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2nd Meeting

Posted on Thu Oct 29th, 2020 @ 4:13pm by Lieutenant JG Cara Ross & Lieutenant JG John Adams

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Turbolift
Timeline: 2296/03/05 1100 hours

Adams waited for the turbolift for a few seconds, it seemed like it was forever, and when the doors finally opened, "Who's been holding this damn..." Then he saw Cara. "Why hello again."

Ross blinked as she hears someone mouthing off, and cocked an eyebrow up on her forehead. Her shoulders had bunched up, in a defensive stance, and then she saw who it was. Her expression went through a bit of a journey and settled on an amused scowl. "Aye, hello again."

Lee looked at her as he boarded the lift. "One would think I had the sensors follow you and when you boarded this turbolift, I would be waiting for it. But, of course, I didn't do that. But I am happy to see you again."

He was, she thought, flirting. Her lips quirked up into a small smile, despite herself. "That, or you're an excellent actor. Did you take theater classes an an elective at the Academy?" She asked, in an overly bright tone. Perhaps less exaggerated, she added, "It's nice to see you as well."

"I've been told I'm a natural born actor." He smiled at her and moved a little closer, not so close as to make her back away. "I've been waiting to hear about that dinner engagement we talked about. I hope you haven't forgotten about me."

Cara felt her shoulders jerk up and then back down as she let out a short bark of a laugh. "Oh, never fear, Lieutenant. I haven't forgotten. You are many, many things I am sure, but forgettable is not one of them." She tucked a bit of hair back behind one of her ears, hugging her self around the stomach with her other hand and leaning back against the turbolift wall. "It's been rather busy since we last spoke, but I haven't dismissed the notion."

"Tha's good cause I haven't forgotten you at all." He smiled at her. He wanted to take her in his arms and kiss her, but that wouldn't be a smart move at this stage of their relationship. "When is your next break? I'd like to take you for coffee."

The redhead glanced down at the padd in her hand and wiggled it a bit, "I was on my way to drop this off and then I've got about half an hour to myself."

"Well, I have nothing to do at the moment, what if i accompany you then we could take that break together." He responded.

Cara considered the possibility for a moment and shrugged her shoulder, the red fabric of her uniform rising up and down. "I suppose that seems like a reasonable course of action to me," she agreed, unintentionally coy in her mannerisms. "Computer, resume." She added, with a gentle twist of one of the lifts control rods.

"Excellent." John grabbed hold of one of the rods, and stood very close to her. "I have ever told you that you are probably one of the loveliest women I ever seen? Or am I being too forward?" He smiled at her.

Heat flushed at her cheeks and she coughed slightly. "I don't think that the two are mutually exclusive. Considering we met just the other day, you haven't quite said that, no." He was laying it on thick. That didn't mean she was against the praise.

"Really?" He leaned over and kiss her cheek. "Well, I plan on telling you that every day from now on. In fact, you might get tired of me eventually."

She puffed her cheeks out like a chipmunk and then blew out a stream of air, ruffling her bangs in the process. "My, how ever will I manage?"

"You're cute when you do that." He smiled at her.

Again, Cara made a face, but before she could really retort further, the doors opened. Blinking, and swearing under her breath, because she was sure someone had seen that, she pointed at him, "Just a moment," and moved off to drop the files off.

John held the turbolift for her to return. He watched her walk away from him, admiring her hips.

She didn't consciously put in any effort there. Unconsciously was another matter entirely, and there was a bit of a sway as she did the needful, and then strolled along, sweeping her hair back over her shoulder. All in all, it took less than five minutes before she was back at the lift. "There, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"If felt like an eternity since you left." He reached for her hand. "Your not going to want to hear this....but.....I estimate that we will be sharing quarters in 3 weeks. So the question quarters, your quarters or do we request new quarters?" He smiled at her.

