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Just a little late

Posted on Sun Jan 17th, 2021 @ 11:05pm by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Aurora Rogers

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Captain's Office
Timeline: 2296/03/07 0600

Aurora Rogers was running late. The USS Sandringham had been delayed due to a malfunctioning warp core. They had basically limped back to base instead of flown. She felt a little flustered; thoughts ran through her head like 'the captain will kill her' and everything to do with bad first impressions.

Aurora hastened her step, straightening her uniform as best she could with a duffle on her shoulder. She reached awkwardly into the top of her duffle and pulled out her PaDD, confirming her orders and locating the USS America. She was set to meet the captain seven minutes ago. Gawd, she was going to be hated.

She arrived at the captain's office, shrugging off her duffle and put it to one side. The white haired, dainty woman fussed Iver her hair and fixed her uniform before requesting entry, to see the captain.

America was just about an hour from launch when O'Connor noticed the white haired woman rushing in with a duffle. O'Connor rose to her full five feet in height. Although Aurora was four inches taller than O'Connor, the redhead's demeanor could make anyone feel feet smaller than the Captain. "What is the meaning of this?" O'Connor demanded with a scowl. "Explain yourself, Lieutenant," the Captain demanded with a trace of an Irish accent, her eyebrows furrowing at the white haired woman.

Aurora gulped a little. Perhaps her nerves had been right. "Sorry, ma'am," she replied timidly, "my prior station, the USS Sandringham was late docking. Literally just got here." Rogers fussed with the gem on her sleeve a moment, "I can assure you, captain, that I am not one to normally be late and I felt anxious about even the prospect of being late now."

O'Connor walked towards Aurora like a lioness stalking her prey. "The USS Sandringham, you say?" Her sharp green eyes peered into Rogers' blue ones. Despite her best efforts, O'Connor could see no sign of deceit in Aurora's eyes. "Well, I will have to look into that. As to being anxious about being late, that shows some promise. What's your position on this rust bucket supposed to be, then?"

Aurora internally relaxed a little seeing the terrier drop its rat for a moment. "I'm your Chief of Communications, but it's my first time as chief." She handed over her PaDD with her orders visible.

"Lovely," O'Connor replied in softer, dejected voice. It was not as if new personnel or troublesome personnel were not always forced upon the ancient Constitution Class vessel. "So, who did you toss off to get this assignment?"

"Ma'am," the Londoner replied, "I don't understand." The white haired woman was obviously confused.

O'Connor shook her head and told Aurora huffily, "Just tell me about yourself and your qualifications."

"Oh," Aurora clicked, "my father was a lecturer at the academy, teaching languages. I was taught languages from a young age. I'm qualified as such too. I am fluent in six or seven languages other than my native tongue, Standard, including Romulan and Klingon. I have knowledge of a few other languages, mostly enough to get by and gain context." It was clear the communications chief was not comfortable in talking about herself. She wrapped it up very quickly.

Heaving a deep sigh, "So basically, what I'm hearing and seeing is someone that can speak many languages but is uncomfortable talking. Is that right?"

"Talking about myself, yes, but using my skills, not at all," Aurora defended a little, though instantly felt regret. "Sorry, Captain, I mean, that you are right. I am not the most social when it comes to my personal side. Uniformed, so to speak, I'm fine. Confident even, ma'am."

"Well, you had better start developing some of that immediately. If not, this ship and space might eat you alive. Ask Mr. Pendragon about that."

Aurora nodded silently. After a moment she questioned, "what is the crew like here, as a general comment?"

"The crew?" O'Connor asked. "Much of it is newer. Brian Pendragon and T'Pruk have been here the longest besides myself, now. It is a shame that your ship was not earlier as we had a party last night where you could have met everyone."

Aurora nodded, "I was disappointed to miss it. I guess many people are in the same boat then." She paused, "Do you need anything further from me, ma'am?"

"Your duffle bag off my floor, you set up in your quarters, and on the bridge immediately," O'Connor told Aurora, the hint of a crooked smile showing.

Aurora wasn't sure if it was a subtle hint at a nicety. Just in case, the woman would follow as if it was an order. The slender woman picked up her duffle and went to leave, "Thank you, ma'am. I'll see you in a few moments."


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