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Poor Brian

Posted on Wed Jul 10th, 2019 @ 10:25pm by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Thorvaar & Lieutenant Iona Vrell & Lieutenant Shri Thais & Lieutenant JG Brian Pendragon

Mission: Mission 6.5 - Obtaining New Crew
Location: Catina
Timeline: 2296/02/12 - 1200

O'Connor led the unusual half-Vulcan Chief Science Officer and her apparently promiscuous Chief Medical Officer to the Cantina. They were happily chatting away when the red headed Captain turned to Iona, when they were about a hundred feet away, pointing at the opening, "All the naked or half naked women that you desire are in there." She then pointed to the neon sign that identified the Cantina as the "Playaz Club." She told the women, "The have some half-way decent whiskey in there and some Baileys Irish Cream if you want something softer."

"I don't do soft," Iona said with a giggle. "But I shall have whatever you're having," she nodded to O'Connor. The walk was somewhat sobering her up, but she was still obviously tipsy. Vrell chastised herself for getting into this situation, but she also had to admit that she was having great fun this evening.

Shri looked at where they were and nearly stopped herself from going in. "I've...never been to a place like this. Can't say I desire any naked women."

"You never know what you like until you've tried it," Iona said with a smirk. "But you don't have to look if you don't want to."

"I know I know. I'm always up for drinking though..." Shri did let her eyes linger but nothing caught her eye.

"Drinking is good," Iona grinned and wrapped an arm around Shri. "We'll have lots more fun tonight!"

"Getting me drunk...oh it's been a long time since I have been." Shri shook her head but knew she wasn't getting out of this.

O'Connor laughed at that and said, "Well, it won't be a long time in a short while. We will have ye right drunk soon."

Shri rolled her eyes, "Gee, thanks," she said sarcastically and stuck her tongue out.

"Oh, ye're most welcome," O'Connor responded without any sarcasm and a bit humored that a half Vulcan just stuck out her tongue.

Iona chuckled and shook her head. This was going to be a great assignment. She was already enamoured with the Captain, and adored Shri. If this was any indication of what the crew on this ship was like, she was going to love it on America. "Enough talk, more walk and more drink!" She giggled.

"Indeed!" O'Connor cheered. The diminutive woman walked much taller than her five foot frame. "More drinking it shall be!"

When they got to the entrance, the hostess was dressed, but only barely so. Her scant clothing covered anything that might be outside the base regulations but left very little to the imagination. Her nipples were barely being covered by flimsy garb that left cleavage and the fullness of her breasts open. Beneath her waist, a "v" like garment was on her, exposing the sides of her buttocks. A more careful observer might note that the female, human hostess had long, wavy black hair that fell nearly half a foot behind her shoulders and hazel eyes that appeared to be just as tired as they were delighted to see the group of women.

"Greetings, ladies," she told the group in a sweet voice. "Where would you all like to sit today?"

Just as she said that, O'Connor spotted a young looking, short blonde haired engineer that she recognized and laughed, calling to him, "Pendragon, what are you doing here?"

The young man was only blushing, but to him it felt like he had just be engulfed in a inferno of embarrassment, It was bad enough he'd been brought here under false pretences by his senior and had only just worked out a reasonable excuse to leave, but now the Captain had homed in on him? He wasn't going to get away was he...

Iona looked around for whomever O'Connor was talking to. "Who's Pendragon?" She tilted her head to the side a little. "And isn't that the name of some ancient King who had a magic mirror? Or was it the one that wouldn't let people look at him? Oh... I'm mixing up my ancient Earth legends again, aren't I?"

Shri shrugged, "Didn't study that part of history, not enough to remember anyways." She looked to where O'Connor had been looking.

"Who cares about ancient kings?" O'Connor complained. "Are we not here to drink and have Iona to look at naked girls?" She looked at Pendragon and said, "So, Pendragon, where are you sitting? We'll join you!"

Brian's heart sank. This day was just going from bad to worse. How much daytime drinking was he going to have to navigate? He was a careful man - tried to at least pace himself, but if the Captain was involved, he would have significantly less control over what ended up in his glass. He waved over to where his Engineering colleagues were sitting watching another exotic dance performance, then attempted to snag a plain glass of water to prepare for whatever was ahead of him.

