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Medical Examine, and flirting

Posted on Sat Mar 13th, 2021 @ 7:32pm by Lieutenant Aurora Rogers & Lieutenant JG Malcolm Royce
Edited on on Mon Mar 15th, 2021 @ 1:34am

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2296/04/24

Royce couldn't get Aurora out of his mind. He had to see her again. He thought about what he could do to be with her again.
The one thing that came to mind was to have her come to sickbay.

=^= Dr Royce to Lieutenant Rogers. Please report to sickbay for your transfer evaluation.

Aurora acknowledged. She couldn't help but smile at hearing Royce's voice. It wasn't long before she got a moment and wandered in. She looked around from the doorway, trying to spot the doctor.

Royce heard the door open and looked up. He lost his breath when he saww her. He rose from his chair and walked over to her. He was at a loss for words. Somehow he muttered out, "Hello".

"Hi," she chirped, "you wanted me?" The woman asked the question before she could even consider its other meanings.

He wanted to answer ~yes I want you~. "Truth be told, you are due for your evaluation, but I asked you here so I could see you again."

Aurora's cheeks flashed red and a small smile appeared on her lips. "I didn't think I made that kind of impression." She walked with him to a biobed.

"You made a very good impression, on me anyway." They arrived at the biobed. "If you prefer, I could get one of the nurses to do this evaluation, if that would make yoy feel more comfortable."

"We did have a drink, and grab a movie. I can't lie and say I wasn't disappointed that you didn't call," Rory thought about it a moment as she hopped up onto the biobed. "I have nothing wrong with me that I know of. Nothing that would make you run," she lightly teased, timidly.

"I wouldn't run from you. If I'm your doctor, it might not look good if we're dating." He left that hanging between them.

Rory pondered the posed conundrum. They'd practically had their first meet turn into a date. She decided to try and tease him, she was trying to be a better version of herself anyway," most people would have called and said 'fancy a second date'. Wait-- you don't count playing doctor as a date, right?" The second the words left her mouth, she realised how it could be interpreted as innuendo. Her cheeks flashed red, but she continued to smile.

"Truth be told, I figured you were probably a busy woman who had most of the men on this ship wanting to ask you out...and...I would be happy to "play doctor" with you anytime." He responded, with a smile.

Rory was unsure whether should should be offended or complimented by his comment. It was clear of her face that she was struggling to decide. After a moment of silence she finally replied," you greatly misjudged me if you think that."

He saw that he said something wrong. "Hey, if I said something to offend you, I'm sorry...I thought you were joking with me then."

Rory seemed to analyse him carefully. Sure, she'd be hurt before, but what girl hadn't? She finally responded, "our first date, it happened because of a misunderstanding. My meeting with you now is going the same way." The blond sighed, "I'd suggest our second date would be filled with misunderstanding too." She smiled, "before a conflict of interest arises, perhaps you should do my physical and then ask me to dinner." There was somewhat of a playful look in her blue eyes. She did like him. He hadn't meant for offense to be given. She was fine.

Malcolm was glad there was no misunderstanding between them. "Please lay back." He readied the biobed to start the physical. "And when we're done, would you do me the honor of dinner tonight?"

She smile, "of course. The lounge at 7?" Aurora lay down, it was evident she was a little nervous. Whether it was white coat syndrome or pre date date jitters, was another question.

"The lounge sounds fine." Malcolm started the scan. He watched the readouts on the main monitor. The scan lasted 10 minutes. When it was over, he helped her sit up. "Results say you are fine...but I think I knew that just by looking at you."

"I could have told you that too," she smiled, "I'm one of the lucky people that don't seem to get ill. No chicken pox, no flu, I'm good. My family live long too."

"You should start taking some vitamin supplements...your D, C and E levels are low. I can give you something to help." He put away his equipment. "Guess you can go now, and i'm looking forward to tonight."

Rory watched him pack away. "Me too. I guess I shall see you later."

"I can't wait." He looked at her and smiled.



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