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After The Scare

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Mission: Mission 7 - Aenerth for an Earth
Location: Magnus Grey’s Quarters
Timeline: 2296/02/28 - 2100

“This was a great idea, Shri,” Magnus said as he put some glasses on the table and some liquor bottles out on the bar. When Shri had suggested they invite Iona over for a game, he looked forward to it, and set aside the time, ensuring he wasn’t needed on the bridge any time soon. He wanted to enjoy a drink or two and a game or two with the woman he had been dating and the woman he was with earlier in the assignment and had now become a good friend. “Need help with anything?”

Shri shook her head as she looked around. "For the fact that it is so few of us, I don't think that we need anything else. It actually really wasn't my idea, it was Iona's." She tugged at her dress. "I don't know why I hate wearing these."

He moved behind Shri and wrapped his arms around her waist. He held her tight to him and kissed the back of her neck. “I think you know why I like you wearing them.”

"Barf," Iona said sarcastically as she walked in, not even bothering with ringing the chime or asking permission. "I'd say get a room, but I'm the one that walked in on you two." She was wearing a jade green dress that was form fitting up top, but flared out into an a-line skirt. She looked the two up and down and smiled. "You look ravishing, Shri," she winked and grinned at her friend.

Magnus smiled at the Doctor’s arrival. “Good to see you, Iona.” He let go of Shri and moved to the makeshift bar. He wore a comfortable black short-sleeved shirt which was tight on his chest and arms and simple blue denim pants. He wore no shoes; these were his quarters after all. “Should I open the red or the white?” he asked the ladies. “Or would you prefer something harder?”

Pouting that she was let go of, Shri went over to Iona and linked an arm with her, pulling her further inside the room towards the bar. "That is a good question. Seeing as Iona is the guest, I think she should decide."

Laughing, Iona shook her head. "Are you two trying to get me drunk?" She teased, then pondered. "I say open the red first." She kissed Shri on the cheek. "I'd say it's good to see you again, but it's not been long. What are we playing tonight?"

Magnus took the bottle of red wine and screwed in a corkscrew. With a dramatic flourish, he pulled the cork clear and poured the dark red drink into three glasses. "What we have here, ladies, is a Merlot from Alpha Centauri IV. The soil and climate of much of East Coast of the Northern continent resembles that of central France. Vintage year 2290, last time I went back to my home system." He took one glass in one hand and the other two in another. He cocked his head, beckoning Shri and Iona to come closer and accept the drinks. "As for what we're playing...we haven't discussed it, but I have a deck of cards and a handful of board games." He grinned at his two guests. "We have a scientist, an MD, and a linguist. I bet a Scrabble game would be interesting."

Pulling Iona with her, Shri moved towards Magnus and snagged one of the glasses with her free hand. "Scrabble when we might not know all the words the others come up with? Maybe we should have the computer make sure we stay fair with each other?"

As she took the glass from Magnus, Iona gave him a kiss on the cheek as she had to Shri. "Scrabble sounds fun, lets start with that," she agreed. "And yes, the computer can make sure we play fair. I promise not to use any non-federation words," she grinned before swirling the wine in her glass, taking a deep inhale of its scent and then finally taking a sip, pretending to be all fancy.

Fake gasping at the fact that Magnus got a kiss on the cheek from Iona, Shri giggled. "Having fun there, Iona? And I don't think the game would allow for non-federation words, unless we told the computer to allow it. But that just wouldn't be fair!"

Magnus blushed from the kiss on the cheek and smiled at Shri’s reaction. “Okay, how about this: it must appear in the latest edition of the Federation Standard Dictionary. There are some words adopted from other languages, but those are words you’ll be familiar with like entrepreneur, tsunami, or ponfarr.” He reached over to a wall console and tapped a button. “Computer, enable verbal activation. Lieutenants Thais and Vrell and myself may ask at any time to verify whether a word is in the 2295 Federation Standard Dictionary.” The computer chimed its acknowledgement. “Let me go get the game.” He set his wine glass down and went to the cupboard.

