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Aenerthan Medical Procedures

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2020 @ 4:05am by Captain Kelly O'Connor & Lieutenant Commander Magnus Grey & Lieutenant Iona Vrell

Mission: Mission 7 - Aenerth for an Earth
Location: Aenertha University
Timeline: 2296/02/21 - 1100

Sri Ravi Sanduval led Vrell and Grey to a transporter room. The six foot two inch tall man looked at his companions and said, "I am most pleased to take you to the finest place of learning on our world. I should hope that you will find it to your liking." He gestured to the transporter pad so that they could head to the university.

Iona followed the man assigned to lead them around the university and wondered what they were going to see. It was exciting, and yet slightly scary, to be exploring this unknown place with only Magnus with her. She trusted him, but did not trust the people they were here to learn about. They were an unknown to her.

Magnus followed as well, eager to see the Aenerthan academic institution.

Once everyone was ready, Sanduval said, "Beam us to the university, please." A blink of an eye later, Vrell and Grey found themselves walking off a transporter pad that was clearly built to give visitors an awe inspiring view. The University looked out from the top of a grassy hill. Surrounding it and lower were many buildings. There were no obvious roads except a small trail that led up to the university. There was somewhat of a fairy tale quality about the university and its surroundings. Everything seeming idyllic and pristine. Clean cut nature was everywhere to be seen.

Sanduval looked at his guests to see their reaction as he said, "Ah, we are here."

Eyes wide, Iona took in the sight. It almost seemed to be too good to be true. "It's beautiful," she said with a smile to Sanduval. "How long has it been in operation?"

"This university?" Sanduval asked. "The current government? Or something else? If you mean this university, it has been here in some form or the other for about three hundred years."

"I did mean the university," Iona nodded. "Three hundred years? Wow! As I said, it's beautiful!"

“Is the Transporter the only way to get here?” Magnus asked. “I don’t see any roads, rails, or landing platforms.”

"We have an underground rail but it is not used terribly often anymore," Sanduval replied wistfully. "Our youth seem to prefer the modern technology."

Magnus nodded. “It keeps the area pristine and beautiful.”

"That's a smart way to do things, underground rail. More worlds should move to that form of transportation, in my opinion," Iona nodded. "Well, I mean, if they don't have transporter technology." She paused. "What is the average student enrollment here? A lot of students?"

"Current enrollment, is about 30,000 for the undergraduate programs. There are another 15,000 or so here enrolled in varying graduate degree programs." He started walking towards the campus at a pace that made sure to keep his guests at a welcome pace. "Tell me, is your Starfleet Academy similar?"

"Not quite as beautiful, but yes, similar," Iona said with a nod. "It's quite the campus," she added. "Though, it's hard to describe, I've not been there in many a year."

"What do you do to continue your education?" Sanduval asked Iona. "Does it simply end when you leave, then?"

"No, we do what is called distance education. Through the computer systems. We have relays that allow us to connect with the Academy back on Earth through a subspace connection. There's a bit of a delay, but not enough to be problematic," Iona said with a bit of a shrug.

“Doctor Vrell and I both have been looking into additional certifications and degrees,” Magnus added. “I’m almost finished a doctoral degree in xenolinguistics from the University of Cochrane, on my homeworld of Proxima Centauri II. Distance learning from the Academy and any number of institutions all across the Federation are an asset to personnel growth. Tell me, Mr. Sandoval, how many people on Aenerth obtain a degree from a place such as this? Is admission difficult?”

Sanduval replied to Iona first. "Do you not find the educational experience lacking if you cannot participate in person? How does one have that personal interaction with questions and answers if there are delays." The Aenerthan seem genuinely intrigued by the concept of the subspace learning.

He then turned to the Commander and answered, "This is our top university. Many apply but only about a percentage of this world's population can have any hope of ever entering here. It is composed of our brightest and best students. Would you like to see anything in particular here?"

Magnus turned to face Iona. "Shall we take a look at the Faculty of Medicine first? Then maybe PoliSci?"

To Sanduval, Iona nodded. "Yes, the experience can be lacking, but at the same time it is still rewarding to learn as much as one can," she said politely, not sure how exactly to explain the connection, even if there was a slight delay on the line as they spoke to one another through subspace.

"That sounds like an excellent plan Magnus," Iona said, smiling at him. Her eyes thanked him for making the decisions in this instance, she wasn't quite sure of what she wanted to see first. So many things interested Vrell and so many things were available to them.

"Very well," Sanduval responded. "Our medical school here is second to none. We are constantly having breakthroughs on cures for our people. It is a shame that so few utilize them."

