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The following is a list of species that are considered playable on this simm.


Home planet: Andoria

Description: These blue-skinned humanoids have bilateral antennae and white hair. They are rare to be found on a Federation starship although there are a few.

Source: TOS: Journey to Babel; various ENT episodes


Home planet: Vellun Gamma V (Arcadia)

Description: They had a pale white skin pointed ears, startling blue eyes and bald heads, except for two crests of dark hair. They wear elaborate golden jewelery and gowns woven with gold thread, with a tall gold collar. These may have been representative of the rank of Federation Council members.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Home planet: Arcturus

Description: They have brown, hairless, loose skin that hangs in heavy folds on their heads. They are clones who form the backbone of the Federation infantry. In wartime, milllions can be rapidly created to serve as cannon fodder.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Ardana

Description: There are two different cultures of Ardanians: the Troglodytes and Stratosians. The Troglodytes are miners that live in caverns beside the mines of zeenite. Stratosians live in the suspended city of Stratos and are very advanced from the artistic and cultural point of view.

These social discriminations have been eliminated by resolution of the Federal Counsel. Recent comparative studies on the DNA of the inhabitants of Stratos and they of the Troglodytes have revealed substantial differences in the structure of the aminoacids, and we suppose that the inhabitants of Stratos are not aboriginal of Ardana. In support of this thesis there is also the fact that nobody is able to explain the beginnings that regulate the complex system of gravitational manipulation that supports Stratos fairly clearly.

Source: TOS: The Cloud Minders


Home planet: Argelius II

Description: These humanoids like to party in very hedonistic fashion. Their home world is a favorite stop for shore leave for StarFleet.

Source: TOS: Wolf in the Fold


Home planet: Bartz' Star I (Fillandia)

Description: They have deeply wrinkled faces and prominent foreheads but no discernible nose. The officials seen serving on the Federation Council wore long sombre robes and black hoods.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Home planet: Aurelia

Description: These Federation members are an avian species.

Source: TAS: Yesteryear


Home planet: Axanari

Description: First contacted in 2151 by Enterprise NX-01, Axanar was the site of a famous Federation triumph during a 23rd century battle, in which Starfleet Captain Garth prevailed. James Kirk held Garth in high esteem crediting the victory with helping to hold together the Federation. Ensign Kirk also visited this world a few years later, distinguishing himself in maintaining the peace of this world, and recieved the Palm Leaf of Axanar award.

Source: TOS: Whom Gods Destroy; ENT: Fight or Flight


Home planet: Betelgeuse

Description: An avian race of seven foot tall humanoids, they evolved from predatory birds. They retain the talons and skeletal structure of a raptor and have a vestigal beak. Their skin is blue-grey with little evidence of feathers.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Bzzit Khaht

Home planet: Nakagima 62B IV (Althos)

Description: This reptilian species has pale green skin, large yellow eyes, pointed ears and long snouts. Members of the race are on the Federation Council.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Home planet: Cait

Description: They have retained their bodily fur, large ears and claws, but who must have put aside their animal urges to become Federation members, with representatives evident in Starfleet Admiralty and on the Federation Council. They shared a common ancestry with the Kzinti.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; Star Trek V: The Final Frontier


Home planet: Coridan

Description: It was this planet that was fought over in the Babel Conference.

Source: TOS: Journey to Babel; ENT: Shadows of P'Jem


Home planet: Cygnus XIV

Description: Matriarchal society which operates a StarFleet ship repair and maintenance facility.

Source: TOS: Tomorrow is Yesterday


Home planet: Daran V

Description: A Class-M Federation planet with a population of 3,724,000. In 2268 the U.S.S. Enterprise was sent to divert what was thought to be an asteroid on a collision course with the planet. The asteroid actually turned out to be the multigenerational spaceship Yonada, built 10,000 years ago by the Fabrini to save their race before their sun went nova.

Source: TOS: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky


Home planet: Delta IV

Description: These bald humanoids are highly evolved in the realm of sexuality. All Deltan members of StarFleet are required to take an Oath of Celibacy so that they do not take advantage of less sexually advanced species.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Deneb V

Description: Humanoid civilization who had a run-in with Harry Mudd over a Vulcan fuel synthesizer. Also home to slime devils.

Source: TOS: I, Mudd; The Trouble with Tribbles


Home planet: Flarset IV (Efros)

Description: Efrosians are distinguishable by their white manes and whiskers. They are a prominent race in the Federation serving in Starfleet as well as in the field of politics. The Federation President who was the subject of an assassination attempt in 2293 was an Efrosian male.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country


Home planet: Earth

Description: Assuming that there's not extraterrestrial life out there monitoring the internet, I'm sure you know everything you need to know about humans.

