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Reporting In

Posted on Sun Jul 11th, 2021 @ 7:59am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Commander Amaya Capac & Lieutenant Cyrus Jericho

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Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: 2296/03/12 1245


Since they both arrived on the same shuttle, Amaya and Cyrus went to see the Captain together to report in. As Amaya didn't have a Starfleet uniform with her, she was still in her jeans and cotton shirt. She would need to get one as soon as she was assigned quarters, and that, sadly, would come after she was officially a member of the crew. A part of that was that she hadn't signed her transfer orders until just before she'd boarded the shuttle and so hadn't given anyone time to make the proper preparations.

Captain O'Connor was playing with some metallic looking object in her office that swirled in seemingly impossible directions. Dealing with this new race and the Romulans was causing her hesitations that she did not like. In a fight, things were so much clearer. There was you and then your opponent. Simply put, you kicked your opponent's rear and then moved on. But this mission had the markings of Romulans all over it and they were very happy to play a game of cat and mouse. "Come!" she called when she heard the chime at her door, wondering whose "smart idea," she might be listening to now.

Amaya walked in first and stood in front of the desk. "Amaya Capac reporting for duty, ma'am. Sorry to be out of uniform, I came from sabbatical and wasn't near a colony or starbase to get one before coming here."

Cyrus walked in, following Amaya, standing next to her. He was still in his black suit, with black suit vest, and tie. The same clothes he wore on the shuttle. While, he did have an opportunity to go somewhere to put on his uniform, he decided against it. Part of him didn't want Amaya walking into the Captain's Ready Room as the only one out of uniform. While a bad move in the long run, he felt it was more of a sign of him being chivalrous.

"Sabbatical? And reporting in for what?" O'Connor asked pulling out a PADD to verify answers, while waiting for the two newcomers to answer.

"Oh. Sorry, ma'am. I got my orders two hours before the shuttle arrived. They were delayed by two days. I thought you'd already received them. I'm your new Chief Communications Officer and First Officer," Maya said. "I'm also an archaeologist. I've spent the last six months as archivist and linguist for a dig not too far from here. That's why I didn't have the opportunity to get a uniform."

Cyrus placed his hands behind his back and stood up straight, as was custom officers reporting in, wanting to make sure while he was not in uniform he was still a respectable officer. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Cyrus Jericho, Captain. Assistant Chief of Security. I, on the other hand, was not on a sabbatical but was at a gathering with some friends before the shuttle arrived. Like the First Officer I haven't had a chance to switch into my uniform."

O'Connor looked up at her new officers and started turning nearly red as her hair. Not only was she not informed by her yeoman or Starfleet of a change, but she was getting a brand new executive officer. Once again, Starfleet denied her the opportunity to pick her own. When were they going to let her have the same common courtesy that every other Captain had. Worse, her new XO was another academic. The last academic XO that she had on the ship ended up in a threesome and took two competent officers away from her ship. Nothing about this boded well, especially given that they had a first contact situation on their hands.

"Perhaps you have seen there is a primitive ship attached to the top of our hull. This is the most inopportune time possible for any change in personnel, let alone an XO." She glared at Maya with a withering glance. "And if you're arriving, that means that I'm losing my new expert on these lifeforms. Our Chief Communications Officer Aurora Rogers has been able to determine that these birdbrains have a Romulan accent to them." She pulled out her PADD and confirmed the orders. "I don't like any of this one bit."

She turned first to Cyrus and said, "Get yourself cleaned up and after we're done here, report to Lieutenant John Adams."

Turning back to Capac, she said with a snarl, "And we will need to talk more after Mr. Jericho leaves here."

"Now, tell me more about yourselves, so I know what Starfleet has foisted upon me this time."

"I'm a linguist and an archaeologist," Amaya replied. She had enough experience with pompous directors and planetary governors to be able to keep her cool under the Captain's gaze. Except for meeting Cyrus, this was not an auspicious beginning. "I am well-versed in ancient cultures and civilizations. I'm also fluent in Romulan, both ancient and modern. With the Captain's permission, I would like to look over the information you have to better understand the situation."

Cleaned up? Cyrus thought to himself as he took a second to look down at his current choice of clothing. Considering Amaya was the one who came from a dig site, he looked pretty damn good for not being in uniform. Then again, it seemed like the Captain was more focused on being mad at Amaya for catching her off guard.