Iona laughed and waited for Magnus to bring the game out. "I am enjoying every part of spending time with my friends," she said to Shri, holding her wine glass up as though to cheers Shri.

Holding up her own glass, Shri grinned then took a sip. "I think we all are enjoying it."

Magnus emerged with a very old box containing a very old copy of the game. The rules had remained largely unchanged for centuries, which was about how old his antique game was. One of the most precious gifts his father had given him was the copy of Scrabble brought to Proxima by the original Grey colonists. "Well, come have a seat while I set this up," he said, motioning to the table with the box.

Eyeing the box, Shri shrugged and pulled Iona along. "I've seen some old copies of the game but wow, Magnus. I think that one tops all of them."

"Are you sure it's not going to turn into dust the second we touch it?" Iona teased. This was not the first time Vrell had seen a scrabble board, but it had been a long time. It was also frowned upon to talk about one's history with past romantic partners, so, despite her lack of appreciation for the normal Trill rules, Iona kept that tidbit to herself. Settling down in her seat, she watched Magnus set up the game. "Gee, talk about old school, this one doesn't even have a computer chip in it!"

Slipping into her own seat, Shri laughed. "What, afraid that without a computer chip we'll cheat?" she teased.

"This is one of my most prized possessions," Magnus admitted as he began setting everything up on his glass dining table. "Printed on Earth in 2090. My ancestors boarded the third-wave colony ship that took them to Proxima in 2093. So it's just over 200. We've restored it a few times, of course." The tiles were in the little felt bag. Three trays were out in front of Shri, Iona, and his own still-empty seat. He brought the open wine bottle closer to the table and then sat. "So Federation Standard rules. Computer can confirm if a word is real if we ask. What do you say we make this more interesting?"

Laughing and shaking her head, Iona said, "No, I'm just not used to seeing anything made before everything was computerized." Then she turned to Magnus, raising an eyebrow. "More interesting how?"

"Meaning the computer won't yell at us if we spell something slightly wrong like it does in the modern version. Well, the one I used to play anyways." Shri grinned.

“That is true, but not what I meant by more interesting,” said Magnus. “Person with the lowest scoring word takes a drink? Maybe another consequence for the lowest overall score every two rounds?”

Laughing at this suggestion, Iona shook her head. "You are sneaky, Magnus, trying to liquor Shri and I up," she teased, but agreed to the terms of the drinking. "Who's keeping score, since this thing is analog?"

"I'm sure we can make the computer keep track of the score somehow. But drinking then trying to come up with words is going to be tricky." Shri still took another sip of her drink anyways.

“That will only make it more interesting,” Magnus observed, sipping his own wine glass again. “The computer can do it, but I also keep a pencil and paper with the game. I’ll leave it out in the open so no one thinks I’m cheating.” He picked the paper out and tore off the top sheet which was marked with the last few games’ scores. He marked the top clean sheet with M, S, and I and laid the page on the table for all to see.

Iona nodded. "Alright, now who goes first?" She asked, not really ever playing the game this way, without a computer within the board. And, really, she hadn't played Scrabble in ages.

Shri sat and thought for a moment. "Youngest? Not sure who that is though."

“Well, thankfully I’ve seen all your files,” Magnus said. “And you’re youngest.” He smiled at Shri. “Then Iona.” He winked at her. “Then me. Seems like a good playing order.”

Iona shook her head slightly, but grinned. "Alright that works. Have at it Shri," she said gesturing to the board. "What shall our first word be?"

Glancing over her letters as she took a drink, Shri thought for a moment. Smirking, she laid out the letters to spell botany. "I got lucky there."

Looking at her letters for a good long time, Iona frowned. 'What can I make with tmgmfii?' She stared at the board for a while and finally played 'Miming' with the N in Botany. "Best I could come up with there, but I got a double word score, so not bad?"

Magnus looked at his tiles. As a linguist, he thought he'd take this game with ease, but he forgot that he needed good letters to do it. What the hell? NNVZKYB? He had no good options. So he just needed to be clever and hope for more vowels later. "Here we are. Nib, which also makes Na and By, off the second I in Miming." He took note of everyone's scores. "30 for Shri. 22 for Iona. 14 for me. Guess I lose this round. Drink time." He took a large mouthful of his wine and almost immediately felt it.

