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Navigation Meets Captain

Posted on Wed Apr 21st, 2021 @ 1:08am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Commander Jason Frankley

Mission: Mission 8 - A Blast from the Past
Location: Legacy
Timeline: 2296/03/04 1100

More new crew, O'Connor thought to herself bored, as she sat in her office playing with something that looked like a gyroscope but was reputed to have some other abilities. To date, O'Connor had seen none of them. After hearing a chime, she called out in a half-annoyed and half-bored voice, "Come."

"Good Morning, Captain," a man entered who was built like a brick wall. His uniform filled out with pure muscle and he seemed well groomed minus a bit of a six o'clock shadow at 10am.

O'Connor stopped playing with her gadget and looked up at Frankley. She gave him the once over and prayed that he was replacing her Chief of Security. He certainly appeared to have the body for it. After lingering slightly longer than she intended on Frankly, she asked, "What can I do for you?"

Jason had noted the look. He knew he was a large guy, and he'd heard whispers about the captain with 'little person' problems. "I'm you're new Chief Navigator," he smiled, "Jason Frankley."

"Commander," O'Connor acknowledged. "That would officially make you the third most senior officer next to myself and Commander Gates. He is a Lieutenant Commander but was already designated as my XO. I assume you will have no issue being my 2XO under these circumstances." The comment was a statement, even if there was a slight question in it. In a way, it was a test to see how Frankley would react. "It will definitely be an experienced flight crew. He is the Chief Helms Officer, as well."

Jason smiled a little, "I'm sure we'll work well together, captain, as and when." He then scratched his stubble and nodded, "as for your flight crew team, I think it's safe to say the ship won't get dinged without an actual reason."

"It is dinged enough," O'Connor grumbled. "So, tell me, what brought you to this waste bucket?"

"It's a job and I've been on first contacts for a few years, I need a refresher in the local area," he half joked, "I'm also ready to go up in the world. Here has the opportunity to be 2XO."

"There's that, but it also has a tendency to be a dead end, ship," O'Connor groused while furrowing her eyebrows. "So, why don't you tell me about yourself?"

Jason shrugged a little at the comment about progression. He'd wait and see. "I'm a fitness fanatic. I am straight talking, and will always be blunt with you. I usually don't apologise for it."

The redheaded Captain grew more interested in her new 2xo. "Well, you won't hear me being anything less than blunt and I never apologize. Some say I have quite the temper to boot." She gave Jason a crooked grin, relaxing a little. "Whiskey?"

Jason nodded, "sounds good. Also, that was the name of my dog growing up-- Whiskey."

"I'll not be drinking your dog," O'Connor replied with a wry snort and her Irish accent briefly showing. "Nor to mine. They are Colin, Kevin, and Timothy. No, wait. Those are my brothers." She pulled out a bottle of Irish whiskey and set out two glasses. She filled each one near to the brim of the glass, held it up and asked, "So, do we toast the dogs or just drink?"

"Drinking means we toast to alcohol," he mused, "surely that's one of the better toasts?"

"We're going to get along alright," O'Connor replied. She then threw back her shot glass of whiskey and smiled back at Jason. "And it is about time. I've had some rather unique experiences recently."

Jason knocked back the whiskey and nodded in response to how good it was. He checked out the bottle a moment, but didn't pour a second. "Getting along should be a priority," Jason agreed, "otherwise, it makes for one hell of a long ass trip."

"We're in space. Everything is long." Noticing that Jason was checking out the bottle, she poured a second glass for the two of them. "This and a good fight make things go by a lot easier."

"Alcohol and a form of contact, yes, not necessarily fighting," Jason agreed with a grin. He shot back the whiskey and looked to the captain, "I should go before we end up drinking the whole thing. I don't fancy a FWI on my first day on the America."

O'Connor laughed heartily at that. Yes, this Commander was going to work out nicely. "I might drink it all, anyways. I keep plenty on hand. The motherland is good to me in space."

The man stood up, chucklling, "then I know who to come to for the good stuff."

"This is true. However, I'm very particular about who I share my good stuff with."

"Then we'll have to become good friends," he shrugged, "it was nice meeting you, captain."

"You too, Frankley," the Captain responded before laughing out loud. "Frankley...." she uttered before laughing again.

Jason smirked, "old joke."

"I don't give a damn!" O'Connor finished, now laughing even harder. "Good thing that I finished drinking for now. I might be spitting it out everywhere."

It was a good thing the man had thick skin. He watched the captain laugh, it had clearly tickled her, "am I dismissed? I don't fancy watching you pee yourself... Frankly."

"Of course, of course. Sorry, Frankley. I do suppose you get that all the time. But it was my first with you...."

Jason grinned, "I'm thick skinned. Laugh until your heart is content. Enjoy it, frankly." He had a playful tone as he stepped out.

O'Connor poured herself another drink and smiled crookedly. "He's going to be a lot of fun," she told the empty room.


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