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Meet The Boss

Posted on Sat Sep 19th, 2020 @ 3:52am by Lieutenant Dacia Stallworth & Lieutenant JG Malcolm Royce

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2296/03/05 1300

Doctor Royce walked to the chief medical officer's office and knocked. It was time to introduce himself to the chief.

"Top of the day to yew." Stallworth looked up from another of the reports that breed like Tribbles and rose from her seat. "Come on in Sweetheart..." She motioned him in. "I dew declare I almost forgot all about yew Lieutenant JG Royce." Smiling ear to ear. "I have been running the soles of my shews into the ground. Please forgive me for not coming by sooner? Do yew want a lemonade or even some tea?"

"No thank you, doctor. I came to introduce myself, you are, after all, my new department head, doctor." Royce stood across from her, in her office.

"Take a little ole seat then." She offered. "I am not one to be formal wright now. Take a load off."

Royce sat down in one of the chairs in the office, opposite her desk. "I already did the captain's annual physical, which didn't go well between me and her, so next time, I'll let you handle that."

"Well some ladies are not all that fond of having a Male poke about." Stallworth said with a smile. "And none of them like to be called while on their job." She chuckled. "What you might do in the future; if it comes up, send a message to her Yeo-man and let a professional be the Roman messenger. It is discreet and usually better results with Command types."

She nod.

"As you get more experience and work yer way up these little tricks tend to come to light." Smiling she took a sip of her own tea. "As for her future care; I will see to it, as I understand she had a female CMO that she favored so I will try and be a nice replacement and take the brunt of her temper." A thought struck her. "To earn better reputation as a Doctor a Gentleman never asks a lady her age as it 'Is' in the chart and with women have that step stool 'convenient so we can not have to 'climb' up on the biobed; with the skirt most ladies like to be proper and the not having to 'boost ourselves onto the examination table , that little extra thought will get you points."

"We don't "poke" anymore unless we have to, doctor. And she was able to smoothly get herself up on the biobed. Plus I wouldn't have looked if her skirt was hiked up. But I didn't ask her something that's not on the chart, but is an important question......'are you sexually active'."

"Oh my Lord you didn't?" Stallworth shook her head. "Bless your little Ole heart, no wonder she went off on Yew. PLease tell me you did not say it that way?" She was trying not to giggle at the thought of someone like the Captain being asked about her Sex Life by a Male Doctor. "MIght I ask if that was the maximum height she went through the roof?"

"I said I didn't ask her that. But is it that hard to speak openly to your doctor, regardless of sex?" He looked at her. "Doesn't matter, she's probably getting the transfer paperwork ready."

"Usually it is the Lady who is dramatic." Stallworth chuckled. "If she wanted yew gone yew would be, she is not the type to dawdle to get things done. She will yell and threaten yew but I doubt your exit is immanent." She grinned. "Besides Dew I really want to break in another Medical Officer, I am just getttin' around to yew in the first place."

"I guess as long as you're taking care of the captain's needs, it should be alright." He leaned back in the chair.

"You almost make it sound tawdry." Stallworth added. "I will be responsible for her medical care. You will have your shift and in Emergencies will be working Triage in a pinch."

"You misunderstood me. I meant that you would be her primary doctor, I think she would prefer that. And I have no problems with working any shift or assignments you want, doctor."

Stallworth look at the doctor. "Ah just said I would take care of the Captain's medical care, and gave you the assignment for your shift and when we are Emergency assignment." She said. "I think that I am well aware of the points." She told him. "To be very clear; I am the Captain's Physician and Alpha shift as that is her shift, you will have Beta and in Combat or Emergency you will run Triage. Are we clear."

"Perfectly, doctor." He's trained for all that in the Academy. He's ready for any emergency.

"Now is there ant-thing that you want to ask me about how I run this here Sick Bay?" She asked. "That might help you to see where your ideas could fit in as well, we are a team here?"

"I am sure that after a period of time, I will see how you run sickbay, doctor." He started, "but being a member of a team requires time."

"You'all got the right mentality, we are a team and that gives permission for you to voice your thoughts. I do not run a dictatorship; yet, there is one person accountable and that is me so I do keep the right of final decision." SHe winked. "Aside from that, yew have any questions?"

"Nothing more, doctor." He knew what he signed up for, and he was ready to handle whatever was thrown at him.

Lt. Royce, I dew look forward to working with yew." She smiled. "The door is always open if y'all need." She winked.


Lt. Dacia Stallworth
Chief Medical Officer

LtJg Malcolm Royce
Medical Officer


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