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Duking It Out

Posted on Sat Dec 5th, 2020 @ 10:55pm by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Commander Archibald (Archie) Gates & Lieutenant JG John Adams

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Gym
Timeline: 2296/03/06 2200

John was in the gym, going through his fighting exercises in the boxing ring. It was late at night. He just had left Cara after he escorted her to her quarters after the party

Gates felt the need to let off some steam after the buffet. Things didn't go the way he wanted. Right or wrong, he didn't like it. He managed to keep his cool but felt the need to hit the gym to work through these frustrations.

As he stepped into the ships gymnasium, Archie saw the one person he didn't want to see. Adams. "Lieutenant." He said in a neutral tone as he walked passed as he headed for the treadmill.

John stopped training for a second and responded simply, "sir", then went back to training.

"Have a good evening?' The Commander asked as he setup the treadmill and began to slowly jog.

"It was interesting, but the evening ended on a much higher note when I escorted Cara...Lieutenant Ross, to her quarters. We spent a lovely evening, sir." He was trying to get his goat.

Archie gritted his teeth together. He just really wanted to wipe the smug look off of his face. But being first officer he had to show some restraint. "She looked absolutely stunning. She also looked stunning when I took her for a meal on the station the other evening. It was a lovely evening."

John continued to attack the body bag that hung from the ceiling in the center of the ring. "Funny...that was the same night where we had drinks and desert in her quarters afterwards. And she was wearing a lovely dressing gown."

"Oh," Archie replied as he started the treadmill up. "So you were the charity case she was talking about. The pieces are starting to fall into place." He added with a smirk.

John laughed. "Charity case? I'll take charity like that all the time." He continued laughing. "You should know, Cara was thrilled that I asked her to the buffet before you...and she was thrilled when I asked her to dinner after you. She said that she really didn't want to have dinner with you because the captain frowns on senior officers dating junior officers. She's too nice to say something or cancel on you.......but if I'm the charity case, you're the pity case." He continued laughing as he punched and kicked the big bag in the middle of the ring.

"It's a shame I'm your superior because I would love knocking that smug look off your face." Archie said as he continued to jog on the treadmill, fist clentched.

John walked over to the ropes and looked at him. "Anytime you want to leave the ranks at the door, I'd be glad to give you a lesson, sir." John looked at him and knew he could take down the older man quickly.

"Don't offer what you can't fulfil, Mr Adams." Gates said as he slowed the treadmill down a little to save energy incase he needed it. "I maybe older but I'm still young enough to teach you a thing or two that they don't teach at the academy."

He laughed at him. "I've learned more since I left the academy then you'll ever know, old man. I think the reason Cara decided in my favor, she didn't want to have to diaper you when you turn feeble."

Archie couldn't help but let out a laugh. "And you think you're the only one to have learned a few things since leaving the academy?"

He didn't want to let him know that he was a champion mixed martial arts fighter before he joined the academy, and then led the mma team to many victories. "I've learned things before, during and after the academy. Many of them I use in training my security officers. Anytime you want a lesson, let me know." He turned and went back to his training exercises.

"Aren't you a clever boy? I'm guessing no one else learns anything during those times unless named John Adams." Archie replied sarcastically.

John shook his head at that comment. "Are you that narrow minded that you think what I do depends on my name?" He's had it with this guy. "What don't you bring your fat ass in here so I can knock you it??? Or are you a coward?"

Archie smirked, "I'm by no means a coward but my rank and position on this ship prevents me from knocking you on your dumb ass, giving you a couple of black eyes and a broken nose in the process."

John looked at him. "Hiding behind rank. The cowards way out." John pointed to the door. "Either leave the rank outside or you shouldn't be here, someplace where brave men and women place for cowards." Then he added, "She was right about picking me...she wanted a man, and now she has one."

Archie stopped the treadmill and stepped off. "You should be thankful, my rank is the only thing standing between me knocking the shit out of you." Archie said lower his tone and clenching his fist.

He stared at him. "Forget the rank...this is between the two of us...not a lieutenant or a commander. Unless you're afraid...." he let the words hang there.

Without another word being Gates swung his right fist towards Adams hitting him square on the chin.

The punch staggered John, but he didn't fall. "Well, well....the old lion has teeth." He moved closer, and when the commander made a move, John feinted right, then hit Archie with a leg sweep to the left side of his head.