Tilting her head to the side, Shri looked at her letters and sighed. She grabbed three letters and stuck them underneath the "T" from her original "botany". "There, tail. I guess maybe I don't get as many this time."

"Oof, these letters suck," Iona said looking at the tray in front of her. She'd had T and F left over from her last round, and when she'd pulled more letters, she ended up with F, Q, J, N, and V being added to her tray. She mulled over the letters on the board, and in her tray and finally she played "Font" using the O in Botany. "OK, Font, which also makes Na. Looks like we're closing ourselves off... someone needs to open up more of the board."

Magnus drew more letters and grinned. Excellent! He was happy to get some letters that were a bit more common than V, K, and Y. "Inky, off of the L from Tail, which also spells Li. Twenty points for Magnus." He drew his replacement letters.

He took a few notes. "This round, Shri gets five points, Iona twelve, and I got twenty. Overall score, 35 for Shri, and 34 each for Iona and me. Shri drinks, but Iona and I..." His grin widened. "I suppose I should have asked this earlier, but how many layers are you both wearing? I'm at four, if my socks count as one."

Moving her letters around, Shri fussed at the X she now had, with an A D 2 Os P S. She then eyed the drink, but then Magnus. "Wait, what?"

Magnus shrugged and waited for Iona to react. He hoped he hadn't read the room incorrectly, but he was fairly certain he hadn't.

Iona tilted her head to the side, looked at her wine glass, then Magnus, trying to work out if she assumed what he meant correctly. "Well, stripping wasn't what I had expected, but why not?" She looked down at her clothes and mentally counted. "Four, if we're not counting my shoes," she said after a moment.

"If Shri agrees, and gives us a count, then I propose Iona and I go down to three," Magnus said cheekily. His demeanour then went more serious. "But no pressure at all. Everyone agrees of their own free will or we find something else." He reached over and gave her hand a quick squeeze. "Seriously. It's an idea. Nobody wants to pressure anybody into doing something they wouldn't find fun." He smiled. "I just thought this might be fun."

Shri did a count in her head. "Now wait a second. I only have three: my dress, and my two piece underneath. I could put my heels on but they just hurt my feet."

Magnus gave the two women his charming smile. "Well then. We give Shri a handicap of one, and Iona and I lose one each. And then it's back to Shri." He knew he was being a bit boring doing this, but he removed his socks. They had to come off eventually, and it helped prolong the game.

"Why the hell not?" Iona said, kicking off her shoes and setting them by the door before coming back and shimmying out of her pantyhose. "There," she said as she draped them over the back of her chair. "Now we're all even." She plopped down and grinned.

Shri shook her head and smirked, "Okay, okay, I'm totally for this." She eyed her set of letters and then the board. Grabbing two of her letters, she placed an "a" and a "d" at the end of the "m" already on the board, making "mad", before grabbing two more letters, a "w" and an "r".

Iona hummed a little as she looked between her letters and the board. It wasn't easy coming up with words for this, especially with wine on board. Finally, she picked up her two "e"s and her "v" to spell "neve" from the N in INKY. Then she reached into the bag and picked out her three new letters. She groaned as she placed the "u" and two "i"s on her tray.

Magnus lay his "s", "h", and "o" in front of the "d" from "mad" to make "shod." It set someone up for the triple-word score tile, but his tiles were awful and it was the best score he could get. He then drew "r", "w", and "c".

"In that round," he said, tallying the scores, "Shri got twelve points, Iona gets fourteen, and I got eighteen. Shri drinks!"

Putting on a fake pout, Shri took a long drink from her glass. "Oh if I must." She set the glass down and looked over the board and letters. "Let's see..." Smirking, she grabbed her S and X, putting the S on top of the "E" from "NEVE" and the X underneath it. She then reached for 2 new tiles, grabbing a G and an E.

Magnus smirked at the word, but also noticed that she put an X word on a double-word score.