Cyrus considered a humorous response. I'm a guy who enjoys long walks on the beach under the moon light and slow dances with a beautiful partner, but that would have been too much. The idea of revealing his background immediately might sour the mood, so he just remained silent before clearing his throat and answering. "There isn't much to say about me, Captain, other than I was raised on a rough planet and took the offer of the first Starfleet Ship that discovered us to leave and make a difference. I'm a skilled fighter and marksman. I'm quick witted and quick thinking. I have a knack for getting out of trouble. Whether you want to say I am blessed by lady luck or not, its not my place to say, but I am dedicated and wont give up unless I let out my last breath." He smiled a bit before adding quickly. "And I clean up pretty nicely, if I do say so myself."

A hint of a crooked smile escaped O'Connor as she looked at Cyrus. Not a suck up. Not a wimp. Not a braggart. Not a liar. Ready for a fight. Already much better than Adams. "I'll have you know, Jericho, that this ship was my first posting. I started here as an ensign in security and worked my way up to the Chief position. So, I expect a great deal more from you and your department. If you're not up for that challenge, the shuttle is still here." O'Connor's voice in speaking to Cyrus seemed to be lighter than it had been at the start and even had a hint of pleasure in it.

"I've never backed down from a challenge and I don't plan to now." Cyrus replied with a hint of confidence in his tone. A bit of a smile formed as he looked to O'Connor. "I am eager to learn and, even more so, to prove myself. All my life I've had to work hard and think fast to keep up or get left behind. I don't plan on falling behind. I came to serve, protect, and explore. Heck, I'll even try not to enjoy myself while I'm at it."

O'Connor then turned back to Capac, "You're going to have my permission. I do not have much choice but to give you it. Your Romulan lingual background will likely be helpful if you're even half as good as Rogers. I hope you're better because we have a mystery to solve and we are possibly in for a fight." She turned back to Jericho, "So we're going to need everyone on high alert and functioning at their best."

Cyrus nodded his head in understanding.

The Captain paced her way back to her chair, but did not sit. "Let me give you both the brief synopsis of what has happened. We came out to this backwater area to patrol the Neutral Zone. There have been no indications of any warp like or near warp like societies out this direction. This is severe boredom land. Or so we thought. We saw a warp signature. We found a first warp flight. The ship is shaped like a bird, which is fitting since bird like creatures fly it. Rogers said they talked with a Romulan accent, when we hailed them. They ran from us and said they were warned against us. They ran to their home planet, which we are now orbiting. They were about to burn up due to a heat shield failure. We're repairing their ship with only their technology level so they can safely re-enter. They're leery of us but that's better than initial meeting. Questions?"

Romulan ships were also shaped like birds, Amaya thought. "Are there similarities with any known humanoid species and is there anything resembling Romulan design in their ship?" She still wanted data, but she could ask the computer later, if she needed to.

"Romulan accent would signify they've been around Romulans since birth, or at least, this one was." Cyrus added as he looked over to Amaya before turning his attention back to the Captain. "A betting man would put their money on the Romulan's are the ones who warned them about the Federation or Starfleet. Which only means we may expect this to turn bad if the ones on the planet come to think we may be holding this one as a prisoner. Unless, the Captain, has attempted to open a line of communications to let them know we haven't harmed anyone or let the one we have let them know so at least its coming from one of their own." He paused for a moment, thinking it over quickly, before saying. "Then again, doing that, may give them the impression we're forcing the one we have to say its fine. Kind of a double edged sword. Unless we prove we aren't what they have been led to believe it might be difficult to show them we're on the up and up. At least we've saved the one here, which should work in our favor. Hopefully, anyway." He finally stopped and looked over to the Captain, clearing his throat. "Just some thoughts and observations, Captain."

O'Connor definitely liked this new assistant Chief Security Officer. Why can't he be the Chief? He's so much more competent! She favored him a crooked smile. "Your thoughts are very similar to my own, which is why I saved them. I believe the Prime Directive does not apply because they have been interfered with externally by the Romulans. I just need to generate more proof than a supposed accent. That's why I approved the fixing of their ship, so they can fly home safely. It will give us something to talk about when we beam down. Of course, you're both the first to hear that."

