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Posted on Sun Feb 9th, 2020 @ 10:13pm by Lieutenant Commander Magnus Grey & Lieutenant Iona Vrell

Mission: Mission 7 - Aenerth for an Earth
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: 2296/02/21 - 0815

It was a bit early, he thought, for a summons to sickbay, but Magnus thought it best to get whatever the chief medical officer wanted from him out of the way before his morning meetings. Uniform on, but without any breakfast or coffee in him yet, Magnus stepped through the door to sickbay and found Dr. Vrell. He gave her a charming smile, as much of one as he could muster without coffee and with as little sleep as he’d had. “Good morning, Iona. You asked to see me?”

"I did," Iona said, moving to stand in front of him with a clipboard in hand. "You, my dear Magnus, have an appointment with more hyronalin," she said with a smile, holding out the clipboard for him to see. "You apparently managed to absorb more radiation than the rest of us," she added.

Magnus let out a deep sigh. "Figures. Mr. Pendragon and I stayed close to the engine for a little while. Have his test results come back yet?"

"No, I'm running his now, though, so won't be long before he's paying me a visit as well," Iona smiled. She put the clipboard down and retrieved a hypospray. "You shouldn't suffer any ill effects of the radiation, we've caught it in time," she added before pressing the hypo to his neck and giving him a dose of hyronalin. "There, all done. You're free to go," she smiled.

Magnus nodded. "I actually don't think I've done my full physical yet. We were all too busy at launch. Do you have time now?"

"Oh! You know what, I haven't even looked at the list of crew that still need their physicals, thank you for being forthcoming! I do have time now," she nodded. "Hop up on a bio bed and we'll get this done."

With a smile, Magnus did as instructed. He wasn’t a tall man, but had no issues getting onto the biobed. “So is this a ‘pass a medical tricorder over you’ physical, a ‘strip to your skivvies and pump pedals on the wall’ physical, or an ‘I plan to examine every cubic centimetre of you’ physical?” he asked with a charming smile.

"Well, if you want the latter, we can go into my office and take our time," Iona said with a sly grin. "I don't generally make my patients strip down, but if you want to do that, I've got no qualms," she added. Tapping a few buttons on the console next to the bed, she called up his last physical. "So, your choice. Here, pumping pedals, either clothed or in your skivvies, or a... quite thorough, examination in my office. What'll you pick?"

Magnus laughed. He knew he shouldn't be flirting with her, so he tried to tamp that down, but Iona was charming and delightful. "In all seriousness, I want to be thorough, but I'm thinking a complete strip-down is further than we need to go. But let's be as intensive as possible, and privacy might be warranted for that."

"Alright, then my office it is," she said with a nod. Then, she gestured for him to follow her into the office. Once inside, she hit the button to darken the glass to the rest of sickbay and leaned against the edge of her desk and waited for Magnus to get himself comfortable.

He stripped to his skivvies and sat on the edge of an examination table in her office. He was reasonably fit and healthy, enjoying working out in the ship's gym (usually with a book in hand or audiobook in his ear) and he ate fairly well. He was certain his results would be positive, but he took such matters seriously and made an effort to have his physicals on time.

Admiring the fine physique in front of her, Iona reminded herself to stay professional. They were on duty, after all. Still, though, she could admire how well he took care of himself. "Certainly look healthy," she said with a cheeky smile before running her tricorder over him. "Any illnesses or injuries not reported since your last physical?" She asked, a slight crack in her voice betraying just how much she admired his body. She cleared her throat and carried on scanning him, doing her best to stay professional despite the urge to flirt with him, do more if she could, again.

"No, no injuries or illnesses," he replied, trying to stay professional too. "Oh, I think I might be due for a birth control injection soon?" Better safe than sorry.

"Hmmm... let me double check that," Iona said with a nod as she moved to the console on her desk. She called up his chart and frowned. "Looks like you're overdue for one actually," she said, closing the chart and moving back around the desk to him.

He maintained his composure remarkably well for someone who had just been told his injection had worn off. “Well, let’s get that fixed then.”