Snickering at Shri's word, Iona looked down at her own letters. She contemplated for a long time before finally picking up the Q, U, I, and D. She placed them down with the S for Magnus' 'Shod' at the end to spell 'Quids'. "These letters just aren't working for me," she said with a bit of sass. "Especially this lot!" She frowned as she added an A, O, and two Es to her tray.

Magnus locked hard at the board. He was annoyed he didn't have an S, because the possibility of the word 'Squids' was screaming at him. Instead, he played his W, O, and R against the K in 'Inky' to make 'Work'. He then picked up an N, O, and E.

"All right, so Sex gets Shri twenty points, for a two-round total of thirty-two. Iona got seventeen points with Quids, total of thirty-one points, and Work got me sixteen points, for a two-round total of thirty-four. So it looks like I drink, but Shri on the other hand..." He grinned.

"But..." Shri pouted but then grinned. "Don't I get a handicap?"

"She's right," Iona said to Magnus with a shrug. "We did say she could have a handicap. But that just means that the next round, no one can complain when clothing comes off."

Magnus let out a dramatic sigh. "Fair is fair, I suppose." He took a long sip of his drink, almost finishing the glass. "I can get refills?" He grabbed the nearby bottle. At minimum, he wanted a bit more.

"I'll take one," Shri said as she tilted her head looking at the board. She couldn't contain a giggle as she grabbed some of her letters. She put an "E" under the W from "Work" and then added letters before that, spelling out "GROPE". She grabbed some letters "I couldn't help it!" Eying the letters she got, she ended up with 2 A's, and L, a T, and a U.

Another snicker came from the man at the table.

Snickering, Iona shook her head. "Suuuure you couldn't help it," she said as she picked up some of her letters, then set them back down again. She frowned and looked back at the board. "It's not easy to make words with this crud," she gestured vaguely at her tray. Finally though, she picked up four letters and spelled AFORE with the R in GROPE. She then snagged the bag of tiles and fished around for four new ones, hoping she got better letters this time. Flipping the tiles over in her hand, she groaned as she revealed N, I, R, and I.

Magnus studied the board and found a few options, but was most pleased with the one that just used the three letters he'd picked up most recently. He laid the word ONE along the side of the last three letters of SHOD. This also made the words HO, ON, and MADE, and both HO and ONE got double score. He grinned as he lay it down, but frowned as he picked up H, L, and T, leaving him with only consonants.

"GROPE got Shri 14 points, AFORE, got Iona 18 points, and ONE, HO, ON, and MADE got Magnus a neat 20 points." He gestured to Shri's drink. "Need a refill, dear?"

Frowning, Shri held out her glass. "Oh I suppose I do. This is going to turn interesting if I keep losing." She let Magnus refill her drink while she was looking at the letters. Shrugging, she put her "WOL" on the "A" of "AFORE", making AWOL on a double word space. She then cringed as she drew three E's. "Oh you're kidding."

Even though she didn't have to take a drink, Iona picked up her glass and swirlled the liquid around inside while looking at her tiles. She took a small sip, then stared at the board for a while. It took her a few minutes, but finally, she put down her glass again and picked up a few tiles. Placing E, N, I, I to spell GENII with the G of MIMING and spelling BYE with her placement of the E. "This is much harder than I thought it would be," she said with a frown. "Also, this," she picked up her glass again, "doesn't help."

Almost forgetting to do so, she snagged the bag of letters and rummaged around for a moment. When she removed her hand, she had four new tiles. Placing them on her tray, Iona sighed. "These don't either," she added as she placed down an S, two Es, and a blank tile. That one would come in handy, but she didn't want to give that away.

Magnus stared at the board. He had only consonants, but he knew he could make something work. He just knew it.

Then he saw it. He lay down his Z, L, C, and H next to the second I from GENII. The Z was on triple-word score. The H was on double-letter score. He grinned.

"So, for that round, AWOL gets Shri fourteen points, GENII and BYE get Iona fifteen points, and ZILCH does not give me zero as the name implies, but rather...sixty-nine points." He snickered as he got replacement letters. More consonants. P, two Ds, R.

