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Vulcans in Edenor

Posted on Wed Mar 4th, 2020 @ 4:09am by Lieutenant JG T'Pruk & Lieutenant Shri Thais

Mission: Mission 7 - Aenerth for an Earth
Location: En Route to Edenor
Timeline: 2296/02/21 - 1100

After the Captain had divided the groups, he turned to the two heading to Edenor and said, "Your guide will meet you at the transporter PADD in Edenor. Just head down that corridor," he pointed in an indicating direction, "and you should be there in no time. You will be expected."

T'Pruk acknowledged the Chancellor and said, "Thank you, Chancellor. We shall do that," and started to head off.

When they got a ways away, T'Pruk told Shri, "You are a rather unusual Vulcan or should I say, half-Vulcan."

Shri had given a polite nod to to the Chancellor and then heard T'Pruk's question. "This is what happens when you are raised by your human father. I never fit into Vulcan society as it was, but I think the blonde hair had something to do with that."

T'Pruk tilted her head curiously. "Why do you say that? Are you suggesting that Vulcans are prejudiced in some way against a specific hair color? That would be an emotional reaction and you know that Vulcans do not have those reactions, except, perhaps, as children. It is strongly discouraged."

"No, not quite what I mean, T'Pruk. I mean that most Vulcans I see aren't blonde. I ended up with the recessive hair trait from my father. It did cause a bit of teasing when I was younger before we left Vulcan." Shri shrugged slightly. "I still practice a few things, and calming techniques help me on occasion as well. But, if I kept my ears hidden all the time, I'd likely look full human."

"Why would you keep your ears hidden?" T'Pruk asked with genuine curiosity. "Do you find fault in them?"

Shri gave a small shrug, "Part of growing up on Earth and getting teased. It became a habit to hide them, and it is an even harder one to break. I've been getting there, but when something becomes habit, you stick with that habit." She gave a smile, "I'm not ashamed of being half-Vulcan, T'Pruk. Maybe when I was a child, but not now."

"Ashamed?" T'Pruk asked. "Seems like a wasted emotion. Then again, they all are. They are not logical." There almost seemed to be a hitch in T'Pruk's voice when she mentioned that they all were and again when she said they were not logical. It was almost as if she was bothered by it. Of course, that would not be logical for a Vulcan to be bothered by an emotion. "I cannot imagine what it would be like to grow up amongst humans. They are irrational and unpredictable."

"Given my father is human, I would have learned some aspects of both. They may not be logical all the time, but they do have their moments. And, I wouldn't have fit in as a Vulcan child on Earth, and my father was too emotional for me to not pick up on it." Shri gave a small shrug. "Not always irrational, not always unpredictable. I've learned some logic from them, and some sorts of rationality."

"Humans have a unique logic?" T'Pruk raised her left eyebrow inquisitively at Shri. "Please explain. I should like to become acquainted with this logic."

Shri raised an eyebrow for a moment, trying to come up with an example. "It depends on the situation. The fact that they don't hide their emotions, at times, allows them to make a better choice. Following your heart over your head can work out in your favor."

"That is illogical," T'Pruk responded stubbornly. "Making a decision based on emotion that 'works out in your favor' is merely playing a low percentage chance that happens to appear. It is no difference than the ancient lotteries."

"Some may see it that way. They typically do use logic to make decisions, but not always. And neither do I. Sometimes the logical choice makes no sense, so you go with what you feel is right. For me, it felt right to grow up learning the human customs and emotions, but still knowing that the Vulcan logic I learned when I was young before leaving for Earth is there."

"The logical choice should always make sense," T'Pruk countered. "Otherwise, it would not be logical." T'Pruk debated whether talking to Shri was going to be helpful at all. She hoped that the Vulcan might assist her with her conundrum but doubt now set in.

Shri tilted her head a little to the side. "Logical, yes, but perhaps not what others see as logical. Being of two cultures is not always easy. I have my own situation where I'm glad I followed the somewhat illogical choice, as many others wouldn't have. But, that's my personal life stuff." She raised one eyebrow slightly. "I know how to read Vulcans, T'Pruk, what is it you actually want to talk about?"