Gates felt as lot of pain as Adams' foot hit the left side of his face. He didn't realise the leather from the security officer's boot had cut above his eye brow.

The Commander used the time his opponent used to rebalance himself to go for an upper cut, he missed Adams' chin but caught his nose on the way up.

John touched his nose and wiped the blood on his pants. He moved forward, throwing kicks and punches but getting blocked by Gates, until finally, he feinted left, then got inside his reach, and landed two quick hard blows to his stomach.

The blows to Gates stomach winded him causing him to bend over. He moved away from Adams to allow his breath to return. Once he could breathe easier to started to approach his opponent. He gave a couple of swings with his fists which were easily blocked, he then dummied a kick which caught the security chief off his guard and Archie was able to use his left fist to make contact with Adams' right cheek.

John's cheek was cut. He was going to end this right now. He moved around his opponent. Backed up a little each time he circled him. Then he stopped, readied himself....he was going to launch himself at his opponent feet first....this was sometimes called "The Death Blow".
He started approaching the commander....gaining some speed as he moved closer....just as he was about to launch himself........the door opened.

O'Connor learned quickly that the problem with being the Captain was that one was expected to stay until the end of events unless they were interrupted. One of these days, she planned on training a yeoman to just interrupt her at boring events so she could get away. However, there was something that was interesting: the interactions between her XO and her Chief of Security, both apparently vying for her Chief Science officer's affection. It was not any of O'Connor's business but as long as the two of them did not come to blows and it did not affect the operation of her ship, she did not care.

But now that the party was over, O'Connor felt it would be a good time to go through her martial arts exercises in the gym. She was unprepared for what she walked in on: Gates and Adams fighting. Adams was about to take a flying leap at the Commander. The diminutive Captain inserted herself in the path between Adams and the Captain, facing Adams. She readied herself. If Adams planned on leaving his feet, she was going to teach him a lesson that he would never forget.

John skidded to a stop once he saw the captain in between him and Gates. When he stopped, he came to attention.

O'Connor looked at John and asked, "Exactly what do you think that you're doing?"

Gates quickly went from a defensive stance to bolt up right standing to attention. His career was now, most likely in tatters having let the chief of security get under his skin. "Captain!" He said in a clear and respectful tone.

Adams looked straight ahead, avoiding looking at her in the eye. "Personal matter, captain."

O'Connor looked first at Adams and then at Gates and responded, "It was a personal matter until I saw this. When your personal matters cross over into the safety and welfare of the crew, they become my concern. And if it requires me shipping MY Chief Science Officer to another ship to resolve this, I will. Do I make myself clear?"

"Understood, captain." Adams responded. "But begging your pardon, I don't think it's fair to bring Cara into this."

"My apologies, Captain. That won't be necessary. Just a change in Security Chief's would do." Gates replied.

Although O'Connor was not impressed with Adams thus far, she had yet to see him in action. Regardless, she figured that she could keep her own personal eye on Security, being her former department. She whirled on Gates and said, "Enough. I'd suggest that you might want to talk to the Stallworth about your feelings." She turned back to Adams. "That goes for you, too. But separately...."

Still standing at attention. "Yes ma'am."

O'Connor shook her head, disappointed. "I do wish that you had not broken your charge. It has been too long since I have flipped a live opponent in a real combat situation," O'Connor informed Adams. "Of course, this was probably better for your career," she observed.

"Too bad we'll never know what the outcome could have been, captain." Adams said as he was still at attention.

O'Connor's eyes sparkled for a moment, a crooked grin coming across her face. This was more like it. "Very well. You wish to spar? Pencil yourself in my schedule with my yeoman."

"This has nothing do you with you, Captain." Gates said respectfully.

John wanted to tell the commander to mind his own business. He wanted to go against the captain in the ring. He needed to show her what he can do. He figured he'll never a chance any other way.

O'Connor whirled on Gates, her eyes peering into Gates, making him feel smaller than O'Connor. "Anything that affects the safety or welfare of this ship or its crew has something to do with me. You should know that or if you don't know it, learn it fast, Commander."

"Of course, Captain." Gates replied quietly.

John grinned, slightly, hearing that Gates was also not in favor with the least he's not alone.


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