Shrugging, Iona moved so she could look around the place. It was lively and the girls were quite lovely and graceful. She then looked to this Pendragon person and gave him a glance over. He looked young, too young to be in an establishment like this, but that didn't mean he wasn't old enough to be here. "Are we going to drink soon? I'm parched," she teased.

O'Connor took the silent Pendragon by the arm and, her Irish accent coming back more strongly, "Yes, let us have another drink, shall we?" She turned to the hostess and said, "Sit us with him. Maybe we can show Mr. Pendragon a thing or two. What do you think, ladies?"

"One men among all of us ladies who have already been drinking? Oh my, this could be interesting," Shri stated with a sly grin on her face. "And yes, more drinks!"

If only Brian had been brought up religious, perhaps he would have had someone to pray to.

The hostess led the threesome and Brian to a table next to the one that he and the engineers had already been seated. "Your server today will be Charity." She looked at Brian and asked, "Are you displeased with Destiny? Do you wish to sit with these ladies and be served by Charity instead?"

"Oh, no, no, no. Destiny's lovely," Brian was quick to confirm. She had been very understanding about his trip and he didn't want that to reflect badly on her, even by accident. "Though I'm sure Charity's lovely too." He looked between the tables, as if it was a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea.

O'Connor took one look at Brian and her crooked grin reappeared. "Brian, you are looking decidedly more pale than normal. Is there something troubling you?" She then looked over at the table with Thorvaar and the other engineers who seemed to be letting loose.

"No, Captain, nothing... well... I'll just let the others know you're... here..." He darted over to Thorvarr, hoping knowing the senior staff were present might slow him down a little or even persuade him it was time to leave the establishment altogether.

"Hey Cap'n," Iona said tapping O'Connor's arm. "You going to introduce us to your other friends?"

"That's half of Engineering," O'Connor replied simply. "Thorvarr, there, the Andorian, is quite the instigator. I suspect he might have something to do with our baby engineer being here."

Feeling quite bold, Iona pulled Brian into a hug, giggling as she did. "I'm Iona Vrell, the America's new Chief Medical Officer," she introduced herself, slurring her words slightly.

Brian's hands waved vaguely behind Iona. He had no idea where it was appropriate to put them. Hugging a senior officer back seemed rather too forward.

"Erm, please to meet you... Doctor..."

She released him, then moved over to introduce herself to the rest of the engineering team.

Not feeling quite as bold as Iona, Shri just smiled. "Shri Thais, chief science officer."

Relieved that this one was a more standard approach, Brian nodded his acknowledgement, "Ma'am."

Thorvaar, the Andorian introduced himself to Iona and Shri. "It will be a pleasure serving with you, I'm sure." The other engineers introduced themselves as well.

O'Connor laughed at Brian's, "Ma'am" to Shri. "Come on, Brian. We've had this talk before. You're off duty. You do not have to be so proper now. So, where's the drinks and where's the entertainment? Or is that just you?" she replied with a crooked grin at Pendragon.

"Besides, I hate being called by that. Rank for sure, but ma'am only if necessary. I'm too young to be a ma'am!" Shri said with a grin. "Yes, off duty, drinking..regretting in the morning."

"Sorry, m... l... er... the bar is over there," he waved to the other side of the room, "although there are serving staff who come round too. I can definitely recommend Destiny. She's really... talented."

Seeing Brian wave, Destiny came over. She was now bare from the waist up and the closer she got to Brian, the more perky her breasts got. "Did you want your bill now, hon?" she asked Brian before leaning in close to his ear. "I'll be off soon," she whispered.

"B.. b... bill?" he stammered, very nearly saying something else, but catching himself before Freud could get the better of him. "Oh, I wasn't aware there was... of course. Um... yes, I'd better... settle up... Is there a till?"

"I'm it," Destiny told Brian with a warm smile. "I've even made sure to provide for separate checks. I assume that was alright, no?"

"Oh, well... I guess we'd better... yeah... so, what do I owe and how do I... pay?"

"You have credits, do you not? Your card will do," Destiny told Brian calmly but with a sparkle in her eye.

"I... well, I wasn't expecting to need to... Does that mean I have to do the washing up...?" Surely they automated that, but it wouldn't hurt to offer. "Or, do you have anything that needs fixing...?"