"We shall." Iona grabbed a medkit that she kept in her office. Opening the kit revealed that it was mostly just vials of medications and a hypospray. She pulled one of the vials out, examined it, then slotted it into the hypo. "Quick pinch," she said as she dialed in the correct dose, pressed the hypo to Magnus' neck, and administered the birth control injection in one swift motion.

"There we go, that's taken care of. I'm sorry the computer didn't alert you. I'll have to go through and make sure everyone gets alerts before their injections are due." She turned to him and smiled. "Especially since you were a few days overdue when we met," she said simply.

Magnus had kept his composure then, but couldn’t anymore. The colour drained from his face and his eyes opened wide. “Are you serious? Iona, that was a week ago! You’re saying that I’ve been....” He couldn’t finish the thought.

She took a slight step back and held up her hands. "I know, I know! Calm down," she said. "Look, I know I have no claims on you, and you're a very fine looking man, with a great personality too, so I know I'm not the only one to have flirted with you or bedded you. But so long as your partners have all been up to date on their injections, all should be fine! There is a very-very-very minuscule percentage of conception when only one partner has birth control on board."

Though she sounded calm, Iona was going through her own medical file in her head. Had she gotten her shot before meeting Magnus or after? Was she overdue? She didn't think she was, but at the same time one could never be too careful. She would have to look at the dates of her contraceptive injections.

His fears reassured, Magnus managed to catch his breath. Iona was right. If they kept up with their injections, all would be well. He mentally chastised himself for his inattentiveness and vowed never to do so again. He nodded. “Okay. Thank you. And thanks for getting me up to date now. How long will that injection take to be effective?” He couldn’t help but laugh. “Should I stick to other activities for a day or two?”

"No, it should be effective right away," she said, turning back to her medkit. "So, who's the lucky lady that's got your heart and loins all aflutter?" She asked over her shoulder, a hint of sadness to her voice, as Iona knew it wasn't her. She knew she shouldn't feel this way. She had a one night stand with Magnus, but he was the type of man she would take home to mother and had kind of hoped that she could build something with him. But if he had his heart set on someone else, she would let it all go. It would be hard to find someone else like him though.

Magnus smiled as he answered. "A friend of yours, actually. Shri Thais. We've seen each other a few times, since right before we left Spacedock."

Nodding, Iona made note of the smile and the way Magnus had said her name. "I guess that means there won't be a repeat of the night we met?" She had a slight, wicked grin on her face that suggested she would love to repeat that event. But inwardly, she was happy that he and Shri had found happiness in each other. Sad she was losing an opportunity to have a good partner, but happy for her friends.

At that moment, the XO was pleased Iona wasn’t a telepath, because the thought that went through his head, the one involving himself, a future encounter with Iona which also included Shri, was best not shared. He could keep the thought to himself, but he couldn’t prevent his physical reaction, all the more visible by the fact that he was in his boxers.

Iona tried not to look at the indication of Magnus' arousal, but it was damn hard not to notice. She bit her lip and shook her head. "I don't want to know what you're thinking of," she said softly, tossing his uniform at him. "But you can get dressed now."

His face now a deep shade of red, Magnus did as he was told and put his clothes back on. “Sorry about that, Iona. Not sure what came over me.”

"Your libido, from what I saw," she teased. "And don't worry about it Magnus, I'm not going to get offended by a bodily function. Believe it or not, men can't control that aspect of themselves. Hell, I saw a man get a hard on when a male doctor hit a specific spot on his thigh that actually hurt the guy, but he ended up with an erection. It's an odd thing," Iona grinned as she watched him get dressed. The one thing she was completely glad of is that female arousal was harder to spot.

“Glad to hear it,” Magnus said with a smile as he finished doing up his uniform jacket. “Oh, I had a thought earlier today. Something we discussed that night we met was studying together. I’ve been in touch with the university and should be ready to resume my studies after the Aenerth mission. Did you still want to work together?”

"Of course! I have plenty of work to do for my studies, it would be great to have a fellow learner to work with," she smiled. "I'm sure most of our comrades would look at us funny if they knew how many degrees and such we each have and are working toward more!"

“Not our fault they don’t realize that learning is fun!” He winked at the Doctor. “I should get to the bridge. Talk to you later?”

"You know where to find me," Iona nodded. "And if I'm not in any of those places, check the bar." She laughed.


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