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Slow Ride (Part 1)

Posted on Thu Jun 24th, 2021 @ 9:54am by Lieutenant Commander Amaya Capac & Lieutenant Cyrus Jericho
Edited on on Fri Jun 25th, 2021 @ 10:25am

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Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Shuttle Craft: Griffin
Timeline: 2296/03/11 1715


Cyrus sat in the back of the shuttle, legs extended and crossed, dressed in civilian clothes. He let out a sigh, his eyes closed, with a fedora tilted in a way to cover his face. He was dressed in a blue suit, blue suit vest, and blue tie with a button shirt combination. His sleeves pulled up above his elbows. The only thing he had with him was a Starfleet carry bad and a cat carrier with his beloved capellion power-cat Gypsy in it, surprisingly quiet.

"We're waiting on one more, Lieutenant." The shuttle pilot shouted slightly from the cockpit. "Won't be long now."

"Take your time." Cyrus said from under his hand, crossing his arms over his chest, before letting out a relaxed sigh. "No rush here, my friend."

Amaya Capac was running late, thanks to the conversation with Jimmer.

She walked quickly onto the shuttle. "Sorry I'm late," she said, stowing her bag in a compartment before looking for an empty seat.

Cyrus placed his index finger on the brim of his hand, raising it slightly, peering through in order to take a look at the new arrival. A brow raised as he noticed how attractive she was. He added a slight smile before lowering the brim of his hat before thinking. Behave yourself, Cy. She looks like a superior officer and no need to say anything that will get her upset..

With that, Cyrus straightened his position on his seat, giving the woman some room, before raising his hat so she could get a better look at him. "No worries, Ma'am. No rush over here."

"Thank you." She sank into the seat. "Still, I don't like making others wait without good reason." She smiled. "Amaya Capac."

"Woman's prerogative to make others wait." Cyrus replied, smiling slightly. "Or so my mother says." He added a slight laugh before extending his hand. "Cyrus Jericho. Pleasure to meet you, Amaya Capac."

"The pleasure is mine." She shook his hand, then chuckled. "I don't think that applies to Starfleet. I can't see myself arriving late to an assignment telling my superior that I couldn't decide if Cerulean or Pewter went better with my shoes."

"I can see why it’s such a tough decision then." Cyrus replied, jokingly, before placing his arm across his seat. "The troubles of being a stylish woman in Starfleet. My heart goes out." He removes his head, placing it on his cat carry on, before clearing his throat. "As a man who was raised, surrounded by woman who always needed to look amazing, I can understand your plight."

Amaya laughed, appreciating his humor. "I was raised around boys, so I'm more of a tomboy. I will bow to your superior knowledge."

"I'm sure, there is no rule, that says you can't be a tomboy and stylish." Cyrus replied, running his hand through his hair, combing it back with his fingers. He gave her a slight nod, smiling a bit, as he cleared his throat. "So... Amaya Capac? Are you headed to the USS America as well or is this a detour to whatever place requires your services and infectious laugh?"

She could feel the sincerity of his words. That and his charm were a potent combination. They would be on the same ship... She hoped this was a good omen. "I'm headed to the America, yes. It was a last-minute transfer. I only got the orders two days ago. I haven't seen the roster yet. So, what will you be doing there?" She had to admit, she was curious to learn more about this man.

"Assistant Chief of Security." Cyrus replied before placing his hand on his blue suit vest and tugging it slightly. "I'm also trying to get the uniform changed." He let out a laughed, ending it in a smile, as he added quickly. "I came from a get together before here. My uniform is in the bag. I was too comfortable to change into it."

"I think you look fine the way you are. Very dapper." She indicated her worn jeans and blue cotton button-up shirt. "I, on the other hand, came from an archaeological dig. You are better dressed than I am. We can arrive on the ship equally inappropriate," she quipped.

"Archaeological dig you say?" Cyrus raised his brows, finding the idea all the more interesting, given the way the woman looked. "Your smile is not the only thing that I find intriguing now?" He gave a slight chuckle before leaning back in his seat. Ease off, Cyrus. You still don't know what she's going to be doing. She's managed to answer your question without giving you the information you were looking for. He thought to himself before saying out loud. "So, am I to assume, I am speaking with the Chief of Science or Primary Archeologist on the America? Perhaps this is just a mission specific visit. You may break my heart if you say this is just a one visit job."

She blushed at his compliment, pleased that he liked her smile and her occupation--or one of them, anyway. She was enjoying their banter and found herself looking forward to the America more than before. She hoped he would still be interested in her when he learned what her job would be. "I would enjoy that, but there's already a Chief Science Officer. I'm the Communications Officer. And..." She hesitated, then, her voice softer, finished, "And the First Officer."

Cyrus paused before lowering his head. He shook it slightly before throwing it back and letting out a laugh. After a few seconds he looked back to her, letting out a sigh, as his laugh ended in a smile. For a brief moment, he leaned forward looking to the cockpit, raising his hand slightly as he shouted. "Check please." He laughed again, looking back to Amaya, before saying. "Open mouth. Insert foot, eh?" Cyrus let out another sign before saying. "I am sorry, Ma'am. I should have done more digging before laying it on so thick. Allow me to make it up to you. I could open the door and leap out into space or perhaps my first born." He said joking before holding up his cat carry on. "You wouldn't happen to be a cat person, would you? Capellion power-cat. Very exotic." He finally put the cat case down and smiled again. "Again, Miss, I am sorry. I should have gone with my first instinct to ask. I hope I didn't make you think badly of me before we had a chance to be together. Work!" He shouted quickly. "I meant work together."

(To be continued...)

Lieutenant JG Cyrus Jericho
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS America

Lieutenant Commander Amaya Capac
Chief Communications Officer & First Officer
USS America


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