Cara nearly sputtered. "You presume much, Lieutenant. Lest we forget you've got competition." That might be something of an exaggeration. In any event, the man did not lack for confidence, and Ross could only shake her head in amazement. "I dinnae think any sort of cohabitation would be appropriate." Her voice dropped a bit even though the doors slid shut, "Rumor has it my predecesor got in trouble over such things and thats one of the reasons I've got a new job."

"How about you and me go to this party later for the senior officers? Walk arm in arm, and show my 'competition' that I have the leg up on him." He reached up and moved a starnd of hair back into place.

She thought about batting his hand away, but decided not to, tilting her head to one side. "See how coffee goes first, maybe? You're brash, and surprisingly charming despite all of that, but it doesn't mean you have a leg up on anyone just yet." Cara idly wondered if the ship had a psychologist aboard and if she was going to need to schedule an appointment.

" think I'm charming, so I have that in my favor." The lift doors opened. "I like you, a lot, and I'm hoping that eventually, you start to feel the same way." He took her arm and they started walking towards the lounge. "What shall we do on our 2nd date? Dinner? A movie? Dancing?"

"Yes. Perhaps almost despite yourself, you are charming," she favored him with a wicked little smile, and trotted out of the lift, letting him take her arm in hand. "You admittedly move faster than any man I've met. Assuming today goes well, and I do accompany you to the buffet thing for the senior staff, that would probably count as a second date, now wouldn't it?" Flawless logic - unless you asked a Vulcan.

"I would have to agree with your assessment regarding what constitutes a 2nd date." They approached the lounge. But before entering...."How would you feel if we had coffee in your quarters?...or mine, for that matter?"

Again, Cara was forced to stop and reassess the sitaution on hand. The lounge was a much more suitable location for a first potential encounter of a less than professional nature. As it had been with the XO prior, and his suggestion of dinner and a tour of the station. "I'd say my quarters are a mess at the moment so that's a no. As long as it was just coffee and a chat, I would not turn down the offer, however, of a less crowded location."

John raised his right hand. "On my word of honor, as an officer and a gentleman, all we will do is have coffer and chat."

It was cute, and she appreciated that he took her seriously (mostly), and Cara gave a short, sharp nod of approval. "Well then I'd be delighted. By all means, Mr. Adams, lead the way."

John held his arm out, hoping that she would take his arm.

Perhaps he had a bit of charm after all, and with a satisfied nod, she slid her arm into his. Technically he'd still be leading, she supposed. With her free hand she gestured for him to set them off. She wondered if his quarters were on the same deck as hers. She'd recently moved into a larger arrangement after all, having taken over her predecessors suite. Her rank wasn't exactly high up the chain, but her position afforded her a nice billet.

Being the security chief had it's perks....nice office and very nice quarters. In fact, his quarters were right down the corrdior from her quarters. He keyed in his code, the doors opened, and he motioned for her to go ahead of him. "Home sweet home." Considering he's a single man, his quarters were very clean...everything in it's place. He moved to the replicator, "How do you like your coffee?" He motioned for her to sit on his sofa.

In point of fact, he kept his room cleaner than she did. Though he had not been on the ship nearly as long as had, she 'd only had her new quarters perhaps a day longer than him, and they were already messy. She noted that as she made her way over to his couch, and answered his question. "Cream, two sugars."

John brought the coffees over and set them on the table in front of the sofa. "Would you like some music? Something to snack on?" He sat next to her on the sofa, and put his hand on her shoulder.

It would be easy enough to shrug his hand off, but for the moment she allowed it to remain. She wasn't adverse to physical contact, as long as it wasn't on duty where others could see and draw improper conclusions. She'd had that beaten into at the academy. "Hmmm. I'm fine without food for the moment. But what kind of music does Mr. John Adams like to listen to?"

"John Adams like to listen to some jazz, some classical and 20th and 21th century broadway musicals. Computer, play Adams music selection 8." The computer beeped and on the hidden speakers, music from the Broadway Production of "The Phantom Of The Opera" started playing the song 'The Music Of The Night." His face lite up when the song started. "I love this romantic...if you weren't here, I'd be singing along with the music."