"That's provided they don't feel the one we saved has been corrupted or contaminated by just being here." Cyrus replied, clearing his throat a bit, as if feeling he spoke out of turn. He looked to the Captain, before jumping his gaze to Amaya, then back to O'Connor as he explained. "We know, at least, when birds on Earth hatch they are carried for by their parents. However, should a big egg or hatchling fall only for a human to pick it up and put it back in the nest, there is no telling how this may affect the mother. In some cases a mother exiles the bird or tosses the egg out. Others have just abandoned the next entirely leaving the eggs and hatchlings un attended. I can't help but think the same may apply. Once the species came in contact with us we may have caused further harm because nothing the alien says would shift their view or what they have been led to believe about us." He looked around for a moment before saying. "That's if we are using how birds are on Earth as a reference. There is no way of knowing what will happen so, in retrospect, I just rambled on about birds for no reason." He chuckled slightly. "Sorry. I know. Not helpful."

"Maybe, maybe not," O'Connor replied simply. "We have no idea how this culture evolved or how similar they are to avian evolution at our home. They could be completely different for all we know. Your Chief has the most experience with them thus far, so you can check with him."

Turning back to Amaya, O'Connor replied, "Yes, warbirds look like birds but they do not have wings in the way that these ships do. They almost look as if they're meant to flap. The ship itself looks like it was mostly made in these creatures' own image."

"No, ma'am. I was not as clear as I should have been," Amaya said. "I wonder if the Warbird's resemblance to birds in general is what made them feel that they could be trusted initially. I also wonder if the Romulans had a hand in assisting this species in achieving interstellar flight. I know we don't have that information, but it's a theory I would be interested in pursuing." She paused before asking. "I apologize for asking a lot of questions. Are you still in contact with the avians on the ship?"

O'Connor answered, "They're currently in quarters here on the ship. They have asked for perches and berries and we have provided them. Your theory may be valid but does it really matter? We know, or at least strongly suspect their influence."

"It will aid in understanding them," Amaya said. "Also, if we go in knowing that their view of the Federation is skewed by the Romulans, we'll be better able to make a positive impression. Easier to tread lightly if we're aware of the terrain."

"Can I talk to it?" Cyrus blurted out. He took a moment to arrange his thoughts before finally clarifying his idea. "I am sure you guys have probably tried to speak to it ad nauseum. You've figured out that it speaks with a Romulan accent, but I am sure the uniforms and such give it hesitation. Conflicted between what its learned and what its presented with. Struggled to decide what's the truth and what's the lie." He paused for a moment before concluding with. "Send me in. No uniform. Just to talk and learn. Maybe I can get it to let its guard down and reveal some things. If you want I don't even have to say I am Starfleet. I can be a stowaway or something that wondered into the wrong room searching for food. When you feel you've got enough, and want to pull me out, I'll say a word and you can send security in like you just caught me. Which ever way you feel will work best I am sure is fine, Captain. I'm just of the mind that maybe talking to someone on the outside might get it to open up some more and led us to answers."

As a scientist and a linguist, Amaya thought she might be a good person to send in, but saying anything after Cyrus offered wasn't a good idea. Besides, she could look at the computer recordings and see what she could learn for now. Later there would hopefully be time for her to talk to them.

"I like the way you're thinking," O'Connor's crooked smile widened. "Tell you what, why don't you both go? You both look like ragamuffins right now." Let that eat away at Jericho. "The worst that happens is that you get pecked to death, right?"

Amaya looked at Cyrus. "You can take the lead. I'll assist."

Cyrus looked to Amaya, smiling slightly, as he quickly whispered. "You act like I wasn't going to ask for your assistance anyway, Miss Linguist." He quickly winked before looking back to the Captain. He seemed undeterred by the Captain's comment about being a ragamuffin and getting pecked to death. He welcomed the challenge. Cyrus almost revealed in it. Taking it on as a means to prove his worth from the get go, and with Amaya's help, it would prove advantageous for the both of them. A well laid plan if he didn't say so himself. Which he wouldn't, wanting the Captain to make it seem like it was all her idea, expecting the worst to happen. And should it not, maybe it would help ease the tension between Amaya and her. "I was going to suggest the same thing, Captain. A linguist whether accompanying me, or assisting on a hidden com device in my ear, would prove useful if the creature begins to speak in its own language thinking I wouldn't understand." He smiled as he nodded his head and added. "I also welcome the opportunity to show you my worth to the crew. I accept the challenge."

Capac smiled. She was eager to work with Cyrus and see how he dealt with the avian species. He was definitely the right person to take the lead in this. "Is there anything else you wish of us, ma'am, or should we meet your guests?"

"When you're done, Capac, get into uniform and report to me. We are not finished," O'Connor told her.

"Yes, ma'am." A short reprieve, but it would give Amaya time to learn more and she'd feel more comfortable facing the CO again in a proper uniform.


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