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A Drink and a Dance

Posted on Sun May 19th, 2019 @ 9:43pm by Lieutenant Thorvaar & Lieutenant JG Brian Pendragon

Mission: Mission 6.5 - Obtaining New Crew
Location: Starbase One - Cantina
Timeline: 2296/02/12 - 0930

Thorvaar led the posse of engineers into a seedier part of the base. After a moment, he found what he was looking for: the cantina called the Playaz Club. The hostess was dressed, but only barely so. Her scant clothing covered anything that might be outside the base regulations but left very little to the imagination. Her nipples were barely being covered by flimsy garb that left cleavage and the fullness of her breasts open. Beneath her waist, a "v" like garment was on her, exposing the sides of her buttocks. A more careful observer might note that the female, human hostess had long, wavy black hair that fell nearly half a foot behind her shoulders and hazel eyes that appeared to be just as tired as they were delighted to see the group of engineers.

"Greetings, gentlemen," she told the group in a sweet voice. "Where would you all like to sit today?"

Thorvaar answered, cutting Brian off from any possibility of retreat. "Near the stage would be wonderful.

"Right this way," the hostess continued. "Please follow me."

The cantina was barely lit but there was black lighting and occasional colored lights that helped the party navigate their way. She put them down at a table at the edge of the stage. "My name is Desiree, I will be your hostess. Your waitress, Destiny will be with you shortly. Please let us know if we can be of any assistance." Without waiting for an answer, she left the group.

The Andorian's antennae leaned forward. "I would not mind spending some time with her. Would you, Pendragon?"

Brian was buffering. His mouth hung open as his brain tried to catch up with itself. There were too many things firing at once - objections, observations, desires, abject confusion...

"But..." he finally managed to make speech a thing. "'s... breakfast... Morning. This... this is an evening thing." It was only the first of the mis-matches that were making him loop, but it was the weirdest one as far as Brian was concerned. He'd expected some kind of sport activity or maybe an escape room. The last thing he'd expected was... entertainment...

Thorvaar answered, "It is evening somewhere," then slapped Brian on the back and laughed heartily. "Besides, from what I have seen, you do not seem to care about the time of the day. And what is it with you and the feline species? Should I make sure that we get a Caitian for our table?"

Brian rolled his eyes. Would he ever be able to shake that? He genuinely didn't deserve to have a reputation like that. He'd been caught in a cultural misunderstanding and had tried to extricate himself without causing a diplomatic incident, but you wouldn't know that from that blasted ticker tape system. When he worked out where it was being hosted, there was going to be a serious reset...

"I'm sure whoever is on their duty roster will be perfectly entertaining enough," he replied, between gritted teeth.

Thorvaar gave Brian a hardy pumped fist push in the shoulder. "You really are the player! You're going to have to tell me your secret on how you get all the women to fall at your feet. I could use some play." He moved closely to Brian in a conspiratorial maner. "So what is it? Some pheromone? Some line? How do you do it?"

"Well, let's see..." Brian wasn't sure it would be career enhancing to go the full snark, although it was mighty tempting. "To date, it would appear that my most effective techniques have been..." He started counting them off on his fingers - "...being in the wrong place at the wrong time, insufficient knowledge of local customs, being susceptible to mind control and - last but by no means least - treating them like people. There we go - all of my best techniques for you. Hope it goes as well for you as it has for me."

Grabbing a drink smoothly from the tray being carried past at that point and downing it in one would have been the stylish coda to his performance, but Brian's co-ordination did not want to play. He did catch sight of a tray incoming, being carried by a graceful, lithe and admittedly fluffy lady, but rather than delicately scooping a single drink without her needing to pause, he clipped the edge of the tray, tipping it awkwardly. The waitress attempted to grab the far end, but as Brian was also reaching out to steady it, ended up tangled with him and the pair fell to the floor, the tray skidding noisily under a table.

The watching Andorian broke into a round of applause.

"So effortless and yet so effective!"

Destiny untangled herself from Brian and gave him an inquiring and wondering look. Seeing the confused engineer's innocent reaction, she gave Brian a secret smile and then told him in her sweetest voice, "Don't you worry yourself about any of this, hon. I'll get it cleaned up and then get you a new drink. I'm so sorry about all of this."

"Thank you!" his gratitude was heartfelt. He reached under the table to retrieve her tray, then rose - offering her a hand up. "It was my fault, though. Am I allowed to order a drink for you too or are you classed as on duty?"

The barely garbed server hesitated before taking Brian's hand. "I'm not allowed to drink on duty. Off duty is another matter." She gave Brian a private wink and said, "I'll get this all cleaned up and then perhaps you could buy a private dance with me? What do you say?"

He smiled back, "That sounds... nice. Maybe later?" His choice of words made him sound non-committal, but he meant them genuinely.

"I'm here for another few hours should you change your mind," Destiny replied while releasing his hand. "You're sweet," she told Brian before going back to cleaning the spill. Once it was cleaned up, she moved to the back room.

Thorvaar laughed at Brian and told him, "Success again! I must learn your ways."


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