"Would you like a drink, maybe some wine?"

"Gun shy when it comes to singing Lieutenant? I would have never imagined you for a musical man," she laughed at that, her shoulders shaking a bit, cupping the coffee in her hand. "And no thank you. I appreciate it, but the coffee is perfectly fine."

"I've been told that when I sing, people get either I'm very good, or I'm very bad...and I don't want to know which one." He reached over and gently stroked her cheek. "It would be so easy to fall for you....and I think I already have." He wanted to kiss her, but he swore he would behave himself.

Cara breathed in sharply, at the touch, and melted a bit, desptie herself. She took a slow breath in after that. "You're attracted to a pretty face and an Idea of who I am, Mr. Adams," she said, carefully, setting the coffee down. She curled her fingers around his hand and pulled it from her cheek. Whether she wanted ot or not, she was contrasting this moment with the eveing dinner she'd had with the XO, the similarities and differences between the two approaches. Carefully, she pressed a little kiss to some of his knuckles, then slid her other hand over it and patted it gently. "I don't move as fast as you. Get to know me a bit and see if either of us do some falling." She hadn't let go of his hands, and the soft kiss to his knuckle had lasted a good deal longer than she'd intended.

He was very turned on by the kiss. "I think I know enough already, but I'm willing to give you the time you need to make up your mind."

She hadn't intended to turn him on but it wasn't as if she'd be displeased with the notion of having done so. Rubbing his hand, she pulled hers back and took up her coffee cup, sipping and wagging her eyebrows at him. "How very kind of you."

"I am willing to wait for you for as long as it takes."

"That's certainly an endearing trait," Cara admitted, honestly. Then she got a wry grin, "Does it usually work out for you?"

"I wouldn't know...I've never told anyone that."

That left her speechless. She had not expected that, and it showed on her face. ""

"Would it break my oath if I kissed you?"

"Technically yes," she was big on technicalities. "I think I might let you get away with it after that line." It wouldn't go further than that - she still had other duties to attend to. But a line like that...and heartfelt...well.

John moved forward, and gently kissed her lips with his. It wasily could have gone further, but he held the kiss for 10 seconds, then broke it. "Thank you."

Settling back with the coffee in hand, the redhead bit her lip and gave a small nod at his words. "Okay. You know how to kiss," she observed, her lips ever so slightly swollen. "I'll remember that."

He smiled at her. He felt he was wearing her down some. "Can I refresh your coffee? Or would you like something else to drink?"

"I've got entirely too much to do later tonight to drink something heavier, so lets stick with the coffee," she decided after a moment, having collected herself form the previous kiss. The afternoon had certainly taken an unexpected turn.

"Can I walk you back to your quarters?" They moved towards the doors. He held her hand.

She let him. Hold the hand, in any event, giving it a squeeze. He was damned brash, but charming in his way, and far be it from her to pretend to be immune. "No, I don't think so," she mused with a sweet smile, then bit her lip, pondering something.

"Then will I see you tomorrow? Dinner? Maybe our 3rd date?" He smiled at her.

Cara thought about it, pondered it. There was the crew buffet. She was going, of course. All the senior staff and a few of the long term junior officers - Pendragon came to mind, one of the Captain's favorite prospects - would be there. No one had asked her to go with them yet - Archibald Gates flashed in her mind - and Adams had asked first. She nodded once. "Meet me at my quarters and we'll go over to the Buffet tomorrow after the shift is over."

"Then I will be there." They reached the door, and John leaned in to kiss her.

She could have stopped him. Easy enough to do. But in truth, the redhead had to admit that she had enjoyed herself, and she enjoyed the attention. She was only human after all. With her free hand, she reached up, curled her fingers around the back of his neck and drew him in for a long, slow kiss. A good ten count, before pulling away and tapping his lips with a finger. "See you then," she noted, and sashayed her way out.

He watched her go until the doors to his quarters closed. "I'll be there," he basically said to himself.


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