Source: ALL


Home planet: Isis Kash II (Kashet)

Description: They are red-skinned with deep ridges and protrusions across the face and large mouths. They seem to be descended from dinosaurs, like the Voth. They have seats on the Federation Council. There seems to be little evidence of them in the 24th Century however.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Home planet: Kazar

Description: A race of hirsute humanoids whose beast-like appearance concealed their advanced evolutionary development. They can communicate telepathically with animals. They apparently have some telekinetic ability too and can teleport over short distances using willpower alone. A benevolent people they are devoted ecologists who are commited to animal welfare.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Megara

Description: The Megarites were piscine humanoids whose preferred habitat was underwater. Federation scientists developed a series of injections that would enable them to survive out of water for up to a week. Their planet Megara was presumably dominated by seas and was rich in the mineral jade. Megarites wore tight-fitting waterproof suits in order to prevent dehydration.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Unknown

Description: A gregarious race of humanoids with enlarged craniums, presumably to contain their highly developed brains. They are long-lived, reaching full maturity at 150 years. The Rhaadarite that was part of the USS Enterprise bridge crew in 2271, however, was only 85, barely more than an adolescent in their society.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Beta Rigel (II, IV, V, VI or X)

Description: By all accounts, the reptilian Rigellians evolved from sabre-toothed turtles. They are a hermaphrodite race and oviparous, laying eggs like their ancestors rather than giving birth to live young. The leaders wear ceremonial armour, although it is alleged that they are but puppet rulers and that the real power lay with an eminence gris, the attendants who feed them.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Unknown

Description: An highly intelligent reptilian race, Saurians made exceptional Federation officers. They were extremely strong, belying their slim frames and had four hearts to regulate their circulation. Particularly useful on away teams, they could survive in various atmospheres that would be unsuitable for ordinary humanoids. A Saurian could be seen serving as an engineer on USS Enterprise in 2271. A notable product of their homeworld is the famous Saurian brandy.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture


Home planet: Tellar

Description: A humanoid species distinguished by a porcine-like snout, stout build, deep set eyes and a characteristically irascible disposition.

Source: TOS: Journey to Babel; ENT: Bounty


Home planet: Vulcan

Description: A humanoid race, with copper-based blood, slightly green-tinted complexion and notably pointed ears, they are responsible in a large part for the founding of the Federation. Over the centuries, Vulcans have developed a culture dedicated to the complete mastery of logic, learning to suppress their once-violent emotions in nearly every aspect of their existence.

In the mid-22nd century, Vulcans still carry remnants of their more emotional selves. The captain of Enterprise NX-01, Jonathan Archer--who numbers amongst his crew a Vulcan science officer/liason named T'Pol--has frequent dealings with the Vulcan high command. In these dealings, it is evident that some sense of emotion has been retained. At this period in their history, they are secretive and, according to the Andorians, perpetual liars.

In the 23rd century a Vulcan, Commander Spock, served as Captain James T. Kirk's first officer and science officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 for many years. At least one Vulcan has served as Starfleet Academy superintendent, one who memorized every cadet's personal file, during all or part of Commander Riker's years in 2353-57.

In ancient times, Vulcans were a war-like race, leading to their near extinction. Its ancients believed in gods, such as war, peace and death.

Vulcans are typically stronger than Humans, though they do not boast of this strength. Vulcans were brewing wines circa 2070--before the United Federation of Planets was founded.

Lieutenant Tuvok serving on the U.S.S. Voyager is a full Vulcan, while legendary Ambassador Spock is half Vulcan and half Human. The Romulans are an offshoot of the Vulcan species.

Source: MANY


Home planet: Tau 56 III (Xelata)

Description: Their appearance is unclear, as they are forced to don breathing masks to survive an M-class environment. Members of this species were on the Federation council in 2286.

Source: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home


Home planet: Zaran or Byrdica II

Description: Like the Benzites and Barzans, the Zaranites can not breathe an M-class atmosphere and so wear face masks and backpacks to provide the fluorine gas they require. They wear symbolic necklaces carved from Berbbotjahaa horn: the upper section indicates an individual's family while the lower part identifies the person himself, rather like a form of name tag. Their traditional dress is pastel-coloured robes.

They are orange-brown skinned humanoids, some with a distinctive, large, twin-lobed cranium, while others had a smaller, more human head. Whether these represented different social castes or even separate races is unknown.

The Zaranites were certainly Federation members as at least one could be seen in 2271 serving on USS Enterprise. Others were seen at Kirk's court martial in 2286 and representing the Federation at Khitomer in 2293.

Source: Star Trek: The Motion Picture; Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

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