"What do you mean?" Iona asked, tilting her head. It was strange to her that people didn't use cures.

"Few choose to use them. Aenerthans prefer to be industrious rather than taking care of themselves as they should, it seems to me. I have been at a loss to explain it."

Magnus raised an eyebrow and looked to Iona. “That would explain they’re resistance to our assistance offers.” He looked to Sandoval. “Do they have access to these breakthroughs? As in, does the average Aenerthan have the income to afford medical care and also live comfortably?”

"Every Aenerthan has the ability to afford whatever they desire should they choose to work diligently enough. Do you think that we are barbaric enough to deprive our citizens?"

Magnus gave a warm smile and politely bowed his head. “I meant no offence. But you raise a good question. What constitutes ‘diligently enough’?”

"I suppose that depends from individual to individual," Sanduval answered somewhat perplexed, as they continued their walk to the medical school portion of the university.

Iona walked beside Magnus, listening to the conversation and eagerly anticipating the medical school tour. "I am of the opinion that medical care and medicines should not cost a person anything, but I know I am considered a radical thinker for that one," she said.

"Much of the Federation agrees," Magnus added. "Starfleet officers get care without charge, and Federation citizens get at least some amount of medical coverage without personal cost. There may be some things that require reimbursement, but Federation politics are moving in the direction of universal health care without reservation. There is opposition, and it may take some time, but I expect it to come in the next election cycle or two."

"A two tiered system. It sounds classist and barbaric," Sanduval replied. "I apologize if I have offended you. We treat all of our citizens the same. They all have the same access and ability to achieve whatever they desire."

Magnus pursed his lips and nodded, thinking back to the poor folks who risked death by radiation poisoning and refused aid. Was that what their guide meant when he said people had the ability to access care if they worked for it? Were the standards so high that many couldn't realistically meet them? But now was not the time to argue further with Sanduval.

Not believing the man in the slightest, Iona merely nodded. She saw the conditions of those 'common folk' on the ship they came into contact with. Did Sanduval not realize that his system was also classist? If only certain people lived within the beautiful city or were able to attend the university, then that meant their system had classes as well. She bit her tongue though, having promised O'Connor that she would behave.

"How long is your medical study?" She asked, deciding to change the subject slightly. "For us, it is four years of study and another four of residency in the Academy clinics before we graduate as Doctors."

"We have an additional five after the four years of education. The first two years are rotations and the next three concentrate on specialties. We wish to make sure that we can get the best out of each and every doctor and that they will be well prepared before serving anyone."

"Are there specializations where you have more doctors than you need?" asked Magnus. "Or specializations that are underserved? This could be one of the benefits Federation membership offers. It's possible we have specialists that can help fill gaps in your system, while your surplus might benefit another world."

"Honestly, I am not aware of whether there is a surplus or a deficiency. That being said, an exchange of information would always be appreciated."

"Information exchanges can be highly beneficial to both sides, so I always support them," Iona said with an air of distraction. She was paying more attention to everything around her than the discussion, really. It was fascinating to see how a new culture lived.

"Good! So, you wanted to see the medical center. My understanding is that there is currently a surgical examination going on. Would you like to see it?"

"Oh yes!" Iona said, excited to be able to see not only their medical center, but an actual surgery! There was no better way to learn about the anatomy of a new species than to perform surgery on them and see the placement of organs and such for yourself.

Magnus nodded too. He was curious and eager to learn more. “When we’re done there, I’d love to see the campus library.”

"Of course! Of course! The library will not be an issue. But first, let us get to the surgery that your doctor is so anxious to see." With that, Sanduval led the two into surgery.

The university came into sight and Sanduval led them through a semicircular entrance. A couple of rooms later, and the three of them entered through a wooden door that led to an auditorium that was set for about a hundred people. In the center of an auditorium, there was someone lying on a platform. In green scrubs were a number of medical students. They all wore masks. A woman with greying hair that was cropped close to her head, addressed a small audience of students. "Today, Mr. Ayame will be performing a Surgical Ventricular Restoration. Do any of you know when it is properly performed?"

A hand went up and the woman asked, "Yes, Miss Marple?"

"When there is Congestive heart failure as a result of a heart attack. It is performed in order to improve its function by restoring it to its normal size and shape."

"Very good, Miss Marple."

She turned to the table full of surgeons and screens surrounded the room, so that everyone could see, "The anestesia is already in place. Are you ready, Mr. Ayame?"

He nodded and the greying woman said, "Make your first incision, Mr. Ayame and good luck."