"Fixing?" Destiny gave Brian a secret smile. "In fact, I think I have just the thing for you to fix. Why not come by quarters after my shift? I am done at 1700."

"1700 - I'll be there," Brian nodded. "Oh - um... sorry, I... er... where is 'there'...?"

"Deck 5, Quadrant B of the Residential Quarters, Room 5135." To make sure that Brian remembered it, she took his hand and wrote it on the inside of his wrist. "I will look forward to seeing you then."

"Yes..." He gazed at his arm for a moment. No one had ever written on him before. For a moment, he wondered why she hadn't already got station engineering to address whatever it was, but that was good news for him - at least this way he could settle up. One last thing he needed to check, "Oh, are there any particular tools I should bring, or just the standard stuff?"

"I'm sure that you'll have all the tools that I need," Destiny replied, her eyes twinkling. "Until later, Brian." She gave him a knowing smile and walked off with some extra sway in her step.

O'Connor whispered to Iona, "This never gets old."

Iona grinned and watched Brian stammering. "Is he always this awkward with women?" She asked in a whisper to O'Connor. "He could be fun if he is... you have any rules on playing?"

"Depends upon what you mean," O'Connor responded curiously.

"No fraternizing rule? Some commanding officers enforce that ruthlessly, while others are lax, just want to know your stance," she smirked. Her eyes roamed over the form of Destiny, then over another nearby server, then over the group of officers before Iona forced her attention back to O'Connor.

"If you need to have a romp, go and have it," O'Connor concluded simply. "Whatever it takes to relieve the stress and monotony." O'Connor thought for a moment. "I should check out the tech shop," she said with some enthusiasm. "I wonder what's new."

Raising an eyebrow, Shri smirked. "Are you seriously telling him to go have a romp?"

"Him?" O'Connor asked. "If Iona wants to have a romp, as you call it, that's her business." She then laughed, "I think I would be shocked if Pendragon ever actually ended up with anyone. Despite nearly every woman throwing themselves at him, he resists." She shrugged and told Shri, "Perhaps he prefers men. It is not my concern."

Iona giggled as she listened to O'Connor and Shri. Being given free range to 'romp' was surprising, but very much appreciated. She was starting to sober up some, and that wasn't really fun. She turned to O'Connor. "What kind of tech?" she asked cheekily. She ignored the rest of the conversation. She could try to figure out Pendragon later. Now though, she wanted to know more of her Captain.

"Whatever the latest doodad is," O'Connor confided. "I'll know it when I see it. I can hardly wait. Besides, that may not be the only errand that I have to run."

Shri had gotten herself another drink and was half paying attention to what was going on. The new drink was starting to go to her head, far more than the others had been. She was getting rather giggly at that point.

Getting a drink for herself as well, Iona stood beside Shri and giggled at the fact that Shri was giggly. "Having fun, finally?" She asked in a supposed to be hushed tone, but her drunken self didn't know the word quiet. She looked to O'Connor and smirked. "Doodads eh? Well, maybe I'll have to find me a doodad too."

"Up to you," O'Connor replied with a shrug. "Most people don't get into the new fangled tech, like I do."

"I guess, as the Terrans would say, I'm just an odd duck then," Iona grinned and shrugged before taking a swig of her drink. "So, now what?"

Just nodding and giggling, Shri didn't respond other than that. She didn't let drinks get to her very often, but tonight was one of those nights.

"That depends on you and how much you want to drink, Iona," O'Connor told the doctor.

"Drink and dance, that's what I want to do," Iona grinned at O'Connor. "I dunno how much more I can drink, but we'll find out!"

"Are you going to pull Pendragon into this? Or should we let him suffer?" O'Connor asked.

"He seems to be getting himself into enough trouble as is," Iona giggled. "Let's let him suffer and continue our girl's night!"

O'Connor yelled back at Brian, "Catch you later, Pendragon. We women folks are going to head out. Hopefully that will help you out for the rest of the day." She then turned to Shri, "Coming with me and Iona?"

Looking over, Shri shrugged. "Why not. I'm enjoying myself finally." She caught up to the other two.

Brian waved a farewell to the Captain, which then morphed into an almost salute and back into an awkward attempt to push his wayward hair back, realising that it wasn't really a saluting situation.

O'Connor laughed in Brian's general direction as she walked out with the ladies.


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