"Two round total, Shri has twenty-eight, Iona has thirty-three, and I have eighty-nine." Magnus couldn't remove the smile from his face if he tried, which he wasn't. "Shri drinks and removes something. Though I'm wondering if with a score difference that high, if both of you should..." He gave them a sly wink.

Shri tilted her head to the side, "How..." She grumbled. "Fiiiine. Fill up my glass again." Somehow, without really revealing anything, she got out of her panties and tossed them over to the side. "Join the fun, Iona."

Iona shrugged, downed the rest of her wine, then slid the glass toward Magnis. "Fill me up," she said cheekily before slipping her panties off as well and tossing them over by Shri's.

“That can be arranged,” Magnus returned cheekily as he poured wine into Iona’s glass, then Shri’s, and then his own, which was nearing emptiness from social drinking. Glad I’m not on duty for another twenty hours, he thought. He looked over at the two pairs of panties on his floor. He wondered whether their dresses would be next or some of his own clothes.

"You mean it is my turn?" Shri fussed at her letters and the board. What did she even have? At this rate, she'd lose the game. Grabbing a few of her letters, she then stopped, switching to an E and T. She put them under the V from NEVE, spelling out EX and VET. She then reached for 2 more letters, getting the C and R. " I can do."

Chuckling to herself as she looked at her tiles and the board, she picked up six of them and laid them out, spelling SEXER, using her blank as the X, and laying it down so the S also formed SQUIDS. "Not too shabby," she said cheekily before fishing for some new letters. Picking out and placing R, S, E, T, A on her tray made her stick her tongue out at the letters.

"Oh, wow!" Magnus exclaimed, looking at the move. "I was waiting for that S," he joked.

Staring at the board, he saw only bad moves that netted him between four and seven points at best. The consequence of only having consonants was you needed open vowels and there weren't many. He debated being cheeky and playing WET when he saw an even better move.

He played his R and D along the O from WORK. It formed ROD, with the D also forming GROPED.

This was not a night for subtlety.

"VET and EX earns Shri fifteen points. SEXER and SQUIDS is an amazing play which gets sixty-three points for Iona. And my ROD and GROPED is worth fifteen points for me." He picked up his glass and clinked it against Shri's before downing half of it. He then drew an O an A from the increasingly empty bag.

Raising her glass and taking another drink, Shri could feel it making her head go fuzzy. She already had a feeling she was going to lose this game. But, she hoped she could find somewhere to play her odd assortment of letters. Tilting her head to the side, she grabbed a few letters at a time, attaching them to the R from SEXER, making CAREER. She then took the bag and reached in, realizing how few there were. She managed to pull out another A, I, 2 Us, and the blank tile.

Iona hummed as she looked for a word to play. Since it was near the end of the game, it was getting harder to play words. She stared for a good long while before picking up most of her letters again and playing RACIEST with the C in CAREER. Giggling to herself, she reached into the bag and pulled out the last two letters, a G and a T. 'What the heck am I going to do with a G, T, and J?' She placed the two new letters on her tray. 'I need to use that J at the very least,' she thought. "Ok, Magnus, you're up! No letters left in the bag!"

What was Magnus to do? Not many choices, but he saw several moves that would guarantee he didn't need to drink or strip. But at that point in the game, is that what he wanted?

Perhaps if he kept his letters for one more turn, he could make an incredible move next turn, while underscoring this round. It was a risk, but it meant he'd have one fewer layers, and that was appealing to him more and more.

He played DOE off the E in AFORE, which also made GO from the G in GROPE.

"At the end of turn eight, Shri got sixteen, with a two-turn total of thirty-one. Iona got twenty-two, total of eight-five. I got seven, for a total of twenty-two." He drank a good portion of his wine and then stood to remove his pants. He stood in a button-down shirt and his boxers, which given that there were two women wearing dresses without panties in his room, they did little to conceal him.

Shri's eyes went wide as she looked at Magnus. Granted, she's seen it before, but at the same time, she didn't mind looking again. "Did you do that on purpose, Magnus?" She sat back, looking at her letters and the board. She grabbed her A U another A and her blank. She put AURAS, the blank being an S. But she then had no letters to draw.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, Shri,” he said, giving her a wink.