"My time nears," she replied simply.

Finally realizing what T'Pruk was getting at, Shri bit her lip. "Oh...that is not an easy thing to deal with, especially out here. Though, I'm not really sure how I can help, T'Pruk."

"You cannot," T'Pruk replied. "It is biological and there is no assistance for it. However, I believe that you do not understand my concern."

"Then tell me. I'll listen. If you have concerns, don't be afraid to speak them."

“It is my roommate, Lieutenant Pendragon. He does not know and I have not told him.”

Letting out a shaky breath, Shri frowned. "I want to help in any way if you'll let me, T'Pruk."

"I do not know what there is to help. Nor do I know how to explain my situation to the Captain. If we cannot get back to Vulcan or I do not mate, you know what will happen. I have a deep respect for Lieutenant Pendragon. Despite his reputation, he has always been appropriate with me."

"Most captains with Vulcans on board would know about this. I'd hope at least. And I do know what will happened if we don't." Shri tried to think of anything that would be able to help, but really, only getting to Vulcan was what she could think of. "How much time do you have, T'Pruk?"

"Four months, twelve days, and the amount of hours, minutes, and seconds escape me at the moment," she replied. "I am concerned that my control is beginning to fade. I have started meditating, as I know that assists. I also gave Lieutenant Pendragon a Valentine in accordance with Human customs a week ago."

Shri nodded, "We have time. We can get to Vulcan in that amount of ti..." She stopped, "You gave Pendragon a Valentine?"


"I don't understand though, T'Pruk. Why would you give him a Valentine? Even I don't do that for anyone." Shri thought for a moment. "Do you...." She couldn't even finish the sentence. She'd be surprised if T'Pruk felt that way about Pendragon.

"It seemed the logical thing to do. He is my roommate and I believe that it is appropriate to give a Valentine to someone that is close. I hand wrote it. The Valentine said, 'Happy Valentine's Day, Brian. From T'Pruk.' and then continued to write, 'I find that you are not wholly illogical and are a reasonably decent human being. I appreciate sharing quarters with you.'"

Rubbing her forehead, Shri was trying to figure out how to explain this to a full Vulcan. "For humans, T'Pruk, there is such a thing called a 'crush'. When you have feelings for someone else but don't express them to the person. That is what this sounds like to me, you and Pendragon."

"He has a crush on me?" T'Pruk asked. "That could explain some of his reactions," she replied sagely.

"Not quite what I meant, T'Pruk. Did he give you a Valentine as well?"

"No," she answered promptly. "He said that he did not expect one, appreciated me, and thought that I was much simpler than his previous roommates. I believe he intended that as a compliment, as he corrected to less complicated, and more straightforward."

Shri shook her head, "It sounds like you may be the one who has a crush on him, T'Pruk. And before you say it isn't possible, being Vulcan, it is. Just isn't shown in the same way."

"I do not deny that Mr. Pendragon has admirable qualities," T'Pruk answered. "However, I think that Mr. Pendragon has his proverbial hands full with his many suitors."

"Many suitors? I take it you've experienced this first hand?"

"No," T'Pruk admitted. "However, there was the engagement to the Huanni and his involvement with the Caitian, though that was due to the mind altering that he experienced. I had to assist him with a mind meld. I am certain that you understand the closeness that brought."

Shri rubbed her forehead. "T'Pruk. Normally, people don't give valentines just out of the blue. There is a meaning behind them, and that holiday usually is associated with love or at least something similar to it."

"But I have read many stories where children exchange Valentines with their classmates," T'Pruk countered.

" an outside view from someone who does show their emotions, T'Pruk. It would look like a 'crush' to many from the outside. As for the children thing, that's more so the kids could get candy. I've been there before."

"Ah," T'Pruk replied coming to an understanding. She then paused thoughtfully and said, "Of course, Lieutenant Pendragon does seem to have a highly logical mind for a human."

Shri smirked. "Perhaps I was right about that 'crush' there, T'Pruk."

"I think that it would be wise to keep our focus on the mission," T'Pruk concluded.


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