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Lieutenant JG Liliane Olivier

Name Liliane Gisele Olivier

Position Chief Helmsman

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28
Date of Birth August 7, 2268
Place of Birth Bordeaux, France, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Average height, a bit on the slender side. A smattering of freckles across her face. Keeps herself in good physical condition. Hair is medium length with bangs. On duty is worn in a ponytail to keep it out of her face and she wears the regulation uniform. Off duty, her hair is loose and down, and she tends towards the more flashy items of clothing in her wardrobe


Spouse Armand Descharmes(separated, divorce pending)
Children Lucien Descharmes (4)
Father Laurent Olivier (divorced)
Mother Dominique Allard-Olivier (divorced)
Brother(s) 2 half-brothers (twins, 21-Isaac and Gabriel)
Sister(s) 1 half-sister (19, Célia Olivier)
Other Family Step-mother Kaira Olivier

Other Relationships

Significant Other(s)/Romance

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sensual, alluring, captivating, confident, passionate, charismatic, talkative, friendly. Enjoys large groups. She knows she’s a flirt mostly intentionally. Knows she is beautiful and has been known to use that to her advantage. Very friendly, she takes pride in being able to make friends easily, although she still has a fear of losing them, due to having moved around most of her life when she was a child. Describes herself as a free spirit. Spontaneous. Enjoys the fact she usually gets what she wants. Determined. Others describe her as feisty. Often feels unsettled if she stays in one place for too long. Competitive.
Strengths, Weaknesses, and Quirks Strengths: kind, friendly, outgoing, down-to-earth, confident, charismatic, spontaneous. Quick reflexes. Charming. She's also very competitive.

Weaknesses: Flirtatious, outgoing, charismatic, confident, spontaneous, usually speaks and acts before she thinks. Very competitive. Impatient.
Ambitions Her ambitions include having a long and productive Starfleet career, to see as much of the galaxy as she can. She knows being a parent and having a family is NOT what she wants right now, despite the fact she has a small child on Earth.
Hobbies, Interests, Likes, and Dislikes Enjoys keeping herself physically fit. It provides an outlet for her exuberant energy. Spending time with friends, does not like being alone for longer than a few minutes unless she's sleeping. Has recently taking an interest in the martial art form of muay thai, though she labels herself a beginner
Languages Known Federation Standard, French(native). She has not the patience to sit down and learn other languages.
Medical Profile Physically fit, has given a natural birth to 1 child.
Psychological Profile
Defining Quotes and/or Character Beliefs

Personal History Liliane was born in 2268 in Bordeaux, France to Laurent and Dominique Olivier. They lived in the coastal French city for the first five years of Liliane’s life until they divorced in 2273. Liliane lived with her mother primarily, picking up and moving around the quadrant, wherever Dominique felt like settling. She never stayed in one place for more than a few months. When her daughter was 10, after living in various places, Dominique returned to Earth, to live on Luna. It would be the longest place she had lived in. This enabled Liliane to be able to visit her father, who now lived in Strasbourg. Laurent had since remarried and now had 3 year old twin boys and a baby daughter. Liliane enjoyed those days she could spend with her father and his new family. It provided an escape from the somewhat chaotic life that her mother led.

Due to having moved around for half of her life, Liliane’s grades in school were somewhat passable. She was never an exemplary student and was often called out for acting up in school. She was never shy or quiet, was never afraid of standing up for herself or others and was often the one getting into fights at school. As a result, she made friends easily enough, often with those she defended. After about three years of living in one of the Lunar colonies, Dominique moved again, this time to a mining colony far from Earth. Liliane, however, stayed behind, choosing to live with her father and his family.

Now that she had a somewhat stable life back on Earth, she could settle down. However, it wasn’t easy. She was often described as wild, acting out, all the way into high school. Laurent provided a somewhat structured life and worked on getting Liliane to focus her wild energy into something productive. Her marks in school improved significantly, and she was able to qualify to take the Starfleet entrance exam, but it was something she put on the back burner after she graduated. She began dating boys at school at an early age, the most significant being Armand Descharmes, who went to the same high school as her.

She graduated high school when she was 18, with good grades although never near the top percentile. She married Armand almost right out of high school, feeling deep down a longing for a stable family. It was a rash decision, but they made it work for the first two years, until Liliane (out of a feeling of being unsettled and in one place for too long) decided that she was going to apply for Starfleet.

She was accepted and began Starfleet Academy in 2288, being 20 years old at the time. She had a knack for piloting, both shuttlecrafts and larger vessels, thanks to her quick reflexes. It was a different sort of lifestyle that she was used to and the first and second years were rough. She received several reprimands on her file, the one most notably being starting (and ending, according to her) several fights. The last two years went much better, and she found she relished the structured and disciplined lifestyle that Starfleet offered that she lacked in her early years. At first, she would travel back to her husband every weekend and holiday, but as time went on, the visits home became less frequent and it would be weeks between visits or even calls. However, near the end of her first semester of her final year, she realized she was pregnant. She graduated in 2292.

In September of that year, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy which they named Lucien. She was on leave from Starfleet but as she stayed home and cared for him, she realized that she was not ready to be a mother and she didn't want to miss out on the opportunities Starfleet would give her. Armand wanted her to leave her Starfleet career and take care of Lucien (and any further children that came along) as well as working through their marriage problems but she ended up applying for an open position as a helmsman on a Constitution-class ship. Liliane did not want to settle down permanently. After a heated argument, she left her five-month old son in the care of his father, packed her bags and left. Inwardly, she knew that he would give her son a better life than she had when she was a child (thanks to the stable life her own father had tried to provide for her) and she knew the kind of life Starfleet would have. They are still legally separated though there is a divorce pending, to which she had not replied to as of 2296.

She would go on to serve on the USS Endeavor for four years as a junior helmsman before an opening for a chief helmsman appeared on the USS America. During the four years, she rarely returned to Earth, keeping divorce proceedings in limbo, but she attempted keeping in contact with her estranged husband and their son.
Education Record (Elementary and Middle School-various institutions throughout the quadrant)
2286-High school graduate, Strasbourg, France, Earth

Service Record 2288-2292-Starfleet Academy(various electives, Starship operations, Warp Core mechanics)
2292-Parental Leave
2292-2296-Junior Helmsman, USS Endeavor. Rank: Ensign