Giggling, Iona licked her lips before taking a sip of her wine. "I don't know, Shri, I think it was planned." She stood and bent over the table to whisper in Shri's ear, making it so the skirt of her dress rode up just enough to tease Magnus. Then she stood upright, smoothed her skirt down and sat again.

After settling down in her seat again, she looked at her letters and pouted. This was definitely going to be a bad round for her. But she had plans and couldn't help the slightly devilish look in her eye. Finally, she picked up two of her letters and played them down to spell TAJ with the first A from AURAS, leaving her with only the G to get rid of, if she could.

Raising an eyebrow at what Iona said, Shri giggled and nodded, then looked to Magnus. "You're turn."

Magnus grinned as he watched the show Iona was putting on. But he needed to focus. He knew he needed to get rid of a lot of tiles fast. Iona had only one and would go out next turn. Whatever he was left with would be added to his score.

He played his V, A, and T on the S from RACIEST, which made VAST, hitting a double-letter on the T and triple-word with the V. He couldn't get rid of his last two tiles, but they were only four points he'd eat at the end.

"Time to score," he said with a sly grin. "Four for Shri. Sixteen for Iona. Twenty-four for me. Shri drinks, and I expect this is the last turn."

"Fill me up then, Magnus," Shri giggled. "Now, let's see what is left..." Pouting, she took her I and stuck it between the S from SEX and the C from ZILCH. "SIC it is." She then down her drink.

Shrugging, Iona picked up her last letter and laid it on the board to spell GO with the O in AWOL. "And I'm out of letters," she said. "Not that that was a particularly good play, but it was all I had."

“If Iona is out of letters, then thanks the game,” Magnus reported. “Final round, Shri got five point, Iona got seven, and I wasn’t able to play.” He took a large gulp of wine and began to tally points. “Shri, what letters do you have left?”

Shri showed her two letters. "Two Us"

Magnus nodded. “I have L and P, worth four points. Subtract those from me and your two points to you, and add six to Iona’s score, we have....” He held his last word to draw out the suspense. “Shri has a total of 133. Iona’s total: 212. Did Magnus manage to beat 212?” He paused and smirked. “No. I got 195. Iona wins one of the most fun games I’ve ever had.”

“But I’ll admit, I’m curious about two things,” he continued. “First, what does our winner get as her prize? And what were you two whispering about earlier?”

"Hmm, I don't know what I want as my prize. I was promised a good time, and this has been fun," she looked saucily at them before downing the rest of her wine. "But not nearly fun enough. And as for what we were whispering about?"

Iona looked to Shri and nodded before reaching behind her own back. Her hand did something before the other hand disappeared into her sleeve. Then, after her hand moved around then reappeared, she reached into the other sleeve and pulled her bra out without revealing a thing. She waited for Shri to finish doing the same, then threw her bra at Magnus, trying to get it to land on his head.

Giggling, Shri followed suit with what Iona was doing and tossed her bra onto Magnus' head just like Iona did. "You were curious what we were whispering about..."

Magnus grinned under the two bras on his head. “Well, now I’m one layer heavy. I should resolve that, shouldn’t I?” He didn’t want to let the bras fall off, but the shirt was too tight to permit him to pull it off without them falling to the floor.

He tossed the shirt to Iona with a grin on his face. “But now Shri hasn’t had any clothes thrown at her.” He winked and, staying in his chair, he slid off his boxers and threw them at Shri’s head. He pushed his chair back a bit but stayed seated, naked and proud, waiting for either woman to react.

"Oh lookie, Iona, he wants to play along!" Shri took the boxers off her head, "But whatever shall we do with this?" She had to admit that it was hard to not just go right for Magnus where he was sitting, but she held off for now.

"Well, I think he's being rather eager," Iona said, standing up and moving to stand behind Shri. "And I think we're a bit over dressed for this party," she added, placing her hands on Shri's shoulders and gently trying to guide her into a standing position. "Now, this reminds me of a certain conversation we had not long ago... are you willing to play with me now?" She murmured in Shri's ear.