One thing that Magnus and especially Iona noticed was that there was no sterile field between the students and the patient.

Magnus watched the instructors closely, more so than the student making the incision. It did seem like the student was making the first cut, with the others on hand to guide or offer advice, or step in if he did something catastrophic.

Iona frowned slightly upon realizing there was no sterile field. She hoped that they did do some sterilization, else the patient would get an infection which could prove deadly considering both the fact that they were having surgery and where it was being performed. She, however, kept her mouth closed and watched the procedure intently, leaning forward slightly.

The procedure was moving along smoothly. Sure, it was something that was the equivalent of 21st century Earth surgical procedures, but it was being done skillfully. However, at some point, Mr. Ayame accidentally made a small nick with his knife on one of the ventricle causing bleeding. The patient's lifesigns were starting to become unstable; however, nobody seemed to be panicked or breaking in to fix the situation. There were a number of murmurs at the surgical table and a few "Oooh"s and "Ahhhh"s in the audience. Sweat started beating on Mr. Ayame's forehead and a nurse patted his head with a cloth. Yet, the patient continued to spiral downhill as Mr. Ayame tried to work, clearly not knowing what the problem was.

"Umm..." Magnus said, uncertain of what was happening, "the professors are going to step in to save the patient, right?"

Curiously, the exact opposite was happening. The professor started taking notes, as did the students in the auditorium. The surgeon was trying to sort out the problem and in the process made another mistake. If something was not done soon, the only probable outcome would be death of the patient.

"Is no one going to step in and save the patient?" Iona said, shocked that they were going to let this surgeon not only fail the surgery, but kill his patient!

"What the hell is this?!" exclaimed Magnus. He was normally extremely tolerant of other cultures, but teaching this way was ridiculous, and if he had to shame Sanduval into doing something, he would.

The professor called back at Iona, "That is the surgeon's job. Now, please be quiet as he does his job."

Sanduval asked, "What do you mean by your exclamation, Mr. Grey? If he fails, they both die. Is that not how your surgeons are tested?"

Iona went pale and wide eyed at this. "No! Our job, our mandate is to SAVE our patients! If someone makes a mistake, it is corrected and then the person is reprimanded. In this case, the surgeon would either be held back for more studies or removed from the school of medicine and not allowed to practice!" Her voice was quiet a bit more high pitched than normal. Vrell was internally screaming about how barbaric this all was and she had to clamp her mouth shut before she said so aloud.

"An interesting difference in cultures," Sanduval observed. "Perhaps we should move on. I see that this is upsetting you."

There were a few more beeps and then the sound of a flatline. It would take fast action, but Iona knew that she could save the patient if she desired. No Aenerthan seemed to be doing anything helpful.

“Hold it, Mr. Sanduval,” Magnus said, holding up a hand. “As fascinated I am by your Dr. Vrell, Hippocratic Oath outweighs Prime Directive. Do what you need to. I’ll take any heat. Save a life.” This would either make Captain O’Connor furious...or change her opinion of him significantly.

Not needing to be told twice, Iona quickly made her way into the operating theater, stopping to scrub and gown up. She stepped over and, instead of taking over the operation, told the surgeon what he needed to do to fix the situation. But if he wasn't going to listen, she was fully prepared to take over. No matter what anyone said, the price of education should not be a person's life.

Oddly surprising to Magnus was that nobody stopped Iona as she intervened in the surgery. The student, Mr. Ayame, also did not stop Iona. He willingly listened to her, found the small cuts, repaired them, and the patient started to recover. Once it was completed and the patient seemed to be stabilized, Ayame removed his mask, inspected Iona deeply, starting at her eyes. "I shall have to introduce you to my parents right away," he told her seriously. "I have never seen you before. What is your name?"

Blinking, Iona looked at the man. "Uh... what?" she said, thoroughly confused as she looked up at him. Why would he want to introduce her to his parents? She tilted her head slightly, but didn't offer anything else.

"What is your name?" he asked Iona, with a pleasant chuckle. He took off his mask and showed his pearly whites in a nearly perfect smile. "My first name is Domino. You can call me Dom for short, if it pleases you more."

Mr. Sanduval approached Magnus, "I think that you and I should go back. It seems that Mr. Ayame and your doctor have much to discuss."

“Sounds good.” Magnus walked close enough for Iona to hear and told her that he and Sanduval were leaving, but they’d rendezvous in two hours at the beam-out site.

Iona looked up to Magnus when he walked past and told her he was leaving with Sanduval. She glared at him, but didn't have the chance to hiss "Don't you dare leave me behind" before he'd moved too far away.


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