medical Profile Having not gone through the normal Vulcan training to suppress her emotions, Shri instead wears them on her sleeve. At times, she can get overly emotional. She has learned, on her own, to control this, but still always lets her emotions be known and has troubles hiding them on occasion.

She has had no issues from her mixed heritage or otherwise.
Psychological Profile When arriving on Earth with her father shortly after her mother died on Vulcan, Shri had trouble adapting to being around more humans than Vulcans. Though she’d always wanted to follow a more human than Vulcan path, being thrown into it after such a traumatic event was not what she intended to have happen. Being as young as she was, she turned into being shy for the first three years as she did her best to adjust to life on a different planet and with just her father. Finally, she was able to get past her Vulcan heritage and make friends and grow socially.
Defining Quotes and/or Character Beliefs

Personal History Shri was born on Vulcan to Shaw Thais and his wife Itzel. Although her mother had the typical dark Vulcan hair, Shri was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, exactly like her father. They decided, once they found out that Itzel was expecting, that they would let the child choose the human or Vulcan way of life. They traveled between the two planets visiting family, but their primary home was on Vulcan. This is where she started school.

Unfortunately, even knowing her parent’s wishes, the school attempted to force the Vulcan way of life on her. Being to afraid to say anything to her parents, she did her best to not show it at home. She did like her school, and all that she was learning, but she was realizing that she wasn’t great at being Vulcan.

When Shri was seven, her mother, who was a Vulcan engineer, was killed in an accident that caught everyone completely by surprise. All of the training she’d received through her schooling on Vulcan did not prepare her for the flood of emotions she felt when she found out. Her father was equally as devastated, and found that remaining on Vulcan brought too many memories of Itzel. With the blessing of Itzel’s parents, who had always supported their daughter’s marriage and watched over Shri often, they moved to Earth, in hopes of a fresh start.

This was where things drastically changed for Shri. With it now being only she and her father, and now a new planet to live on, she went from what was considered extremely extroverted on Vulcan to the polar opposite of extremely introverted on Earth. All of the emotional outbursts of her classmates startled her, and more often than not, she was found at home after school, not with any friends to speak of.

It wasn’t until she reached middle school age that she finally came out of her shell, on top of finding a group of friends which she fit perfectly into. The one thing that she never did find through school, though all of her friends seemed to find, was someone she had feelings for. There were no school flings she held, no crushes, though she thought it might be because she’d grown to a point where she always let her emotions known, and it scared others away.

The other thing that Shri tended to do a lot was lay on the grass in her backyard and just stare up, mostly at night. This instantly caused her father to realize that she wasn’t meant to just sit on Earth the rest of her life. He got her not only books about what was out there, but a telescope that was just for her use. It was an old fashioned one, but that didn’t matter to her. Once she reached high school, her thoughts turned towards her future.

Starfleet was the place where she could learn about what all was out there, study the stars, and actually get to go explore and discover new things. She jumped at the chance to join and chose the science department as where she wanted to study.

The Academy was fairly uneventful for Shri, though something new happened: there were those that caught her eye. Here no one cared that she was half-Vulcan, though she did tend to hide her ears which caused most to think she was just human until she tucked her hair back. Unfortunately, none of the small crushes grew into anything more than friendships, but she was at least able to express herself more. Although she was still slightly introverted, she didn’t try to shy away from any opportunities.

An average student, she graduated the middle of her class with an Astrophysics major and was given the choice of continuing work at Starfleet on Earth or going out on a ship. She picked the latter and was assigned to the USS Odilon.

Not until her last three months on the Odilon did she actually even step foot on the bridge besides her ship tour when she first joined. She earned her way up to the night bridge shift, but that was when things changed. During a seemingly normal night, a small change in the sensor readings that most would consider nothing to worry about caused her to be concerned. They were on a simple patrol, and with nothing else to do, she investigated it. The change in the sensors had been appearing at regular intervals, but no one had thought anything of it nor had they reported it. Most of the intervals were happening late at night and very early morning, but having just taken the night shift, she hadn’t even been told about them.

Turned out that the change in sensor readings was coming from a system that was on the edge of the ship’s long range sensors, and they were testing out weaponry that had been having effects on that area of space. The readings could have been passed off as just a random increase in particle density, which is why it had been ignored. The weapon testing would start to make traveling through the area difficult the longer it went on. Once the report was in, Starfleet Command took control of the situation and credited Shri with the discovery of what could have had horrible consequences.

This also earned her a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade and an offer of a much higher position on the USS Erdem: assistant chief of science. Unable to turn down the opportunity, she took the assignment.

Although the Erdem gave her much more adventure than the Odilon had, her department chief didn’t think very highly of Vulcans, but would never give a reason why. He thought they were obnoxious, especially with hiding their true emotions about any given situation. It didn’t matter than Shri had followed her human heritage, she was still part Vulcan and that was the part that he didn’t like.

Catching onto this, the Erdem’s captain started to give Shri more assignments, attempting to dig into any untapped potential she had. She would be the science officer on most away missions, leaving her department chief angry and threatening to turn their captain into Command. This went on for two years, until Shri had grown tired of his attitude. Showing great restraint during a meeting between the ship’s first officer and her chief, she nearly overstepped and punched him in the jaw, though she had pushed him against a wall in the office they were in.

It was in that moment she realized that the environment had grown to a point where she couldn’t stay there, and no arguments came from her commanding officers. For all she’d done on the Erdem, she was granted a promotion to Lieutenant and was persuaded to apply for any chief positions, as they felt she was ready to take on the responsibility.

This lead her to the USS America.
Education Record Elementary School - Vulcan and Earth
Middle School - Earth
High School - Earth
Starfleet Academy - Earth
Service Record 2260 - 2264: Starfleet Academy: Science Division.
2264: Graduated Starfleet Academy: Science Division, Astrophysics Major. Basic field medic training.
2264 - 2267: Ensign, assigned junior science officer, USS Odilon
2267 - 2269: Promoted to Lieutenant JG, assigned assistant Chief Science Officer USS Erdem
2269 - Current: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned Chief Science Officer USS America