"I suppose we are just a little over-dressed, aren't we? As for that conversation," Shri's eyes turned to Magnus as she tried to reach for her zipper, "Maybe we can all play. Though I do wonder if our dear host has that type of energy."

Grinning like a kid that got all the candy from the pinata, Iona slid her hand down Shri's back, then up it again. She grasped the zipper pull and tugged it down, revealing the soft flesh of Shri's back. "Oh, I'm sure he'll have the energy for at least one of us," she teased, still standing fully behind Shri as she brought both hands up the exposed flesh, under the edge of Shri's dress and over her shoulders.

Slowly, she pushed the dress down as her hands slid gently down Shri's arms. She made sure that Magnus had full view of Shri's front as she slowly revealed the supple flesh of the other woman's body. As the dress fell away, Iona reached up and pulled her own dress off, not caring if she destroyed the zipper or not.

Once her dress fell to the floor, she pressed herself fully against Shri's back. "Shall we give him a show?" She asked now caressing the soft skin of Shri's abdomen. "Or do you want to play with him first?"

“My God,” Magnus said quietly as he watched, entranced by the display. Part of him wanted to stand and take over, pleasuring both while taking his own. But he wanted to let this keep going as long as he could. “I’d say let me enjoy the show,” he offered, and then he grinned. “Of course, the sooner you both play with me, the quicker I’ll be able to recharge...”

Smirking at Magnus, "Well, now, let's see," Shri said as she turned away and faced Iona instead. In full view of Magnus, she pulled Iona towards the couch near Magnus all while wrapping her arms around Iona, pulling her into a deep and passionate kiss. She knew this would make it even worse for Magnus, but at this point, it didn't matter.

Groaning slightly at the kiss, Iona allowed herself to be pulled to the couch. Between the already present desire for Shri and the alcohol, she was feeling very bold and moved so that Shri was on her lap. Her hands ran over the other woman's body, testing for sweet spots as she continued the kiss.

Eventually, though, her left hand sought out a breast while the right sought out the warmth between Shri's legs. She didn't immediately go for the 'prize' though, no instead, Iona massaged Shri's thigh and pubic area. After a moment though, she couldn't hold herself back and she moved her hand in to pleasure Shri.

Magnus's eyes widened as he watched the show before him. His girlfriend was being teased and then pleasured by another beautiful woman. They both knew exactly what they were doing to him. But he could tell that Iona was entirely focussed on pleasuring Shri. He grinned and stood from his chair by the table. "Iona, just so you know, she likes having her neck kissed as she's touched." He slowly walked closer to the pair.

"Not fair," whispered Shri, hearing Magnus, but she was caught up in the moment with Iona. It was like she knew where to hit with her hand, and she was turning to jelly in Iona's fingers.

Iona murmured something, but it came out sounding almost like a purr. The hand that had been on Shri's breast reached out for Magnus, beckoning him closer with one finger, as she looked up with a sly grin. Then she turned to face Shri and ran her tongue along the soft flesh at the base of her neck, along the top of her shoulder.

"No one said life was fair," Magnus said softly as he walked closer still. His front pressed firmly into Shri's back and ass. With one hand, he gently turned Shri's head towards him and kissed her hard and passionately, all the while exposing more of her neck to Iona.

Now caught between Iona and Magnus, there was not much Shri could do. "So not fair," she whispered again. She wanted badly to grind against Magnus, but Iona had her where she didn't want to move. She returned Magnus' passionate kiss and reached back with one arm, taking advantage of what was pressing against her with her hand.

Chuckling at Magnus, Iona took full advantage of the now fully exposed neck. She wanted to touch him as well, but he'd pressed himself into Shri in such a way that she couldn't get to him. Instead she quickened her pace on Shri with a devilish grin to Magnus.

Magnus ran his hands over Shri’s chest and moved to the other side of her neck. He nuzzled her neck before placing his lips on Iona’s. He hadn’t kissed or touched the doctor since the morning after the night they met. But now their lips were locked as they sandwiched Shri between them.


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